On Christmas Day of last year, Muslim terrorists set off bombs in churches across Nigeria. It was one of the worst attacks by Boko Haram which is determined to continue its reign of terror until the country is ruled by Muslim law. Christian pastors have been beheaded by Boko Haram and a spokesman for the group has openly stated that their interim goal is “to eradicate Christians from certain parts of the country.”

boko_haram_islamic-nigeria-militantThe Boko Haram death toll has surpassed a thousand in only a few years. It has killed 250 people this year alone. It draws inspiration from the Taliban, has links to Al-Qaeda and has carried out numerous sophisticated attacks, including multiple car bombings.

That leaves one question. Why hasn’t Boko Haram been designated a terrorist organization? it has killed more people than some of the organizations on the list and it is dedicated to ethnic cleansing, something that we decided was unacceptable when it came to Muslims. Shouldn’t it then be equally unacceptable when it is being done by Muslims to Christians?

Apparently not. Johnnie Carson, Obama’s Chicago born man in Africa, and the Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs at subcommittee hearings chaired by Senator Coons, dismissed the idea of designating Boko Haram a terrorist organization and claimed falsely, that despite Boko Haram’s repeated statements about its goals and its very name, that this conflict was not driven by religion, but by social inequities.

Questions about Boko Haram’s terrorism against Christians were rerouted into what Carson described as a “comprehensive” approach to the problem, sidelining security assistance in favor of providing social aid to the Muslim north and urging the Nigerian government to stop aggressively fighting terrorism.

Boko Haram had been inspired by the Taliban and American diplomats are forcefully pushing the Nigerian government into adopting the same disastrous failed “Hearts and Minds” policies of Afghanistan. Instead of combating Boko Haram, we will be increasing funding to the Muslim north and even opening a consulate there. And of course urging Nigeria to appoint more Muslims to high ranking positions.

While the subcommittee on Homeland Security has urged that Boko Haram be designated a terrorist group, diplomats in the State Department are doing everything possible to sabotage the effort. The lies are coming fast and thick. In the New York Times, Jean Herskovitz wrote an op-ed insisting that there was no Boko Haram, suggesting instead that random criminal gangs were really responsible for the mass murder of Christians.

Herskovitz used the exact same line put out by appeasers in the early days of the War on Terror when they claimed that there was no actual Al-Qaeda. Since then that spin has been used for countless Muslim terrorist groups, who cannot be fought because they don’t truly exist. Carson echoed her in his testimony, insisting that Boko Haram was vague, loosely defined and not at all monolithic.

According to Herskovitz, the genocidal Boko Haram terrorist group was actually a “peaceful” group which only turned to violence in response to government oppression, and urged us not to act in a way that “would make us appear biased toward a Christian president” or the Nigerian Muslims would turn on us too.

As a government employee, Johnnie Carson was somewhat more discreet, but took the same position that the real fault lies with the Christian South and the Nigerian government for keeping Muslims oppressed and in poverty, and that the only solution is to pour money, jobs and power into the north. The unstated endgame of this is to create a stalemate that will force the Nigerian political system to make further concessions to Islam and the Sharia law that Boko Haram is fighting for.

The appeasers make no mention of Boko Haram’s mass murder of Christians or its fundamental intolerance. All they offer is the drumbeat of statistics on poverty in the Muslim north, completely ignoring the fact that the north is undeveloped because the Muslim leaders who resist vaccines and education for their followers want it that way.

sule_7This isn’t just about a Muslim terrorist group trying to impose Sharia on 82 million Christians, a system that would reduce them to permanent inferiority. Boko Haram’s increasingly sophisticated attacks aren’t the work of a local group with no outside support. They bear the stamps of training by practiced terrorists as part of a concerted effort to take over Nigeria.

As the country with the tenth highest petroleum reserves in the world and the second highest in Africa– it’s no secret why our oil producing allies in the Gulf, who fund half the terrorism in the world, would want to seize Nigeria and bring it under the banner of Islam. Taking Nigeria wouldn’t just add to their total wealth, it would put a bigger collar around our necks as Nigerian oil accounts for about ten percent of our oil imports. If the Saudis can corral Libya and Nigeria, then Muslim countries will account for nearly 40 percent of our oil imports.

