Want a reflection of why it’s important that Google & other “Big Tech” firms are denied their claim “objective algorithms” are the cause of filtered Search Engine results? “Hydroycholroquine” helps everyone, even Google funded Jim Sensenbrenner, understand.

In the grand worldwide reality of Covid-19 people, especially international travelers, see a 60 year old and well tested anti-malaria drug being wrongly rejected for “side effects,” and a mistaken salvo against Hydroxychloroquine.

The anti-Hydroxychloroquine campaign has lasted for months now, and the main culprits, Communist ideology, and therefore China catering, Dr. Tedros Ghebreyesus head of the World Health Organization (WHO), and Dr. Anthony Fauci head of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases since 1984 (NIAID). Obviously Fauci was appointed by Ronald Reagan, but also Fauci has served for 35 years in Washington, DC, and this too is during the 1973-2009 46 year Senate Tenure of Joe Biden.

So yeah I said “wrongly rejected” because the rejection of Hydroxychloroquine crosses the “do not cross” line of lies, rhetoric, and Fake News, as 60+ years of millions of people using this anti-Malaria drug, with almost no side effects, demands we assume that history carries the genuine truth. So much so even a Democrat Congresswoman, Karen Whitsett exclaims and extols the benefits of Hydroxychloroquine after she used it because she tested positive and had the symptoms of Covid-19, https://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2020/apr/23/.

Karen Whitsett, as a member of mankind, decided being neighborly, friendly, and decent to other Americans, even our 45th President of the United States Donald Trump, is okay. And for it, as you can see from the above linked article, from Democrats Congresswoman Whitsett, who is also an American of African Descent now suffers a toll by, at minimum, public humiliation by the Democrat Party for her being willing to be a decent human being. April 14, 2020 is when Whitsett’s appeared with President Trump to personally thank him regarding his informing the world about Hydroxychloroquine. You may recall April is the worst Covid-19 month thus far, registering 60,000 Americans died (around 21,000 in New York at that time, https://twitter.com/jshkatz/status/1254875091642572801 posted for the simplicity of the chart featured in the tweet). But Democrats and the ever Left lurching Democrat Party, instead of joining their colleague Congresswoman Whitsett make a move at the State level to censure her because she crossed their “do not cross line” of saying thank you to President Trump. I have great appreciation and respect for Congresswoman Whitsett for her courage and genuine goodheartedness.

Unlike the political party Congresswoman Whitsett is affiliated with, I recognize she thought she may die from Covid-19 and used the only even possible treatment for this virus in April as Remdesivir didn’t exist yet or wasn’t tested (and as a new drug doesn’t wasn’t FDA approved, let alone not having 60+ years of use by millions of people worldwide with almost no side effects). To the apparent dismay of Democrats and the Fake News media Hydroxychloroquine worked for Congresswoman Whitsett and naturally Congresswoman Whitsett made the righteous effort to personally thank the person who announced to the world and made known that it appears Hydroxychloroquine could be a treatment for Covid-19. President Trump acted in the most pro-mankind, pro-humanity way possible for everyone worldwide from his platform as President of the United States. Congresswoman Whitsett knows it was President Trump whose promotion of Hydroxychloroquine made it possible for her to even be able to suggest, ask, have a drug name to inquire of, her doctor for a prescription, some kind of treatment for Covid-19 while she was suffering and felt she may die from the disease.

What’s exposed here is that the immediate attack on Hydroxychloroquine by media and whoever they paid to be an “expert” to denounce it was so poorly thought out that it establishes every effort to decry Hydroxychloroquine is a sham, their claims further disproved by folks like Congresswoman Karen Whitsett who may have died with no idea of any possible treatment if not for President Trump. Her case and testimony along with willingness to cross party lines absolutely discredits any and all methods and efforts to discredit use of Hydroxychloroquine to help those infected with Covid-19.

Yet of course these cause the American People to make the direct evaluation that goes thus….

“Okay so now FDA says Hydroxychloroquine may not be very effective, yet advocates appear unwavering and saying it is best used early on or as a prophylactic before infection that can help avoid getting Covid-19. Doesn’t Hydroxychloroquine cost around 60 cents a pill and Remdesivir is $3000 a pill? I bet it’s less once it’s in production but I doubt a new drug made under new laws since 60 years ago is gonna cost 60 cents a pill. Greedy Big Pharma is at it again. And I can already see the 1-800-BADDRUG commercials coming next year!” — All but the last line is what I and 4 other people I know pondered over the last 2 months, the last line is all mine.

Apparently a “pandemic” and “viral epidemic” mean nothing to Big Pharma, and why should it when they’re reliant on production by religious persecution and enslaving Communist China to produce their products “for less?” It appears to Big Pharma that, to them, slavery isn’t a cost, right? I mean, that the enslavement in China of many Chinese is automatic by the Worker-to-Communist Hierarchy explained by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels in the Communist Manifesto (http://www.gutenberg.org/ebooks/61) so naturally by Communism it’s not a “cost” and nothing unusual to do to folks with sincerely held religious beliefs who merely won’t put the will of the State over their Faith, right?

