California, the “Sanctuary State,” a southern border State where the State of California passed laws to penalize Border Wall contractors if they help build it,

– Consider the California-Mexico border is 137 miles long.

– Consider the Arizona-Mexico border is 389 miles long.

– Consider the New Mexico-Mexico border is 218 miles long.

Consider the Texas-Mexico border is 1254 miles long.

The Texas Southern Border is why Democrats (especially with California’s Hollywood money pouring in) are working so hard to get “Beto” (actually Robert) O’Rourke and every single open border Democrat to win and turn Texas Blue. But this is not the only reason, read on.

Progressive/Socialist Democrats want all 4 of these Border States to destroy America.

Have you noticed the trend of Progressive States ignoring the Federal Government, no helping Border Patrol and/or ICE. Imagine an entire Southern Border of “Sanctuary States.”

Consider this in light of the Terrorist Training Camp in New Mexico, (a few more details, where a group of terrorists appear to have been training children to carry out terrorist attacks. Which part of this isn’t making it through the larger scale of America’s psyche as the Democrat Party selling out to destroy America?

It’s a fact politician’s need money for their campaigns to win public office and then use government to legally steal from us. The whole Progressive Democrat identity politics/special interest groups PC crowd exposes which side is selling out America to the highest bidder. Do you think the “Mob” (Mafia meaning) and gangs are going to be denied their slice of the Progressive’s theft from American’s pie? Consider:

1) Progressives/Socialists of the Democrat Party, currently ignore and assume righteous their denial of Freedom of Speech to Americans who are Conservative claiming “those Americans,” are Republican/Conservative, voted for Donald Trump, and therefore are racist;

2) The Democrat Party imposed contraceptive cost on every American by Obamacare, even Nuns – forcing the sexual activity and promiscuity choices of some Americans upon the rest of us to pay;

3) The Democrat Party tries to gut 2nd Amendment limitations imposed on government, limitations to assure no infringement upon an Individual’s Right to Bear Arms. Democrats do everything they can to instead limit our ability to become “regular” in our use of Arms. The point of a “well regulated militia” is to be quickly called up to defend a Free State. Democrats ignore and make every effort to redefine the very regular language of the 2nd Amendment and turn it on its head to erroneously claim “regulation” always means “regulatory control” when it generally means to “make regular” by custom and use as the term “regulated” is used in the 2nd Amendment.

To appreciate abuses under Point 1 above, look at Social Media, their Shadowbanning practices, the “point” of them, Social Media Corporations built themselves on Freedom of Speech, dependent on not limiting speech, exploiting this natural expected act of users who accepted Social Media’s offer to use their network “Free.” Therefore there is no inherent right in Social Media Corporations & Networks to limit Freedom of Speech, especially upon user who are from the same country (situs) as the Social Media Corporation itself, America.

This is exacerbated when that same Social Media Corporation uses their situs to assure those who, for example, were part of the “Arab Spring,” have Freedom of Speech, extending our American Constitutional limitation imposed on our government as an imposition on their foreign government to protect these foreigners. This is how foreigners without any right to Freedom of Speech in their own nation get that right on our American Social Media Corporation Networks. The reason these Social Media Corporations are sure they can get away with suppressing an American’s Freedom of Speech appears a political patronage calculation: Democrats in public office will protect Social Media Corporations.

There are already calls to make Social Media Corporations into “public utilities,” to make them quasi-government entities as though that’s a punishment for their mistreatment of Americans. It isn’t. Instead it is a reward, a grant of a monopoly, and these “public utilities” become the standard bearers, stifling all other developments, a “lid” on advancement in Social Media as an industry.

Those in government suggesting Social Media Corporations should be ensconced in the regime of quasi-government agencies, bureaucracies, extensions of the Deep State, are Democrats generally, like Senator Mark Warner, For Warner it’s all in conforming to the narrative that “Russia hacked/meddled in our elections on behalf of Trump.” Senator Warner is oblivious to the NSA Tools to spoof (fake) ones location and all other information being stolen and in the hands of hackers,

But it doesn’t matter to Conservative Political Capital Hijacking Progressives that their entire framework of control and/or blame has no basis. All that matters to them is what fits and promotes their narrative, all other information, especially factual information to the contrary, is ignored.

