by Eliana Benador
At a time that demands total focus and a general appeal to the human survival reflex, we find Americans and the rest of what’s been so far called Western “civilization” at large giving in to their laziness by listening to the newest little devil wrapped under the innocent shape of the “internet”, whispering into their ears…  “… don’t worry, relax, everything is just fine, with time everything will be perfect and go back to normal…  just don’t worry, now let’s just concentrate on social networking…”

Kurzweil’s Predictions

There was an American inventor, futurist and author, Raymond Kurzweil, who in 1990 published his first book, “The Age of Intelligent Machines,” where he presented his theories on the results of the increasing use of technology and he even predicted the explosive growth of the internet, among other predictions he gave.    Kurzweil became well known for predicting the future of artificial intelligence and human beings.  Here you have a reliable book review from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, The MIT Press.

Internet and World Wide Web

There is an intrinsic technical and structural difference between them. Internet is a massive infrastructure compounded of network of networks, connecting millions of computers at a global level [a “network” is a group of two or more computer systems linked together, LAN for local area networks, WAN for wide-area networks, and so on .]  This incredible innovative system that breaks all physical barriers and yet establishes a “virtual” connection with anyone in the world -provided, that is, that both your computers are part of the same network…  and so, millions and millions of computers can communicate with each other in what’s called “cyberspace”, the world beyond any imagination -until the world wide web was finally perfected and invented in the nineties.

The World Wide Web, more known as “the web,” is only a way of accessing information and sharing it, that has been built via the internet.  The web uses “browsers” which is a category that comprises “Internet Explorer” or “Firefox” to access web documents named “web pages” and which are linked to each other via “hyperlinks”.  As such, web documents also contain and give access to graphics, sounds, text and video.   Although the world wide web is commonly used interchangeably with the internet -in reality, just as email, the web is a service that uses the internet.

Internet Blessings

Just as bookworms who can recite by heart stories from books they have ingested from libraries bookshelves, modern days internet-worms on the other side, have infinite access to countless sources of information that at first glance, seem like a blessing all around.

Sources of information via the internet per se are pretty innocuous.  The situation, however, changes with another internet category.  And that is social networking.

Then, a case of society split-personality takes place and we find for instance, the American patriot, conscious and revolted about the situation in which the country is.  But, what does our hero do?

Let’s say for clarity, that human behavior under normal circumstances view “a problematic situation” as an excellent opportunity to do what mankind is supposed to be the best at, which is to find a solution to the problem.

However, the American patriot, instead of getting organized and prepare his next moves with like-minded comrades, is found at his computer, frantically tweeting or posting information on the countless Facebook pages.   And, as furious as he is, and as revolted as he feels, stirred by the unfair situation of his country, our contemporary hero will spend hours either tweeting or posting on the ad hoc hundreds if not thousands of Facebook pages to share his [or her] protest to his/her heart content against the perceived injustices -in a make-believe effort to be victorious over an enemy that is as far from cyberspace as can possibly be.

For instance, on Facebook alone and to the knowledge of this author, there are hundreds and hundreds of pages just for about every single cause.  And, naturally, some pages are pro- and some are con- depending on where the initiator of the page stands.

And, disingenuously, people try to address their adversaries: “No, Mr. Obama, try again…”   As if Mr. Obama would give a hoot about any of the millions who dare address him from cyberspace…..

Internet Sopor

For a seasoned media observer, the soporific state that whole populations are brought in by means of internet activity, are similar to the state of hypnosis.

What is hypnosis?  It is a state of trance that’s characterized by extreme suggestibility, relaxation and heightened imagination.  Sounds familiar?
Suggestibility is made by the impression caused by the internet that you are a participant of a real situation…  via cyberspace though.   Relaxation is caused by the fact that you are in the comfort of your own home, no need to go out to be in touch with …  cyber-reality.  And, heightened imagination thanks to the fact that by using the internet as a means to communicate with many in question of seconds, it gives you a neat feeling of being actively participating to bring about the solution for the problem.

But, the crude reality is that it is not real life.

Cyberspace, video games

When video games appeared over a decade ago, parents became concerned because when they gave those video games to their children, it was obvious that the latter became absorbed by the games, and parents were almost unable to pull them from this magnetic attraction exerted by those invisible magical tyrants.

In the same way, the internet has a similar effect among us, the adult population.  And, the magical invisible and hypnotical tyranny is the same as the one we could observe in our children.  The only problem is that we no longer can count on parents to tell us we are too much *into it*.

