On April 1st the London Daily Mail on line reported that London’s murder rate is HIGHER than that of New York for the first time. There was a similar report in London’s Sunday Times. The Daily Mail listed the victims of this murder spree. The list of twelve who were murdered included the cause of death.

Seven of those killed were stabbed to death. One was both stabbed and shot. Two were shot and for the remaining two no cause of death was reported.

Given that these deaths exceeded those of New York City it would appear that it is time for Parliament to take a page from their cousins across the pond in the United States and draw up legislation that would address these mass killings

Seeing as how almost seventy percent of these killings were caused by knives it would seem that members of the House of Commons and the House of Lords in the throes of hysteria would be falling all over themselves to introduce legislation to control the sale and purchase of – what? Knives. But what kind of knives?

If a knife has a camouflaged handle would it be fair to deem it of military quality and therefore more dangerous than say a kitchen knife? Would the length of the blade be a determining factor as to the lethality of a knife? Should background checks be required for anyone purchasing a knife that looked like a commando style knife? Would the politicians deem it necessary to restrict the number of knives one can own? Should knife sharpeners be regulated for, after all, without a sharp blade a knife is no more a threat than a gun with no ammunition. Should a concealed knife permit be a consideration when drafting Knife Legislation? Background checks – absolutely!

No doubt the hysterics from those in support of and opposed to any attempt to take away one’s right to own a knife would be akin to that of those in the United States who support gun control legislation and versus those who voice their opposition.

As I see it, it isn’t a weapon of any kind that is the problem. Rather it is, in the words of one law enforcement officer, “A people problem.” And Professor Walter Williams of George Mason University nailed it when he stated, “Problems of murder, mayhem and other forms of anti-social behavior will continue until we regain our moral footing.” Amen!

Unfortunately, those like Professor Williams who try to make this point continue to be ignored. Why, because it is far easier for politicians to pass feel-good legislation to appease those with the loudest mouths than it is to address the real issue Williams raises, a decline in moral values and a refusal to accept personal responsibility and accountability for one’s actions.

John R. Stoeffler