October 2, 2014

Right to exist determined by revamped history

Hearing the defamatory accusations with which numerous countries blasted Israel during the UN Human Rights Commission meetings last week in Geneva, it is a wonder that any nation would be given latitude to call themselves sovereign by United Nations standards. In fact, by the example set in these proceedings it’s become apparent the UN has trouble recognizing sovereignty of any nation-state that doesn’t meet their redevised historical context. America’s new ally in the war against ISIS, United Arab Emirates speaking for a coalition of Arab states, had the unmitigated gall (or should I say chutzpah?) to state that Israel had no right to defend itself against the willful and unprovoked attack from Gaza this summer.

On the other hand, it’s perfectly acceptable for the UAE and Egypt to do a flyover bombing run of Libya a month back, presumably to defend themselves from, what? The irregular terrorist regime that usurped control after the U.S. promoted Arab Spring offensive? One could also question why the UAE and Saudi Arabia along with a few other Arab states are partnering with the U.S. in the fight against ISIS. The answer couldn’t be any more obvious than economics and their interest in shutting down the black market oil sales that seriously undercut their oil revenues. It’s been floated that the same pretense of protecting oil production was behind the Libya air campaign as they feared attack on their oil fields from that quarter.

The curiosity is how dozens of countries feel it is their right to deny another nation its self-defense. President Obama’s charge that Israel isn’t trying hard enough to achieve peace with its terrorist neighbor Hamas, in his address to the General Assembly, abetted the downpour of criticism. His apologetic speech encouraged Mahmoud Abbas and others to mount fallacious claims against the tiny bastion of democracy that simply seeks to sustain its very existence in an enflamed Middle East.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, in his General Assembly speech September 29, 2014, was not to be deterred by the ongoing vicious attacks from countries so mired in political oppression at home that their right to address the General Assembly, let alone the UNHRC, should have been revoked long ago. Not to be buffaloed by continual slurs, Netanyahu staunchly maintained Israel’s right to defend itself, which boils down to its right to exist. It is odd that the august body (which came into existence on the heels of Hitler’s murdering millions of Jews, Gypsies, Christians, homosexuals and others) that recognized Israel’s statehood in 1948 is the very house where vilification of Israel is now promoted. Not that it took long for the tide to turn. Just look back to 1975 when the first resolution was passed claiming Zionism to be racist. (“Since when is religion a race?” Page 147). And the race card continues to be dealt despite it being a wholly defective argument, particularly in the instance of Middle East politics.

To illustrate, anti-Semitism is a grossly misused term when it is leveled against Jews by Arabs. How easily the genealogy of the Arab nations is forgotten when the hatred for Jews by so many Islamic groups is considered. Isaac and Ishmael were brothers and both descendants of Shem making them both Semites, not that despising one’s brother was or is out of the norm.

The UN has become a major player in rewriting history by allowing rogue nations and “victim” populations to level unsubstantiated accusations against one villain, the same people who’ve carried the world’s antipathy for millennia: Jews.

The latest victims are called Palestinians, a group cobbled together of voluntary refugees from the British Mandate that was dissolved after World War II when Israel attained statehood. Artificial borders had been drawn in 1920 for Lebanon, Syria, the countries of Iraq and Transjordan, and finally emerging from the British Mandate of Palestine, an Israel much diminished from its historical boundaries. Arab residents from Israel’s jurisdiction were pressured to flee the new country by the Grand Mufti Hajj Amin al Husayni, a Nazi collaborator; concocted tales of Israel’s hostility driving them over the borders. They ended up filling refugee camps and given a new identity by Muslim radicals – Palestinians. Even the appellation Palestinian is a derivative of the Greek and Roman name applied to Philistines, a non-Arab people “pelesheth, and the area they occupied in and around ancient Israel.

The Grand Mufti’s persuasion of refugees and Arab nations to war with Jews resulted in decades of seething anger misdirected at the Israelis (who had offered citizenship to everyone within its borders) fostering the historical fallacies that UN member nations now promulgate as fact.

The familiar methods of intimidation haven’t changed and continue to be employed in Gaza today. Political agitators, masquerading as religious leaders, coerce people to harbor missiles in their homes, schools, playgrounds and hospitals. And those who are vocal dissenters of the attack on Israel instigated by Hamas are murdered for protesting.

These are the terror factions and their willfully ignorant supporters in the UN that insist Israel must not protect itself against attack but lie still and be destroyed. All because no one bothers with history, how the Zionists purchased tracts from the Ottoman Empire before it disintegrated after the Great War; brought that land to life while the scattered Arab inhabitants continued to eek out a living in what, until then, had been a waste. When Israel was established as a nation the whole region benefited from the economic boom that increased opportunity and quality of life.

But the battle has become about power grabs amongst the petty players who abhor the wellbeing of others, using Islam as a tool to gain convert-warriors to forward their ambitions. In so doing, the Hamas, Hezbollahs, al Qaedas and ISIS’ of this world have no one’s welfare at heart but their own, and decimating their own neighborhoods and people in order to achieve their goal doesn’t concern them. The new anti-Semitism is nothing more than progressivism taken to the extreme. It’s about labeling a scapegoat (yes, that is consciously used as Yom Kippur approaches) for everything that the have-nots have inflicted upon themselves in the name of a deity that is a straw man for political lordship.

Netanyahu exemplified the difference between civilized society and the brutal chaos lurking at the world’s door, “Israel was using its missiles to protect its children. Hamas was using its children to protect its missiles.”

Rewrite history, if you will, but the moral witness of the real victims will testify to the truth.


A. Dru Kristenev
Author, The Baron Series
to ChangingWind, a Christian Ministry 


[This article is a submission from an author of the ever-growing Baron Series without whom there never would have been a Toddy Littman. Her effort as a Christian, a researcher, a teacher, and an author to aid in rousing America from a Progressive stupor over the 25 years I have known her remains as intense and unrelenting today as when I first met her. Please indulge yourself of the wisdom throughout all she’s authored as well as the charm of the characters in her novels: Free your mind.]