Internet, Destruction, Reality

If something stops people from activating their survival mode when in danger, then it is time to review that human behavior because mankind’s first and foremost reflex in danger of death, should be to activate their Survival Kit.

The internet while an amazing sign of progress and advancement in communications, is also becoming detrimental to our natural survival instincts.  And, it is only by realizing this that we can go back to grab reality with our naked hands, and stop the internet from taking over our lives and lead us, by inaction, towards destruction and death -especially when we think that our responsibility is not only toward ourselves but also, and maybe most importantly, towards the many generations to come, those whose fate is also our responsibility.

Reality Check

Obama-AlQaedaFlagWhether you agree or disagree, this is the place to come to monitor the destruction and let your views be known.  But, that’s all, because as you and I know, we do not accomplish anything in it.  And that’s how we have allowed the internet to cause, indirectly, death and destruction.  And by doing so, we can be certain of approaching an apocalyptic end…  unless we wake up before the nightmare becomes true.

Below a few examples for reality check:

  1. The New Black Panther Party is not related to the Black Panther Party.  Right.  And they can set a reward ($10,000) for the presumed killer of a black teenager killed last month.  This is only the beginning, it will deteriorate. 

  2. Such a coincidence that, opportunistically as ever, Hussein Obama came out saying that Trayvon Martin “could have been his son…”  This, is a great electoral move, comes in handy for Mr. Hussein Obama’s bid for his re-election.  It’s always useful to turn as much as possible into a black and white choreography.

  3. China watchers got a mixed view this weekend of the country’s all-important manufacturing sector, we must add, thanks to the favorable American foreign policy and countless outsourcing possibilities and facilities provided by the Obama Administration, despite an incredible and ever increasing amount of unemployed Americans.

  4. A recent report, informs it is highly unlikely the United States would need to resume testing many weapons even though they are decades old, because the weapons can be refurbished with a high degree of confidence that they will still work.  This all fits in Obama’s anti-American agenda, because they say that even if other nations conduct tests and develop nuclear weapons capabilities, there is no reason for the United States to resume testing.  Just as he stopped part of NASA’s operations.

  5. Once again, the Obama Administration stabbed our most reliable ally, Israel, in the back, when they leaked classified intelligence that Israel had “gained access to airbases in Azerbaijan,” which shares Iran’s northern border.  Once again.

  6. Last December 2011, Hussein Obama spoke of his intention to implement his economic policies with or without the approval of Congress. He said that  “…where Congress is not willing to act, we’re going to go ahead and do it ourselves.”

  7. Ten days ago, Obama bypassed Congress and gave $1.5 billion to the Muslim Brotherhood.

The list is endless…

Thanks, Internet, but no thanks!

The time has come to use the internet and stop being manipulated by the government via the internet and the web.

If Americans remember well, once, thanks to Senator Lieberman’s “kill switch,” the government had the intention to control the internet.  They have not done it yet.  And the most likely the reason is that it’s much better to have the internet and the media working -than switch them off.   After all, they can manipulate it better and allow you to see and read first and foremost what they want.

What Americans Should Do

Many Americans are not only sitting in front of the internet, they are also sitting back, hoping the November elections will bring the solution they long for.

However, Americans should be wary of the path to elections, which may prove to be quite uncertain, to say it mildly.

As a brutal reminder, we must keep in mind the Obama “microphone glitch…”  as well as the complicity shared between him and the Russian Medvedev -and the familiarity and same wavelength reflected in the body language.

What should be most striking to the American public, is the communion of goals that they seem to share, which is the worst part.  They looked as if they are conspiring together for a “higher” goal.

Americans should do well to keep in mind that exploitation rights for two uranium mines in Wyoming were granted to the Russian company, “Uranium One”, approved by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission -and the Obama Administration no doubt.

And, to crown, though incompletely because the list is truly endless, the Council on American Islamic Relations has succeeded to have cancelled an event hosting Robert Spencer, who was going to speak about the fact that Mohammed may not have even existed.   The law firm, Kramer, Levin, Naftalis, gave in to CAIR pressure.  The public would do well to consider looking for other lawyers who have spine and defend American interests above their own.

Americans should not allow to be absorbed by the internet -but rather to use it for our purposes.  Second: Get organized just as you would have done it if your weatherman had forecast a natural catastrophe.

But above all, it is important to reflect on how would we have reacted to a similar situation, without the internet in our lives -in the face of calamity.  The story would have been totally different.

Americans were not born to be slaves.  Americans were born to believe in God, to believe in liberty and responsibility and in all the values we inherited from the Founding Fathers.

This is not a question of choice, it is our survival that’s at stake.

G-d bless America

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