Thursday, September 28, 2023

Hugh Murray

Hugh is married and was formerly the President of a small business that employed 25 people. He has been active in politics. He once served his party as a member of its State Committee and at another time as a Presidential Elector. Hugh is not a lawyer but has many lawyers in his family. Hugh has been both a plaintiff and defendant in civil actions, and has served as an arbitrator on several occasions. Hugh was born in 1941. Comments, suggestions, and criticisms should be e-mailed to


Who was Friedrich Nietzsche?

Alain deBotton, like most readers of Nietzsche, was unable to latch onto a unifying thread or theme so he divides his large chapter on Nietzsche into 23 sub section that are basically stand alone commentaries strung together loosely with one Nietzschean idea, namely that success grows out of misery, appearing most frequently.