by Eliana Benador

“We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.” 

The Constitution of the United States of America, 1776

Imagine a precocious newborn baby, who becomes an adult at age five.  Our reaction would be of astonishment.  And, after a while, when that precocious adult enters real life, works, has a family, etc. one can observe that some unusual events are happening or not happening -and some of us start wondering what’s going on.

In the beginningGod_Bless_America_-576

The age of the Earth has been calculated at around four billion years. By comparison, today, our beloved country, America, is celebrating its 236 years of existence. One billion years are 1,000 million years.  And, civilizations began appearing after the year 3,500 before the common era.

To mention only a few countries, France is approximately 1,400 years old.  Germany was originally founded on January 18, 1871, but the cold war split Germany into two countries, and Germany reunited again, on October 3, 1990. On the other hand, medieval Russia was founded in the year 800 or 860 according to other sources.  In 1721, Peter the Great converted Russia into an empire and he anointed himself as emperor. It was only after 1991, that the Russian Federation appeared.

Numbers speak for themselves.  This is how old those countries are: France, 1,400, Russia,1,212, and  Germany,1871.   And our America today turns only 236 years old.

America: What is missing?

Existence since our independence back in 1776 has marked us with “… and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity…”

After all, who were those who did all they could to achieve independence?  They were British subjects whose intention was to win autonomy and thus avoid needlessly paying taxes to a far away monarch. Theirs was not a revolutionary movement. 

According to Alexis de Tocqueville: “The great advantage of the American, is that he has arrived at a state of democracy without having to endure a democratic revolution and that he is born free without having to become so.”

Indeed, such was the mentality inherited from the war of independence, from which we received “freedom” as an inalienable right, and instead of a conqueror attitude, our feisty spirit was undermined as we got used to the fact that freedom was a birthright.

Skipping feudalism and revolution

History teaches us the geo-political transformations of societies. In the premature development of America, we can recognize that by skipping the regular social evolution, we ended up adopting liberalism as part of our birthright.

The one experience America skipped was the feudal system, with its authoritarian and structured approach. “Feudalism is the legal and social system that evolved in Europe in the 8th and 9th centuries, in which vassals were protected and maintained by their lords, usually through the granting of fiefs, and in exchange, they were required to serve under them in war.”

The feudal structure consisted not only of the warrior aristocracy bound by vassalage, but included also the peasantry bound by allegiance to the Lord of the Manor, and the estates of the Church, making the entire society bound by feudalism.

Bypassing the feudal system weakened Americans resilience, and did not inject in the spirit of Americans the appropriate reaction, including the passion for one’s country to the point to be ready to make a revolution, if and when need be.

Responsible Democracy

The flaws of Democracy are beginning to weigh heavier than the advantages.

One of the main objections should be the boundless license to free speech -practiced in an irresponsible way when one puts at stake the lives of many innocent people.

Responsible Democracy, which means that instead of allowing “Democracy” to set the rules, we the people must set them.

As such, Freedom of Speech would be acceptable provided that at no time lives would be in danger. That would be the red light.

Some will argue that Freedom of Speech must be “free” regardless of the repercussions.

Well, no.  There is nothing that’s totally free in life.  So, Freedom of Speech simply must have limitations. Needlessly endangering lives is the red light to stop.

Liberalism in America

The fight for human rights throughout the world has been one of those liberal causes advocated by America.

Throughout American history we can see how liberalism has encroached in our society, bringing down its bricks, one by one.

And, especially now, that Americans have put at the helm the Obama Administration, who have not lost a beat and have open the gates to licentiousness, i.e., the abolition of “Don’t ask don’t tell” in the military, the decisive advance of gay marriage, promotion and encouragement of abortion, and so much more, are definitely the signs that the progressive agenda is advancing.

The blurred line where Conservatism joins Liberalism

The perfect example that conservative Americans are mostly one entity with the liberals is the case of the conservative Judge Roberts, who voted in support of Obamacare, supporting the most anti-American president in our entire history. Roberts overstepped his allegiance and betrayed the people who chose him as a strong conservative voice in the Supreme Court.

In comes McCain, flip flopping to accommodate the liberals’ agenda.

Last but not least, Speaker Boehner, who said he did not want to ‘antagonize politically speaking”’. So, we can ask why on earth is he there where he is.


It is, therefore, with incredulity that we must acknowledge that the more a politician is a conservative, soon enough he/she will cross the lines.

Liberals and conservatives are misleading the American people. The time for talking is coming to an end. Obama and his Administration are even using and twisting the Constitution to serve their evil projects.

The American people have forgotten that when everyone fails America -from the president, to the Supreme Court, Department of Defense, Homeland Security, to the democratic and conservative representatives- there is only one group in charge of saving Country and Constitution:  We The People.

Truthfully, we are at a crossroads.

Obama and his associates have only one priority: bring down America.  And they are doing it.  We, the American people, must make sure that theirs is only a one-term affair.

And, for that, we must vote Romney in.

That said, at this point, it is imperative that We The People start going on the streets -the time for talking at home and the internet is over.  Now, we need to gather.  And we must allow that absolutely all our politicians AND candidates alike, feel the weight of the American people, silently letting them know that enough is enough.

Their priority number one to ten, for all politicians, beginning by the president, must be to defend the Country and the Constitution.

And, if they don’t get it, we will continue standing up, marching to let them know that America has someone who is looking after her.  When politicians will see fifty million Americans or more, on the streets, only then they will understand and only then we will be on our way to recovery.

True American conservatives have only one choice: Wake up and get ready to defend America, with a revolution if need be. 

This should be our Patriotic determination on this day as we celebrate our beloved country, America’s Independence Day.

May God give the American Patriots wisdom, strength, resilience and determination to defend our country.

God bless America!

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