Starting out with the goal of seeing if it is possible to arrive at a conclusion that would logically make sense for impeachment, the move to impeach the sitting president seems to defy all logic. To follow the events losely from election to now, there does not seem to be a logical pathway available to arrive at the official narrative being presented. Your help, feedback and corrections are requested.
Comey Trump Investigaton
Comey in his congressional hearing after having leaked classified information and help stage the mueller appointment where he indicated the DOJ had obstructed justice by downplaying the wording of investigation by calling it a matter.
To begin, can we just please get an accounting of all the money and U.S. involvement with Ukraine? Is there no quid pro quo to the taxpayer money being dished out across the world? Where is it all going and for what purpose? Forget all the other noise and headlines for a moment. It seems like a lot of money is going to “ukraine” and ending up elsewhere. Why is it going there in the first place? What control do the taxpayers have over the money being sent there and for what purposes? At least let’s be clear on what the official story is. Are we corrupting Ukraine with our money and influence or are they corrupt and our money somehow helping to end the corruption? Let’s understand this first. 
Next, Haven’t they already put manafort away for his involvement with Ukraine? Color me shocked that someone (the President) asked for an investigation that now requires an investigation to remove him from office launched by his political opponents.
The Deep State Swamp has gotten away with fooling the public and (or with) the corporate media for so long that it seems nobody really knows whats going on. Its pure political hackery by everyone in the swamp. The corporate media will go ahead and set any agenda regardless of believability or even factual accuracy. Shall we not mention the corporate media has hired ex-intelligence officers who openly oppose the president and at least one touting a criminal referral by an active OIG investigation. The Propaganda is so dense that any sound reasoning simply gets drowned out, and if it does, it isn’t being understood and if understood it doesn’t matter or affect anything. The agenda has been set and like a slow motion trainwreck, the public must stand by and watch it happen.
To begin to try to understand the current moves being made by the deep state to impeach, it seems you would need to subscribe to the following:
He must be IMPEACHed based on the request to INVESTIGATE a political opponent (which is what happened to trump) and that this IMPEACHMENT is not an OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE hoping to prevent or derail the INVESTIGATION OF THE INVESTIGATORS which came about due to Devin Nunes #ObjectiveMedusa clearing trump of russia hoax which uncovered #CrossfireHurrican FISA crimes of the DEEP STATE against President WHICH THE OIG HAS BEEN INVESTIGATING FOR YEARS as the DOJ IGNORES criminal referrals to PROSECUTE.
You would also have to forget that MANAFORT was investigated and tried for his role in Ukraine and not Russia. You would also have to forget MANAFORT worked with PODESTA, And you would also have to forget that Mueller was appointed to investigate an innocent person’s (Trump) involvement in a foreign collusion conspiracy theory that NEVER HAD ANY ACTUAL EVIDENCE to support the claim (ADDED BONUS It’s not actually a crime had they found any anyway) because firing COMEY (for obvious reasons even though no reason is required) was an attempt to obstruct justice. You must not realize that the call from TRUMP was asking Ukraine President to help with unanswered questions relating to the claims of RUSSIAN INTERFERENCE / HACKING by kremlin on behalf of TRUMP to win the election. TRUMP IS SIMPLY ASKING TO GET TO THE BOTTOM OF ISSUES RAISED DURING AS WELL AS BEFORE MUELLER’S INVESTIGATION
Deep State
A possible problem for the senate RINO / GOP / NEVER TRUMPERS could be that of McCain and Biden both were involved with Ukraine. TRUMP RELEASED THE CONTENTS OF THE CALL to DISPUTE the MADE UP RUMOR being made AGAINST HIM BY ONLY POLITICAL OPPONENTS as well as McCain may be exposed posthumously if investigated making Lindsey Graham a little unsure of what to do next.
I suppose this is being done by Adam Schiff because Nancy and Chuck are just getting too old, Nadler already failed to deliver so they’re going with Schifty and ghost whistleblower who has ties to Biden and Obama Administration from the CIA. You also must believe that this has nothing to do with the quality of candidates being so unappealing. 
And still sitting pretty, as always, will be George Soros who is heavily involved in Ukraine policy and United States politics. Any mention of him is off limits and explained away as conspiracy theory of the far right. 
Yes, it is the conspiracy theories of the far right that you must not concern yourself with…

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