Constitutional clarity is hard today it seems for any elected member of the United States Government with entire, complete, and absolute exception of our 45th President of the United States, Donald J. Trump.

Irrespective of the amounts of CONFISCATED drugs, and where the larger amount of confiscation takes place (naturally ports of entry where we have a concentration of officers whose mission is to find illegal activity and stop it vs open desert with no WALL or anyone else there to stop, not just monitory, what is coming in and tally an inventory), ANY amount of drugs in excess of 2 joints (2 grams) of marijuana crossing the Southern Border of the United States for an entire year is a National Emergency, as 1) Americans are dying from many of these drugs, drugs which illegal counterpart is made with poisons and other chemicals to provide a “high” in excess of what can be bought legally, and 2) the import of these drugs EXPORTS American dollars into another country, away from our economy and the American People – In this issue alone and on both counts noted America loses.

Child trafficking and prostitution slavery, which are often interrelated due to the effort at acceptance of heinous types of depravity, should not be timeless talking points given all the weight of back and forth by political parties who, once elected, continue the epic failure to build the wall they promised when Ronald Reagan was President, a wall that’s already been paid for by the Amnesty granted to the Illegal Aliens who were here at the time given to Democrats in exchange for that wall, and the majority of these Illegal Aliens at the time were from Mexico. To be clear: Mexico has already paid for the wall in 1 million of their people becoming American Citizens in exchange to Democrats to build and maintain a wall along the Southern Border of the United States, a promise made to Ronald Reagan by Democrats that President Trump is trying to fulfill irrespective of 2016 Presidential Campaigns.

So what’s Congress (which includes the Senate) do with their power under Article I, Section 8 to “establish an Uniform Rule of Naturalization” which governs legal and illegal immigration? Congress fails to appropriate for the wall to this day! Congress fails to secure the Southern Border of the United States for at least nearly 40 years, fails to do something that should have been done long before Ronald Reagan’s Presidency, which is the establishment of the Southern Border of the United States as a clear, unambiguous, demarcation, with ample warnings to sway those foreigners who are concerned about American law from coming in, and a robust wall in deterrence of those who would try to enter America illegally and not caring about America’s laws. Stiff pains and penalties, like say 25 years in prison for making ANY effort to evade or destroy any and all marking of the Southern Border of the United States (including any wall or barrier whatsoever) would be a mandatory non-discretionary duty of Congress in appropriating the money, our money, to build and maintain a wall that will assure our ability to control commerce across the Southern Border of the United States better. In other words the United States government will gain import and export revenues from duties on normal commerce items traversing our border illegally today to evade those same import and export duties.

But no instead the Senate and its Senators applying political worry far in excess of, or better put “in extra-constitutional” considerations of politics and not the Constitution, therefore concerns that have nothing to do with governing, are going to vote along with the far left leaning Democrat Party to support a meaningless, non-binding resolution of their branch of government, Congress, AFTER they abdicated their Article I, Section 8, germane absolute authority under the Constitution to the Executive Branch, relegating the entire activity to Executive Branch bureaucracies.

By the facts it is absolutely clear to me that Senators Rand Paul, Susan Collins, Thom Tillis, and Lisa Murkowski are joining the Democrat Party in making a political statement that does nothing to assure Constitutionality or to stop the President of the United States from rightfully using the authority granted to the Executive Branch by Congress in abdication of their duties under the Constitution.

Maybe we should review Abraham Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation to determine if he, as President of the United States alone, had the authority to free people who Congress had kept viewed as private property of others, a direct violation of the 4th and 5th Amendments upon these “property” owners? You’ll find Lincoln didn’t have that power or authority but for Martial Law and the failure of the Congress to get done what needed to be done long before the Civil War, Congress failing to enforce Article I, Section 9 of the Constitution put an end to Slavery by 1808 (first 3 paragraphs here, This Article of the germane Constitution had been agreed to by all but 1 of the original 13 colonies. By “equal footing” clause every State that has joined the Union after Ratification of the Constitution agrees to all provisions of the germane Constitution and as Amended prior to their joining the Union.

