The pharmaceutical lobbying industry is worth over double the oil and gas sector |

In the last 20 years, there has been a dramatic shift in clinical trial practices with companies now primarily outsourcing pipeline testing to third world countries. | SOMO

  • During this time, the Clinton Foundation and its partners began constructing a vast network of infrastructure throughout the Third World. Clinton’s trip to Africa in 1998 was the longest trip in history by a US President | WIKILEAKS PODESTA 47421| ATTACHMENT
  • The foundations/corporations moved in with their gizmos and cash and dug in.
  • They’ve been constructing infrastructure like mad- transportation infrastructure including roads, bridges, seaports, airports, power generation, food production, information (news), telecommunications, intelligence (and intelligence sharing) etc.
  • This is power consolidation. It’s easy to control a population if you control the things mentioned above. The easiest way to gain control over “critical infrastructure” is to destroy order, and implement your own.

Government Rubber-stamp

  • These companies collect money from US taxpayers, but more importantly, they are granted permission to begin activities in specific locations).
  • In the name of humanitarian causes they do their work collecting big data to develop and test products (and who knows what else?).
  • The truth is (most of) these people don’t care about kids in Africa. If they did care, the billions being poured in by these problem solvers would have made things at least slightly better. Africa is a bigger mess than ever. The entire continent. Oil and gas is oppressing people in Nigeria. Pharmaceutical companies are oppressing people in South Africa. On and on.
  • 90% of the charitable work is front. They’re collecting data on human subjects. The “giving pledge” is a fugazi. Why do you think these people just get richer and richer despite ‘giving’ their money away?

For example, Microsoft (Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation) is partnered with ICMEC, Monsanto- everyone. They’re partnered with everyone. Every humanitarian project is a data collection operation for them. They are experiments with human subjects who have no clue what’s going on. | Examples of Unethical Trials

Let’s take a step back real quick.

  • Would this come as a shock to anyone? Bill Gates has been a ruthless killer in the business world from the jump. Part of the problem is that conservatives are far too trusting of big business, while liberals happily look the other way for a pat on the back.
  • The result is the exact thing both sides don’t want.
    • A massive federal government rife with corruption and influenced by biased media -conservatives
    • A government controlled by corporations (through corrupt politicians) and a media controlled by the same corporations -liberals

Both sides are guilty as hell. Time to get over that and start acting like adults. The situation is absolutely out of control.

Why do you think nobody in Africa wants Monsanto’s seeds anymore? |THINKPROGRESS |

These people created a crisis and exploited it to force GMOs on countries with no choice |GRAINdotORG

Coincidentally: Haitian Farmers Reject Monsanto Donation | FOOD SAFETY NEWS

Back to Gates and the BMG Foundation

  • They’re partnered with a company called Synthetic Genomics.
  • (Coincidentally, Synthetic Genomics is also partnered with Joule Unlimited, the biofuel company formerly chaired by Podesta, but I digress.)


Animal-to-human organ transplants, known as xenotransplantation, might sound like extraordinary stuff, but Rothblatt has the track record for innovation, the intellectual curiosity, and the deep pockets needed to do pioneering research in this area.

  • Enter Martine Rothblatt. When she was a he, she wrote her thesis about the intersection of ethics, economics, and- xenotransplantation.
  • She is the Founder, CEO & Chairman of United Therapeutics | SYNTHETIC GENOMICS

Polymath Martine Rothblatt turns to transplants | FORTUNE

  • United Therapeutics has teamed up with Craig Venter’s Synthetic Genomics, a biotech company based in La Jolla, Calif., to develop pigs with genetically modified organs — for transplantation into humans.