As to abuses under point 2 above, imagine a woman with children in a foreign country who has been raped and is pregnant by a gang (Cartel) who is, “training her” for a “new lease on life,” knowing she has no one she can trust as the gang killed them. She agrees to work for the gang, to be a prostitute or worse for sake of her child. Uncommon? Nope. Consider the alternative, that she and her baby is killed right there and then. So as part of the agreement her child is taken by the gang, brought to America and employed by gangs running unfettered in Sanctuary Cities and States (unless of course the gang doesn’t give a cut to the Democrats in power).

This woman, a Mom, is kept in line by an occasional picture of her child in America while being reminded of her “deal” to “work for them,” and the child gets an occasional picture of their mother, reminded of the “deal” Mom arranged to get them to America. This isn’t Capitalism you Socialists who hate Free Markets! No! What is being done to these families is slavery! Both mother and child will be killed once they are no longer of any value to the gang’s business arrangement (though often the child ends up growing into the business, the gang their new family). This is just one example of the evils done by Cartels & foreign gangs like MS-13.

It’s a lot to take in, to stop thinking like a Civilized American Free Market/Capitalist who carries on legitimate business. But this is the heinousness of illegal businesses, of hybrid Mafia-Cartel-gang relationships to as efficiently as possible exploit and plunder the people of a nation, and exploit the bountiful industrious wealth of Americans at the same time.

The abuse of point 3 above is simple: Any government proposal of any sort of Gun Control abuses the “shall not be infringed” statement of the 2nd Amendment.

The 1st Amendment opens with “Congress shall make no law….” specific to not just the National Government but also to the specific branch of that government to express that alone is limited by the Amendment, and it is a restatement of the limits imposed by our Constitution’s original “enumerated,” and not “general” powers under Article I, Section 8.

The 2nd Amendment carries no such limitation, and is a general limitation on all government. Only by the misinterpretation of “well-regulated” as an assumption of government control has Gun Control had any capacity whatsoever. “Well-regulated” is identical to “well-regular” with the former being past-tense. It is in this vein that, the Right to Bear Arms, existing before the 2nd Amendment even existed, was put forth so as to limit all species of government, and without any deference to interpretation by the Supreme Court of the United States – It’s not in the Amendment by its terms which preclude and exclude all government to guarantee every American, from the time of the Constitution’s Ratification until now, that “the Right to Bear Arms [an already existing Right] shall not be infringed.” Anyone suggesting otherwise is claiming an authority over our unalienable God given Right to Life that they just don’t have.

But will this stop the Democrat Party from trying to destroy our rights in lieu of the money they get from the price of a “Saturday Night Special” going from say $500 dollars to $5,000 after Democrats implement Gun Control? Consider standard “anonymous” donations up to the donation limit. How many guns sales with 10% of the price set aside for the political party who helped grow the illegal arms trade market would it take to get to that minimum donation 50 sold?… 1000?… 10,000? It’s a logical payoff for helping these criminals gain a stranglehold on Americans, criminals and gangs paying Democrats for aiding in the denial of an American’s unalienable Right to Life!

My apologies for length but can you see why Americans must keep Texas MAGA Republican Red? If Democrats gain any ground in Texas all of the above Progressive abuses of Americans and America will be on steroids, amplified, expedited, and move as fast as possible to assure the Democrat Party controls the Electoral College vote. Texas represents a substantial number of Electoral College votes, a counter to California’s weight in the Electoral College. Democrats resent that We The People voted in the greatest American President since George Washington, President Donald Trump. They know they can’t amend the Constitution to get rid of the Electoral College that assures less populated States aren’t run over by more populated ones. So now Democrats are going all out on taking Texas, 1) for its 1254 mile border, 2) to make it all but impossible for President Trump to win re-election in 2020. The priority of these may be reversed, but it is to punish We The People and abuse our Constitution in a Democrat’s Progressive act of Vengeance against We The People, a rebuke for our audacity to elect a Washington Outsider. Make no mistake: Democrats hate We The People or they’d cease from their Arrogant Defiance of who we elected per the Constitution’s checks and balances. We The People the real target of their “resistance.”

God Bless you and thank you for reading and sharing this,

Toddy Littman