I am jotting this out because, I may just be old fashioned, but the obviousness of the missed opportunity seems so easy to see.

How is it that the Progressive Press, the greater than 90% of “mainstream media” and its Fake News establishment line has been so impactful in marginalizing a Conservative, a Christian, anyone who has any actual principles and reason to their views in their asserting of a lie and convincing the public to assume it true? Answer: Standards.

There are standards of Conservatism, such as the Constitution’s limits that limit government with threshold criteria. Individual Liberty is what is protected by these limits so the standards are part & parcel to this principle of Conservatism.

Christianity as a philosophy and in religious acts & practices carries the 10 Commandments and then the New Covenant ushered in by Jesus Christ. And both of these are well documented and largely upheld standards by most who practice these in the living of their lives.

Yet in these also is the intrinsic flaw of man, that we’re not perfect, and those who act and happen to carry off a wrong but are Conservative or Christian will be held to the standard of their proclamations.

Well this “resolution condemning bigotry” as is speciously claimed the meaning of this resolution that fails to mention the perpetrator, Congresswoman Ilhan Omar of Minnesota who is the sole repeated anti-semetic offender, perpetrator, and origin of the resolution. Like making a resolution supporting Civil Rights without naming Martin Luther King, or Rosa Parks, which Dems always do make sure to mention in the text or myriad speeches in rightful praise of these actual Civil Rights leaders and their efforts that made America a better country.

But this “resolution condemning bigotry” was absent this same crediting of the person who caused the resolution to exist as it would be a crediting that discredited them with any moral or other authority to serve as a member of Congress.

No instead, by the Socialist & Progressive Democrat speeches given throughout and after House passage, the entire effort to call out a muslim in Congress for their extremist and anti-semetic views failed. Instead they spin, this entire thing is spin, in a political effort to blame President Trump for what Democrats want to perceive as bigotry if it doesn’t agree with their Progressive Identity Politics fueled vote gathering rhetoric agenda.

And I can see all of this reason not to vote for the “resolution condemning bigotry,” oh wait I haven’t explained why that phrase is in quotes and so important to our “missed opportunity” but here’s a graphic that will help immensely, a tweet from Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the tool of Nancy Pelosi to keep power (Yep it’s mistaken to think it’s any other way, for then you deny the truth about the Socialist & Progressive Democrats, that they only want to have power and destroy America for a World Government Order, and then, therefore, we fail to stop them as Democrats will use every tool possible to achieve their goal):

And unless, but unlikely, deleted, on Twitter, https://twitter.com/AOC/status/1103873615655690241

So let’s return to where I began, standards.

This “resolution condemning bigotry” deserved to be voted for since it’s non-binding and doesn’t actually do anything, it’s not law nor even able to be turned into some sort of policy, and is solely a political statement no less a political statement than the House Joint Resolution being voted on in the Senate to “cancel Trump’s National Emergency,” which, in fact, will do no such thing. But hey don’t let Rand Paul know these HJR things don’t have any force nor effect, nor any value in enforcing the Constitution. Paul is proving by his actions that he’s failed to actually understand the Constitution but as a politician’s tool, to use his vote to make political statements and gain some relevance and attention in the media’s anti-Trump/Trump Hate/Trump Derangement Syndrome view & newscycle.

Why should Republicans and all of Congress have voted for this resolution that was missing everything that should have been in it if we use history as a guide? Because it establishes, for the party in power right now, the Democrats, a standard. From this standard Republicans can then extract a requirement of a full rebuke of Ilhan Omar as a member of Congress which is about all that the Resolution could effect if anything at all but only after it becomes the standard.

And voting for the “resolution condemning bigotry” would make tweets like the one from Socialist New York Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez above non-existent.

I am entirely stumped when the group of no standards, Socialist & Progressive Democrats, suddenly puts out a standard like the “resolution condemning bigotry” or speciously claiming to counter President Trump’s (actually America’s) National Emergency Declaration because it violates the Constitution, and the supposedly opposing party doesn’t see right through it as a trap, doesn’t even suspect it for its obvious misdirection and Democrat intended use by the Progressive Press to destroy America as intended. You can already see Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez using it. Always remember the Progressive enemy’s mantra: Never let a crisis go to waste! They certainly did their part to use, spin, and destroy the truth about Ilhan Omar’s muslim extremist acts (her words are her actions, especially as a politician and Representative), and licensing the infusion of her “culture” in failure of objectivity to uphold her Oath of Office and “insure Domestic Tranquility.”

And let us not forget when Steve King of Iowa was the target for his comments exactly what Democrats did, https://thehill.com/homenews/house/.

Please wake up America before there is nothing to wake up to.

God Bless you, and thank you for reading and sharing this,

Toddy Littman