By Eliana Benador

Historically speaking, Americans “landed” into democracy without passing through the different stages that other countries had to as part of their growth development.  The American Independence was not a war against slavery or against an oppressive feudal system, it was against a foreign king collecting taxes -for no tangible reason- while they were intrinsically free in their own land.  

In the book The Liberal Tradition in America, Harvard Professor Louis Hartz, renowned American political scientist, emphasizes why the absence of feudalism is a basic determining factor of the liberalism in American politics.

Missing that important stage, Americans have taken for granted freedom and liberalism and never got an idea of what social catastrophe is or how it is an indispensable element leading a society towards social change.   

In essence, “if” any when any change has happened in America, so far it has only been a gradual one.  

Consequently, the typical American is a gradualist in the sense that they believe there are almost no problems that cannot be overcome by reason and debate.  In political science, the concept of gradualism is used to describe the belief that change ought to be brought about in small, discrete increments rather than in abrupt strokes such as revolutions and uprisings.

American history has proven, time and again, that in the aftermath of every American war, there has always been a “revisionist” movement trying to identify why that war was totally unnecessary.  

With such a historical path, it is no surprise that American liberalism is an unprincipled one, and is a phenomenon that makes leaders happily dance from one end of the arena to the other, always with a liberal bias in their innermost self.  

And, as such the RINO phenomenon rises insistently to the surface.  Curiously, the tide does not go, and has never gone, in the other direction, which proves the essence of this presentation.  

Symptomatically, American social networks are currently plagued with endless comments on the Obama situation, whether it is Obamacare, NSA, IRS, abortion, immigration, defense and his attack on the military, Muslim implants throughout the Administration and the country, the surrender to globalism via the United Nations and their arm, NATO.  

No matter how big the tragedy hitting the lives of some American military, diplomats, or regular citizens, their compatriots do not find it in their heart to show loyalty or solidarity -the numbness of liberalism has made them insensitive to their own people’s pain and suffering.

American liberals have no allegiance to God, to country or to family.  As such they have become an easy prey to globalist movements that precisely go against those values.  

When one has never fought for one’s religious beliefs, how can one understand or stand by God?

Even America’s geographical situation, with the magnitude of a continent, has not had borders issues where Americans could have had the opportunity to defend their soil from neighbors attacking them.  There again, no chance to instill in generations the seeds of patriotism, when the largest borders are two huge oceans, Canada being a civilized neighbor at the north and Mexico, at the south, being a blessing and a nuisance at the same time.  

Without the belief in God and the patriotic allegiance to one’s country, there are few chances to develop strong family values -which have been under attack for over a century.

The unavoidable result is that such lack of total allegiance to one’s sources is conducive to easily be drawn by the total disregard of the country of origin.  

In those lines, it is not surprising that when liberals speak of “human rights,” they refer to human rights of anyone else, but that of their own compatriots.  

When they speak of Justice and take all measures for “justice” to be done, disappointingly, it will not be for their own people’s benefit, but for immigrants or peoples in far away lands.  Their “justice” for the enemies is nothing but “injustice” for their own, and such examples abound.  

One of the liberals greatest ambitions, is their misplaced and misleading quest for “equality”.  It is time to accept our differences, as inequality is our common denominator. Attempting to change what is unchangeable, such as try to turn inequality into equality, is bound to fail. No law can dictate equality. So, it is better we rationally and reasonably, accept inequality and learn to treat it with dignity and respect. What mankind needs is equal opportunity to have accessible education for all, jobs for all. Inequality is not an illness. Treated with solidarity and compassion, but above all with dignity, differences could raise human beings to higher levels.

In their twisted mentalities, liberals choose not to see abortion as an attack against a human life, but just the killing of a cell.  Yet, they select to ignore that each of them began with a cell who was lucky enough not to cross the path of any of their intellectual forefathers.  

In this kind of pseudo-intello-political environment, globalism found a fertile ground to see its birth and successive evolution.  

And, so, liberals worldwide have united in bringing down barriers of countries with the goal of creating one country in one world -or at least try to, because the Chinese and Russians seem unlikely customers for such a deviant postulate.

All things considered, there is a group that can very well benefit of these useful idiots.  Members of that group are themselves seeking world domination.  

Sure enough, the useful idiots are serving their new masters -forgetting that at one point, all the homosexuals and deviances they are legitimizing may end up being at the mercy of ruthless greater masters, i.e., the followers of sharia law.  

The liberal masses should do well to read these lines in a discerning manner, as their leaders are slowly betraying the promises that they never intended to keep anyway.

In America and the world all over, liberal masses will soon be in for a rude awakening, when they will see that their “chosen” do not care about their interests.  

When there will be no jobs, or lines for food will be so long in times of scarcity, destitute liberals will find they are no longer alone in the competition for survival.  

What’s worse, they will find they may have been accomplices in opening the doors of their countries to masses of mercenary immigrants who will grab the food that should have belonged in their children’s mouths.  

Giving billions of dollars for globalist causes is as if though countries are taking the food, jobs, housing, health care from their own needy populations and giving it, purposefully, to others, especially your own enemies.

Throughout the world, the red line is crossed when the liberal movement proposes global solutions in the name of Democracy, borderless and shapeless, which can result in a wrong, self-defeating turn.  

Liberals ‘humanism’ is a tragic lie.  

In reality they lie to promote anarchy and better control the world.

Copyright ©Eliana Benador

Eliana Benador1Eliana Benador is a global strategist, a political operative and a human rights activist. She has been the founder of Benador Associates. She has represented dissidents abroad from Iraq, Iran, the Copts and others. Her blog is Eliana’s Choice. You may follow her on Twitter, join her fan page on Facebook and you may find her also on LinkedIn.