Modified pigs to grow humanized lungs | SAN DIEGO TRIBUNE

  • In a move filled with the promise of scientific innovation but also the prospect of controversy, a La Jolla company is set to announce Tuesday that it will join forces with a biotech firm to create pigs with lungs and other organs that are compatible for transplantation into humans.
  • The local company is Synthetic Genomics, led by J. Craig Venter, whose world-famous feats include sequencing the human genome. Its partner in the new venture will be Lung Biotechnology — a subsidiary of United Therapeutics, which has a market value of $5.1 billion.
  • Synthetic Genomics will get a $50 million investment under the research and development agreement, along with milestone payments and royalties from any sales, according to the companies.
  • Synthetic Genomics plans to use its genomic modification tools to produce pig cells compatible with human immune systems, said Venter, its chairman and CEO.
  • United Therapeutics — of Silver Spring, Md. — intends to use those cells to make embryos that would be grown into pigs with transplantable organs.

Sounds like a great industry for human testing, which really would be nothing new | WIKIPEDIA PAGE

Getting back to the Clintons.

Clinton Health Access Initiative opened for business in South Africa in 2003. | WIKILEAKS

  • They brokered the distribution of vital pharmaceutical resources and established “public-private” partnerships in the healthcare industry to formulate public policy, implement planning and monitor the implementation of the programs. The main focuses were HIV/AIDS & Malaria.

South Africa has a public health care system and a private system. The public system, as expected, is terrible. The only people with access to the private sector are- you guessed it, the wealthy.

South Africa is being exploited by the international drug companies to boost patient numbers and that the trials provide no long-term benefit for either the patients or local research staff | The Clinical Trials Industry in South Africa: Ethics, Rules and Realities

Given the current state of South Africa’s struggling public health sector, it is clear that in many cases, people are not in a position to access or afford the medicines or specialist treatment they may need. Therefore the opportunity to participate in clinical trials and receive treatment for free is a tempting proposition for many | Clinical Trials in SA

The Democrats Dirty Secret

1. Hansjorg Wyss Billionaire CEO of Synthes USA In 2009, top executives at Synthes were indicted by U.S. Attorneys for Eastern Pennsylvania for using an untested calcium-phosphate-based bone cement on human patients without the authorization from the Food and Drug Administration, which resulted in the deaths of three people. Wyss was not indicted but four of Synthes’ top executives were convicted and sentenced to prison terms.

‘Bad to the bone: A medical horror story’ | FORTUNE | SEP 18, 2012

  • When medical device company Synthes decided to illegally test a bone cement on people, the results were disastrous. A disturbing tale of corporate crime and punishment.
  • Synthes not only disregarded multiple warnings that it was flouting the rules, but also brushed off scientists’ cautions that the cement could cause fatal blood clots.

Liberal groups refuse to talk about links to funder with tainted history of illegal human experiments |WASHINGTON EXAMINER | JUL 29, 2014

  • Swiss billionaire Hansjorg Wyss, whose former company conducted illegal human experiments where three elderly patients died.
  • The Examiner reported July 23 that John Podesta received $87,000 as a paid consultant to a Wyss-controlled foundation before joining President Obama’s inner circle of White House advisers.
  • Podesta has also benefited from the more than $4 million Wyss has given to the Center for American Progress since 2008.
  • Podesta was the founding president of CAP and remains as chairman of its board of directors, which also includes Wyss, former Secretary of State Madeline Albright; former Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle, D-S.D; and former Obama White House energy czar Carol Browner.
  • The loyalty appears to be reciprocated, as liberal groups continue to remain silent about their acceptance of millions of dollars in donations from the reclusive Swiss billionaire even as CEO Wyss conducted abhorrent human experiments.
  • Wyss, who was Synthes CEO and majority stockholder at the time of the indictment, sold Synthes to Johnson & Johnson in 2012 for $21.3 billion.