Sure I’ve made the obvious point that Big Pharma and every other American Industry never should have outsourced American manufacture and production, nor any other activity that could be relied on by the American People, by our nation as a whole (and in particular pharmaceuticals), to a foreign country, and especially Communist (anti-Free Market/Capitalism) China!

But another point is that Big Pharma’s reason for manufacture in China is that they’re getting things made very cheaply right? I mean it’s supposed to be costing them (in dollars) far less than the American National Minimum Wage standard to produce their products so Big Pharma has chosen to employ foreigners instead of Americans, and that’s irrespective of the fact that employing Americans can, by technology, increase production to a point the higher wage paid is producing far more product, which results in paying the Americans less per unit (See W. Edwards Demming, https://www.amazon.com/Demming, and The Eternally Successful Organization by Philip B. Crosby, https://www.amazon.com/Eternally-Successful-Organization-Philip-Crosby/).

And yet the full point must include that if the product is being made so cheaply while not employing Americans: How does Big Pharma expect Americans to pay even $100 per pill for any pharmaceutical? With supposedly American companies choosing Communist Chinese slavery costs over paying Americans, they’re bleeding the nation dry of the money demanded to pay for the products produced by China, and when we’re talking for drugs, that’s a matter of life and death, be it Covid-19 or the 4th virus to be appear on the world stage originating from China (Suggest googling history of SARS and H1N1 to appreciate this point) often while Big Pharma is charging other people in other countries less for the very same drugs, apparently people of every nation but America are to get the benefit of Big Pharma’s choosing Communist Chinese slave labor over employing Americans as these foreign sold pills are also produced in China!

Solution for Big Pharma to save lives worldwide

To show how easy this is for Big Pharma to remedy without forcing people worldwide to wait, and possibly die from Covid-19 just to promote the currently $3000 per pill Remdesivir, I submit that Big Pharma should raise the price on Hydroxychloroquine to up to $10 per pill (that’s $2 per pill with those insurance programs paying 80% (and assuming the Laws and Executive Orders that make all Covid-19 Treatment free aren’t enforced) that’s a guaranteed profit of around 150% for Big Pharma and can also assure availability of Hydroxychloroquine worldwide as a prophylactic for everyone who needs it until there is a vaccine, or as an option for those people who want to opt out of using a vaccine. The increased price is to double, triple, quadruple, etc., production (which exponentially increases by volume in worldwide sales of Hydroxychloroquine to billions of people, even China). I make this suggestion to save lives as recent surveys of Americans suggest around 40% of Americans won’t take the Covid-19 vaccine, that’s 40% of Americans who then are likely buying Hydroxychloroquine for months if not years, and humanely, it’s Big Pharma providing the world with relief for the China Originated Virus ID-19 (COVID-19) right now.

How Big Pharma who is loathed and hated by many missed the ultimate opportunity of Good Will and to change their “optics” to be appreciated as a more benevolent effort at making a profit, I do not know, but the cost, the recently claimed 150,000 Americans dead, let alone the fact of the cost of one life to a virus when a treatment or prophylactic use of a drug could not just “flatten the curve” but actually inhibit Covid-19’s transmission to almost nothing, is too much.

Honestly it’s time Big Pharma re-establish their American origin and pride in America by assuring America and its people can live their lives as they have, without “Chines flag” “Democrat blue” masks, without businesses being hampered by government mandated quotas. It’s time Big Pharma say thank you to Americans for their American established business and success of sometimes over 100 years. It’s hard to imagine another Big Pharma opportunity that would garner and generate so much appreciation for America’s Pharmaceutical Companies from Americans.

And it’s not too late either. Fact is Big Pharma could still do something along the lines of what I’ve suggested, and it may even be better received after what Americans have been through in Civil Liberty and unalienable Rights denying shutdowns by overzealous government office holders under color of law. Of course Covid-19 got lost with rioting in the streets after an American got killed by a criminal with a badge, a protesting and rioting that doesn’t address hiring practices at Police Departments and seek to establish better vetting systems and standards to best assure criminals are far less likely to get a badge and wrongfully act under color of authority. No, instead these protests and riots are being exploited to establish something else, an article for another time… And all while Americans die from Covid-19 and it appears Big Pharma doesn’t care until they receive US Treasury/Medicare, or other insurance paid $3000 per pill!

It appears the population of the world is to suffer while Big Pharma’s Grant Money Receivers and otherwise Big Pharma funded doctors “debate” and re-test 60+ year old drugs proven by literally millions of people worldwide to be almost entirely free of side effects, Big Pharma willing libel the 60 cents a pill drug for sake of the difference to $3000 per pill Remdesivir irrespective of the human cost of delay – Big Pharma Exploiting Covid-19 as though a shadow government leveraging our fears and desire to avoid death for ourselves and our family against us for exorbitant profits, and Communist China’s favor.

God Bess You!

I thank you for reading and sharing this,

Toddy Littman

P.S. Apparently Dr. Fauci and CDC once loved Hydroxychloroquine, maybe because $3000 per pill Remdesivir didn’t exist in 2005, https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC1232869/. You decide.