As black history month dawned on Feb.1st, Ivanka tweeted “we celebrate heroes like Harriet Tubman, Rosa Parks, and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. who were sojourners for freedom – and we resolve to continue to bring greater equality, dignity, and opportunity to all Americans, regardless of race or background”


She has received a lot of negative feedback for her use of the word “sojourners”.

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For people who have no sense of religion or an afterlife, the word would perhaps be offensive; however, for a person of faith, all human life is just a transition to a permanent existence in an after life. From this perspective, the term sojourn is the perfect way to describe life on this earth.

Since all three of the heroes, she mentioned, were believers and they are now probably happily enjoying heaven in the presence of their maker, I’m certain these three heroes would agree with Ivanka’s use of the term “sojourners” to describe life on earth. ……. (prepared by Hugh Murray on 2/4/2018)