But between these cold hard statistics is a human reality. Boko Haram continues the genocidal Islamic march across the world. Its goal is the same as the Third Reich, to seize power through terror, subjugate entire nations, enslave or exterminate minorities and rob them of their resources. And once again American diplomats are aiding and abetting the carnage.

The Christians of Africa are to Islam what the Jews of Europe were to the Nazis. And Johnnie Carson and his ilk are eager to play Ambassador Joseph P. Kennedy whose Nazi sympathies overshadowed his duty to his country and his conscience. Their goal is to bring down the Goodluck administration or tie its hands enough so that it is forced to make compromises with the terrorists.

The Nigerian government thinks that there is a lobby at work aiding Boko Haram. What it does not understand is that it is only half-right. There is indeed a lobby, more than one, beginning with the Saudi lobby. But most of the appeasers do not need to be paid to do their work. Washington D.C. is full of grand buildings, but there is a rot deep in the heart of all that marble and stone. The edifices stand, but the soul is tainted.

It is that tainted soul which closes its eyes to the atrocities of Boko Haram and protects it from being designated a terrorist group. It is that rot which closes its conscience to the bodies of dead Christians, to those murdered at hands of Islamic genocidal terrorists, and instead mouths more platitudes about transparency and a comprehensive social services approach that will help tip Nigeria into the Islamic camp. 

Every act of Islamic terror from Boko Haram is another stain of Christian blood on Obama’s hands and the hands of his minions like Johnnie Carson. During the Holocaust, it was the diplomats who did their best to prevent the rescue of the Jews. Today the ghosts of Breckinridge Long and Joe Kennedy still walk the halls of the Harry S. Truman Building where the cover-ups continue and meaningless reassurances are doled out.

What Boko Haram intends for Nigeria is nothing short of genocide. The “cleansing” of Nigeria’s Christian population until it is as “pure” as the land of Boko Haram’s backers in Saudi Arabia. The lives of millions of Christians in Africa are on the line. Boko Haram has killed thousands of people and it will kill millions if the State Department gets its way and muscles the Goodluck government into an appeasement posture.

The question is how many more have to die. How much Christian blood has to be spilled until the right thing is done? Boko Haram has killed more people in one year than the Ulster Defence Force, which sits on the State Department terrorist list, has killed in decades of activity. Many of the groups on the list have no connection to the United States and no intention of ever attacking the United States. That hasn’t stopped the State Department from designating them as terrorist groups. And Boko Haram, which has Al-Qaeda links, has an open and shut case for being on that list.

There is no rational reason why Boko Haram should not be on that list. Being on that list will not force us to take any action in Nigeria, just as we aren’t bombing Ireland just because some Irish organizations are on that list. What it will do is make it more difficult for terrorist charities to operate in the United States. It will also make it more difficult for diplomats to pressure Nigeria into making concessions to Boko Haram and make it easier to share intelligence and provide other forms of support to the Nigerian government in its war on Islamic terror.

Muslim-PersecutionIn her Op-Ed, Herskovitz insisted that “Boko Haram is not the problem”. It is up to us to make it the problem, to prevent the Carsons and Herskovitzes from pushing the mass murder of Christians under the rug as if it were no more than a minor inconvenience in their dreams of Muslim power-sharing arrangements.

The shadows are falling over Africa. Cote D’ivorie has been lost to a Western backed Muslim coup. Kenya has been forced into making concessions to Sharia law. But Nigeria is the big prize, its oil and its sizable population makes it the grand prize in the battle for Africa. And if it is won, it will be over the dead bodies of millions of Christians.

Among all the other issues that occupy our time and attention, we must not forget Boko Haram, we must not forget the murdered Christians of Africa or the murdered Jews of Tolouse or the murdered Hindus of Karachi. Not only because that would be wrong, but because we are next. These are not isolated atrocities; they are drops in a tidal wave of death that is sweeping toward us. If we do not stand up for them, who will be left to stand up for us?

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