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“The American Patriot should always remember this man who is in jail because he was defending your freedom. Each Monday we will remind you of someone America should always remember:  Sergeant Robert, Karilyn and the Bales Children.” Eliana Benador and Right Side News

How does it feel, to wake up, leave with your husband and children. Your husband will take your daughter to her school, you will take your son to his school.  Then, it’s time for your husband to go to his office and you need to get some groceries.  So we find you at the supermarket, where you are buying groceries for your family.  And you pick and choose what you need and want. Husband calls you.  He wants to know if you’d like him to do something for you on the way back, “Call me back if you think of anything. Love you.”   Some hours later, on his way back home, your husband picked up the kids from school, they arrive home.  Meanwhile, early dinner is ready, the whole family sits at table and everyone talks at the same time.  

This is just another day in the life of an average American family.  

Or is it… because at the home of John and Jane Doe, everyone is happy…  and no one gives even a glimmer of a thought, not even for a second to think about some people to whom we owe the greatest debt:  Our men and women in the military…  

Average Americans in the comfort of their daily lives might have even forgotten a man who’s  of Fort Lewis…   a man who in the aftermath of 9/11 decided to join the military to fight the bastard Muslim terrorists who perpetrated the massacre against our innocent American civilians.  

Sergeant Bales has been married to Karilyn…  they talked about his decision to join the military.  She agreed to let her man go and fight for the liberties of this country, to look for Justice to the cowardly massacre of so many innocent of our civilians.  

And, so, after being deployed to the war in Iraq, ONE, then TWO and finally THREE times, where he had been physically wounded and injured, common sense dictated that his next assignments would be “desk” ones.   But, no, the military decision powers knew better and he ended up being sent to the Afghan snake pit.

Now, I don’t know about you, ladies and families of our men in the military, but, one must admit that to even consider sending one of our family pillars, i.e., our husband or one of our children, there is a major criteria that needs to be considered:  Will they be given the maximum facilities so that they can do the job to perfection, without risking their lives needlessly?  

This is just fair:  IF any of our family members is going to risk his life, we need to know what are the RULES OF MILITARY ENGAGEMENT that this country is giving our men and women.

And, because this is America, we must demand and expect that our men and women in those risky situations be given any and all the measures to protect themselves and to fulfill the job for we are giving them up.  Namely, we need to know that our military men are able to kill the enemy in situations when they are attacked -because if the contrary were, as is, the case, then it is our right to think twice before sacrificing our man or woman, our children who will be brought up without knowing their father or mother…  

But, what is our liberal government and all the liberal governments in the world doing?

America’s Rules of Engagement.

 Now, what’s promoted is “COURAGEOUS RESTRAINT,” which means that our men are not supposed to shot at the enemy except in extenuating circumstances, thus risking their lives to save the lives of their lethal enemy.

Given that this is what it is, I suggest that when the political leaders in America have their children turn 18 years old, they should be considered for automatic enlisting in the American military, be sent to fight and follow the rules of courageous restraint so they can get some medals for avoiding collateral casualties.

Ft. Lewis-McChord

Ft. Lewis-McChord, Sergeant Robert Bales’ base, is a military base with a high record of soldier suicides and PTSD.  Records show that at this base, there were 4874 crimes in 2011, compared with 3812 in 2010. About 413 were serious felonies. And, although it is a lot, sadly, it appears to be similar to other posts.   

However, it is tragically interesting that the demands exerted upon its military personnel and the deployment schedule are among the most strenuous.  For instance, unlike any other brigade in the country, to our knowledge, the Third Brigade of 2nd Infantry Division has been deployed FOUR TIMES!  

As we have been hearing recently more of these cases, it seems that Ft. Lewis leadership have removed the Chief Medical Officer and the two psychiatrists who, probably taking orders from military officers and not from medical officers, had been downgrading 285 PTSD victims to victims of personality disorder -which is not pensionable.

285 PTSD

PTSD stands for Post-traumatic stress disorder and it is a type of anxiety disorder. It can occur after you’ve seen or experienced a traumatic event that involved the threat of injury or death.  Well, our men and women in the military are highly exposed to those situations, to say the least.

In doing research, we have found that recently, the Army has identified 285 Madigan Army Medical Center patients whose PTSD diagnoses have been as well, reversed by a forensic psychiatric screening team.  There is now an ongoing investigation to find out why those diagnoses were changed.

