Tea-partynnnn How does an unelected official have any more rights as a whistleblower than a citizen does? Furthermore, how does an unelected official have whistleblower immunity from any tax-paying citizen including the president of the United States? This leaves the deep state entirely unaccountable with limitless power.

This is what happens when you have entirely corrupt The United States Department of Justice which refuses to prosecute criminals within the deep state.

Nobody has ever voted for the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and they do not set the policy. Did they not have a hand in the violent 2014 Ukrainian Revolution? The FBI has offices in Ukraine and Alexander Chalupa was hired by the dnc to interfere with the 2016 election helping to oust Paul Manafort (not Podesta?) and further the russian collusion narrative leading to the appointment of special counsel Mueller who chose only to target trump and ignore exculpatory evidence and criminal activity of the FBI and DOJ.

The amount of corruption and criminal activity by unelected officials in the federal government continues to mount and the severity of abuse keeps increasing. The propaganda in mainstream media is byond apparent and renders the public defenseless. There is no longer a free press. The selective outrage shifts from the contents of illegal leaks to attack those that illegally leak (podesta hacks vs manafort hacks or whistleblowers vs leakers) The media has destroyed its credibility (Russian Collusion) much like Shifty Schift (transcript parody and leaked whistleblower name) but it doesn’t matter because the public is defenseless with the mass censorship and gaslighting (fake news, conspiracy theories, far right, etc)

The tipping point has come and gone yet the citizens who voted for the president’s agenda to lock up criminals (clinton etc), eliminate the swamp corruption (fbi, cia, irs etc) , and reduce foreign footprint (never ending wars), continue to remain peaceful.

If it is simply not possible to have the government envisioned by these marginalized citizens then I fear for the day that is made explicitly to clear to them. That will be the day the swamp will call on the military to fight the war on terror domestically against its own citizens.

All the corruption and criminal Activity is now publicly known and the media will have everyone focusing on the president claiming he made campaign finance violations or something minor if nothing at all with this ukraine call and then claim obstruction of justice if the president tries to defend himself.

Hopefully Durham delivers before Soros and the deep state complete the coup.