Or should we look at Democrat Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s 1933 National Emergency signing just 5 days after his inauguration and that began “The New Deal,” ( that took all the gold and handed it to the banks and destroyed the gold standard system to which Congress then passed HJR 192 on June 5th 1933 ( This HJR 192 is often erroneously claimed and referenced as authority in not making “payment” for what someone bought, and is also further argued therefore “liquidating our ownership of property,” in essence wrongfully argued as making it impossible to pay debts and replacing the entire system with a “discharge” method void of all property ownership (Sounds like a Progressive/Socialist operation to get Americans upset and divided to you too?). Point being is HJR 192 to now be deemed a legally binding truth as wrongfully proclaimed by fraudsters? These Senators out to vindicate this lie for the sake of politics? This circus act of an HJR against President Trump’s Declaration of a National Emergency being given so much weight is going to further fuel the fraudulent reference to this HJR 192 as legitimate, and legitimize the argument that Americans doesn’t own any property since they just “discharged” and never “paid” for it.

To be sure this gold standard garbage has been a big Libertarian talking point ( from 2007 and still there) for a long time. I won’t get into why it’s garbage here but to say that without a gold standard, a fixed “property” standard, the property in exchange becomes what and how you value what you’re providing and negotiate your payment, whether in work, as a contractor, etc. Therefore, you alone have full control of the value of your goods and services, to which a George Soros or other Progressive Billionaires, acting together maybe even with Institutional Investor Union Pension Plans, seeking to be Oligarchs in a Worldwide Socialist Government system, can’t destabilize your actual value by buying up the gold, silver, or whatever other fixed property is placed as a valuation standard. Sure they can buy other currencies and destabilize the currency, but since it’s only paper, only a promissory note between government and its fiscal agents, to which we’re 3rd party users, we lose nothing but what we, by belief, foolishly place in fixed property terms, in tangibles, in a masochistic frenzy of self-punishment valuation necessity, and entirely ignoring that we’ve successfully carried on business without a fixed property attachment, and actually debt free (but that’s another discussion) without a problem since going off the gold/fixed property standard — And that my friends is a big reason why America is the envy of the world and why they hate Free Enterprise (i.e. “Capitalism” in Marxist terms), so much!

If you didn’t know about this 1933 resolution that was necessary to assure Americans that their currency wouldn’t be worthless after going off the gold standard then I urge you, especially socialists demanding to take the system to heights it cannot afford to go look and learn. Understand that the fraudulent “you can only discharge debt” scam is exactly that, a scam, and it denies the very wording of HJR 192 as stated in the Statutes-at-Large, the official publication of acts of Congress as referenced previously in use of the terms “upon payment.” The fact is many who want to use this erroneous argument are using it as a legal argument to force the system to accept forged documents, that of course these people say isn’t forged because “it cites HJR 192 which says you can’t pay a debt” in circular discourse demonstrating how easily the mind ignores the use of the word “upon payment” in the actual resolution itself!

Do you see how Obama’s National Emergency for DACA and President Trump’s National Emergency to build the Wall are no less emergencies but done for far lesser events effecting the internal matters of the United States of America? Do you see how Abraham Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation, which I agree with what it did and was trying to do for slaves, also destroyed States’ Rights and an Individual’s right to their own private “property?” Didn’t FDR’s National Emergency also remove private property rights on gold? The point I am making here is that recent President’s National Emergencies will naturally not be as broad. Today these are well refined in the minutia of Congress’ Powers, in fact these acts of Presidents are actually recognizing the limits of the Constitution and exercising the powers Congress and the Constitution gave them by acts of Congress and Congress’ abdication of its powers, an act of laziness to govern that these “representatives” voted for in earnest, from both parties, and including Senators, to position themselves as a subconscious voice of no weight in American Government, of being political party hacks waiting to use their vote to make political statements that haven’t anything to do with governing and just as another voice with an opinion void of all history.

When you consider the legislative swamp, vs the bureaucratic one that legislators created in that laziness, remember Rand Paul, in voting for the HJR done to make a statement against President Trumps National Emergency, that Senator Paul is siding with the legislative swamp, the folks who look at their vote as a political tool long after their branch of government, and thereby their office, abdicated ANY authority of action pursuant to Congress’ Power under the Constitution and granting it to the President of the United States. When these people got elected, when they held up their hand and took their Oath of Office, they did so in an empty gesture of routine, entering an office that had long ago been neutered by its many predecessors over time, proven by the fact that even now almost 40 years no distinct and certain by intentional fully funded legislative action of Congress to establish the Southern Border of the United States has taken place, and yet these “Republicans,” these “Constitutionalist” and “Conservative,” “Libertarian,” Senators join in fighting the President in acting on the very power Congress has abdicated to the Executive Branch for the very reason that the President is to act – they are bucking a President taking the very action by the very powers Congress gave to protect the American People from Congress’ laziness and political suspended animation.

May God Bless you and thank you for reading and sharing this,

Toddy Littman