“You can always count on Americans to do the right thing—after they’ve tried everything else.” Sir Winston Churchill…    Sure, Sir Winston, but how long will they take…?  

By Eliana Benador

History is filled with cases of general discontent caused by rulers who have handled their peoples with increasing abuse, always reaching for further heights, innovating abuse, and so disregarding and disrespecting the essence of the human being.

For instance, the decline of the Roman Empire happened within a period of four hundred years.  

The Middle Ages, with the ascent of the feudal system with its feudal lords and kings, set in from the reign of William the Conqueror, in 1066, until the end of the War of Roses, also in England, in 1485.  

So, another period of four hundred years went by.

Later, History records the origins of the French Revolution and its new ideas of enlightenment, the easy distribution of the written word and the development of a middle class which previously lacked political power.

All that added to the large gap in wealth between rich and poor paired by an irresponsible aristocracy, were determining factors that influenced the legacy of the reign of Louis XIV.  

Then, Depression happened in 1789.  It was result of all the above mentioned elements plus a reality made of soaring food prices caused by scarce, unemployment and overpopulation in Paris.

The financial crisis, with the refusal of the privileged aristocracy to shoulder a share of the financial burden, contributed to the revolutionary stage that began in 1789 and went on until 1815.  

The collapse of the old order by the oppressed people made them see some light.  It was then that popular sentiment coined the motto of “Liberty, equality and fraternity” which was to become the preamble to the modern version of “Democracy.”  

In all, the social and political change in France was the result of centuries of popular discontent, the rise of the middle class in their own right, and the successive different leaderships that accelerated the evolution from monarchy towards the revolution against the established order.

Already then, such change could not have been possible without the will of the people to defend their rights from the enemy within and the enemy without.

And so, the revolution spread throughout France and at some point, it went beyond the control of the revolutionary leadership in Paris.

At the end, in an ironic turn of events, Napoleon Bonaparte crowned himself Emperor of France, when the revolution’s raison d’etre was to escape monarchy. Still, Bonaparte’s fate was to be the first and last emperor of France. 

in 1917, it was Russia’s turn for change.  After hundreds of years of  Imperial Russia, its Czars had outlived their ruling of excess and abuse that turned to be the cause of the people’s revolt.  

Bolshevism was one of the faces of applied Marxism.  Unhappy Russians renegaded their abusive rulers, the Czars, they fell in the web of a worse, ruthless and hungrier wolf.

Under the Czars of Imperial Russia, Russians were, armed.  Guns and firearms were not only legal but a tradition.  Swords and spears or pistols and shotguns were an intrinsic part of life.  

To be sure, at many points of its history, Russians saw their territory threatened by invaders -who soon enough would find out that it was easy to invade the country, but impossible to hold on to the land, given the intrinsic home-based army of patriots ready to defend Mother Russia.  

Everything was going to change with the marxist Bolshevik revolution led by Lenin and his Red Army.  On the night of July 16-17, 1918, the Bolsheviks, cold bloodedly, murdered the Imperial family and some of their entourage.  

The revolution took part of the Russian spirit, which vanished to leave room for the establishment of the Bolsheviks, the “majority”.  

Immediately after murdering the Romanovs, the Bolsheviks needed to disarm the Russian people, feat they accomplished by ordering the population to register AND their guns.  

The Bolsheviks took people by surprise and when they reported to register their firearms, they were killed on the spot by police and troops loyal to the new Communist regime.

With the Russian people disarmed, the new oppressors began a ruthless mass repression, mass arrests, mass deportations, mass murder, and mass starvation campaigns.  

And, just as it happened in Russia, the same scenario repeated itself later on in History, in Mao’s China and Hitler’s Nazi Germany and other places where tyranny was allowed to be established.  

Even though the Bolsheviks had promised not to disarm the people, that was precisely one of the first things they did when they accessed to power.

There is a saying which states that those who do not know History will fail to understand the past and are condemned to repeat it.  

America is a baby country, barely 237-years old, compared to geriatric Europe, a few thousand-years old in average.  

So, historically speaking, unlike the countries at the beginning of this article, Americans have no revolutionary history on how to overcome a tyrant and that’s why they have trouble assimilating the current situation and are failing to identify the huge red flag.

As Alexis de Tocqueville wrote, “The great advantage of the American, is that he has arrived at a state of democracy without having to endure a democratic revolution and that he is born free without having to become so.”

Indeed, for Americans, freedom is a matter of birthright that has not been conquered.  To their discharge, they have no sense of the role of catastrophe as a motor towards social change.

That’s why, the American public is remaining impassive even when they learn that 129 million Americans will be losing their health coverage, or that Obama is systematically purging the highest ranking generals in the military, or that the Obama Administration is banning prayer from officialdom and everywhere in the country.  

Americans are aware that their compatriots in Benghazi were murdered during a whole day torture and persecution and that the President and his Administration behaved as accomplices of that massacre and, yet, Americans fail to go on the streets to show their outrage.  

They know about Seal Team Six 23 members being ambushed and that could only have been because the Administration with the President’s knowledge, gave away their whereabouts to the terrorists of the Taliban.

Americans have accepted with no complaints either to see their military fight along side terrorists, on orders of their “Commander-in-Chief.”

Americans are feeling compelled to move  out of states with high per capita incomes — Connecticut, New York, Massachusetts, Maryland — to states with lower income levels, the only thing to do, when a third of the population cannot work because of lack of jobs.  No complaint either.  

Obama has pulled the rug from under the feet of American workers.

Knowing that the economic crisis was going to hit hard American workers, he stimulated outsourcing and companies took their jobs elsewhere.

A factor usually overseen is the increasing steep Muslim demographic, that quietly continues to grow.  Equally, at one point, his immigration bill will end up dumping at least 30 million mercenary immigrants in the job market, who will be competing with born and bred Americans for jobs.  

America needs jobs for the American jobless and unemployed, or job seekers or any other category that Obama and his people fancy to invent with that purpose.  

And, America needs babies, not the easy Obama-promoted-abortions unless it is a health issue.  

Still no reaction from Americans.


From the historic examples given above, one can conclude that it belongs to the people to proceed and unite for change.  

But, for as long as the people will not have a social conscience that will heal them from their previous anaesthetic, soporific state -rampant abuse will increasingly happen.

When Obama, without much fanfare signed a U.N. small arms treaty , he got a “legal way around the 2nd Amendment.”  And that should be another red light for Americans -who suffer acute daltonism.

In other words, there is so much going against the fate of America indicating that we may well be at the beginning of four hundred years oppression and humiliation for the next generations to come.  

In order to stop the demolition, one would have to love one’s children more than oneself, and commit to sacrifice for them and for their children and their children’s children.

Congress has abandoned the people.  The military is trapped.  Educators are on the side of the enemy.  

Veterans are on the side of the country, the bikers are and so are the truckers.  But they cannot do it alone.  

Democrats and Republicans, blacks and whites of all backgrounds, must unite, because when tragedy will strike, neither color nor party will be a life insurance.

A hundred million march made out of American patriots can save America.  

Otherwise, this will be the end of the American Dream.

God bless America

Copyright ©Eliana Benador

Eliana Benador1Eliana Benador is a global strategist, a political operative and a human rights activist. She has been the founder of Benador Associates. She has represented dissidents abroad from Iraq, Iran, the Copts and others. Her blog is Eliana’s Choice. You may follow her on Twitter, join her fan page on Facebook and you may find her also on LinkedIn.