In the military, when soldiers are diagnosed with PTSD as they prepare to leave the military, they can qualify for a medical retirement that offers a pension and other benefits.

Which leads to think that the government and the military may be trying to save at the expense of our men and their families after they have sacrificed years of their lives to keep the danger as far away from you and I as they could possibly do.

Sergeant Bales Lawyer: Government Hiding Evidence

John Henry Browne is accusing the American government and the military of hiding evidence, scattering potential witnesses and more as you can read here.


 Reality kicks in when one reads these lines, “Army spokesman Maj. Chris Ophardt said the prosecution has been communicating with the defense within court martial and military rules of evidence.”

Indeed, while the Fort Hood terrorist Major Nidal Malik Hasan, an American Muslim of Palestinian descent with affiliation toward radical Islam since 2005 and as investigations showed that before and after the shooting he had e-mailed with Yemen-based cleric Anwar al-Awlaki, who quickly declared Hasan a hero, as “fighting against the U.S. army is an Islamic duty”.   However, after communications between the two were forwarded to FBI terrorism task forces in 2008, it was “determined” that Hasan was not a threat prior to the shooting and that his questions to al-Awlaki were consistent with medical research.  Right.  

And, after the massacre, Hasan still has his grade of “Major” in our military.  

Hasan was formally arraigned on July 20, 2011…  The judge set a trial date for Maj. Hasan’s court martial for March 5, 2012.

As we can see, they were not rushed in court martialing Major Hasan, the terrorist who made it clear he had killed them in the name of Islam, 13 of our military and wounded 29…  all Americans.

Unlike Sergeant Bales, accused of killing Muslims in Afghanistan…  and his defense team is not been given the appropriate evidence and on the contrary,  evidence is vanishing.

Afghanistan:  Anti-Government Elements

According to the United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA) reported that in 2011Anti-Government Elements caused 2,332 conflict-related deaths of Afghan civilians, up14 percent from 2010. [In other words, the equivalent to] 77 percent of all conflict-related civilian deaths in 2011 were attributed to Anti-Government Elements.”

But, who are Afghanistan’s “Anti-Government Elements?”

“Anti-Government Elements” is the dry-cleaned version that Karzai’s Afghan government has come up with to change the “image” of “insurgent” or terrorist groups that are included in that category, namely the Taliban, but it includes as well various other Afghan and foreign jihadist groups.  These terrorist groups, while using tactics as diverse as improvised explosive devices (IED) they also practice kidnapping and abduction, suicide bombing, executions or assassinations and, naturally, ground engagement.  

“Anti-Government Elements increased their use of IEDs and suicide attacks against obvious civilian targets. In incidents where intended targets appeared to be military, those responsible for placing or detonating IEDs showed no regard for the presence of civilians and no evidence of distinguishing between civilian and military targets in violation of the international humanitarian law principles of distinction, precaution and proportionality. Anti-Government Elements also deliberately targeted and killed civilians not taking a direct part in hostilities, mainly individuals who supported, or were perceived as supporting the Government of Afghanistan or international military forces.” Extracted from Afghanistan civilian casualties: year by year, month by month”.


 The American people have now a point of reference -where they can see and analyze by themselves the barbaric methods and war crimes committed in Afghanistan by their own radical Islamist virulent and vicious terrorists massacring, without no remorse whatsoever, their own civilian populations, showing total disrespect for the value of the life of any human being.

It is criminal that Afghanistan’s Karzai government has invented the notion of “Anti-Government Elements” with the intention to whitewash the criminal activities of their home-grown terrorist groups, among them, the Taliban -and by doing so, Karzai completely loses credibility and, even worse, all moral authority to set any condition in dealing with our government, especially in the case of Sergeant Bales.  

We can also see how the American government is lenient with Muslim terrorists killing our men in our own soil -but is ruthless with our men who are pushed to the limit of what is humanly possible to be taken by their bodies and minds, and how pitiless the American government is when it is an American soldier who allegedly has killed Muslims in Afghanistan.

Americans must show loyalty to their men in the military.  We owe them a debt that we will never be able to pay.  The least we can do is fight for them with the same fervor and conviction they have put when they enlisted, abandoning wives and husbands and children, and accepted deployment after deployment to save our freedom and to be the human shield us from our sworn enemies, the Muslim terrorists, who want to wreak havoc in our country. 



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