The Wyss Foundation donated $1,000,001 – $5,000,000 to the Clinton Foundation

Many drugs for U.S. kids tested in poor countries’ | REUTERS | AUG 23, 2010

  • A law intended to speed up development of new drugs for U.S. kids has ended up financing clinical trials in poor countries, where the medicines might never become available.
  • “The trend that we describe brings up some scientific and ethical problems,” said Dr. Sara K. Pasquali, a pediatrician at Duke University Medical Center in Durham, North Carolina, whose findings appear in the journal Pediatrics.
  • According to the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America, a trade association, there is no difference in the way trials are conducted in the U.S. and abroad.
  • “Recruiting people is easy, getting informed consent is easy, getting approval is easy, paying the patients and paying the doctors is easy,” Ghayur said. “The physicians and investigators have absolutely no idea about the seriousness of the situation.”
1998 Pharmaceutical Research & Manufacturers of America $120,000
1999 Pharmaceutical Research & Manufacturers of America $140,000
2000 Pharmaceutical Research & Manufacturers of America $160,000
2001 Pharmaceutical Research & Manufacturers of America $20,000
2002 Pharmaceutical Research & Manufacturers of America $160,000
2003 Pharmaceutical Research & Manufacturers of America $330,000
2004 Pharmaceutical Research & Manufacturers of America $360,000
2005 Pharmaceutical Research & Manufacturers of America $360,000
2006 Pharmaceutical Research & Manufacturers of America $360,000

“According to the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America, a trade association, there is no difference in the way trials are conducted in the U.S. and abroad.”

2008 Synthetic Genomics $200,000
2009 Synthetic Genomics $320,000
2010 Synthetic Genomics $320,000
2011 Synthetic Genomics $320,000
2012 Synthetic Genomics $170,000
2013 Synthetic Genomics $100,000
2014 Synthetic Genomics $120,000
2015 Synthetic Genomics $120,000
2016 Synthetic Genomics $90,000

Clinton Foundation Contracts Intersected With State Department |WASHINGTON EXAMINER | AUG 3, 2016

  • Hillary Clinton pointed to the success of its low-cost contracts with pharmaceutical firms in a rare acknowledgement of her family’s controversial nonprofit network.
  • Clinton denied on Sunday that she participated in any foundation activities while she served as secretary of state, employing a new defense of its operations by highlighting the negotiated healthcare deals.
  • But under her leadership, at least a handful of the State Department’s global health efforts relied on drug companies that were also major Clinton Foundation donors in arrangements that raise questions about the distance Clinton kept from her family’s philanthropy.
  • Clinton faced questions Sunday about alleged overlap between the work of her family’s foundation and her official State Department duties.
    • “I’m really proud of the Clinton Foundation. I am proud of the work that it does. Thanks to the Clinton Foundation, nine million more people in our world have access to HIV/AIDS drugs because they negotiated contracts that made them affordable,”
    • “And there is absolutely no connection between anything that I did as secretary of state and the Clinton Foundation,”

Lobbyists for Clinton’s ‘Enemies’ Are Bankrolling Her Campaign | FREE BEACON | OCT 14, 2015

  • Asked to name the enemies that she is most proud of during Tuesday’s Democratic presidential debate, Hillary Clinton cited industries represented by lobbyists who are among her top campaign fundraisers.
  • In addition to Iran and the Republican Party, Clinton said she was proud to count “the health insurance companies” and “the drug companies” as her enemies.
  • Those industries’ lobbyists do not appear to share that enmity. By mid-July, seven of them had raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for her presidential campaign, according to campaign finance records.
  • They include Heather and Tony Podesta, the recently divorced Democratic power brokers. Heather Podesta represents health insurer Cigna, while Tony lobbies on behalf of pharmaceutical firms Amgen and EMD Serono, a division of drug giant Merck.
  • The Podestas have also given as much as $150,000 to the Clinton Foundation, according to that group’s list of donors.
  • Insurers Humana and Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina and drug company Pfizer have donated between $1 million and $5 million. Merck has given $250,000 to $500,000; AstraZeneca and Johnson & Johnson have donated $100,000 to $250,000.
  • One of the speakers at this year’s annual Clinton Global Initiative summit was Merck chairman and chief executive Kenneth Frazier, a PhRMA board member. Last year, CGI hosted the president of health care consulting firm Rabin Martin, which represents a number of drug companies. The year before, it announced financial commitments from Pfizer, one of multiple such charitable commitments that drug company has made through the Clinton Foundation.

By Bill Carmody – Right Side Network