­Last month Right Side News began their annual reader survey. Last year’s survey gave the publisher, Jeff Baird, valued input from the subscribers to this four-year-old publication of conservative news and commentary. If you have not taken the survey, please take this final opportunity to do so.

Right Side News delivers in-depth analysis and research that reaches beyond the sound bite, or the collection of politically motivated “buzz words,” that passes for today’s news. 96% of readers indicate they find this analysis useful; and 73% indicate they would like even more in-depth analysis; while one respondent said, “[Right Side News] presents just the right amount of articles…all excellent.” The desire for facts, not just opinion, makes sense as the majority of Right Side readers hold a college degree, with 27% holding graduate degrees.

dartboardRespondents overwhelmingly indicate a strong desire for News about the United States and the World. They also expressed a desire for Editorials and Opinion, along with Life and Science News, where the majority said these were either important or most important to them.

In their comments, readers indicate that their affinity for Right Side News is the confidence they will be told the truth, summed up by a reader as “Information I cannot get from lamestream media.” In fact, getting the truth was the number one thing that readers said they liked about Right Side News, perhaps summed up best by the comment, “I feel I get the truth and a good variety of opinion from intellectually honest writers. I share articles often with friends.”

Being a political year, over 80% of respondents said they would like more political coverage; but this should come as no surprise as over 93% of the people who read Right Side News vote. Politically, two thirds of the readership are Republicans, one third Independents (leaning Republican), 1.2% Democrats, and the rest, “Something Else.” The number of Republicans and Independents helps to account for the large number of college graduates, as the number of conservative graduates in the country, is much greater than Democratic (liberal) graduates (Fried, pp. 74–77).

Of the issues that readers indicated were important to them, the most important was Mohammedanism, followed by socialism, illegal aliens, the left’s attack on Christianity, Agenda 21, Obama, the UN, and many other issues that are important to today’s Christian Conservative.

When asked about how to improve Right Side News, many respondents gave the best complement possible, by saying they like it just as it is; while the majority indicated they would like to see a news summary, and would like to see more Christian articles.

Right Side News has emerged as part of the new digital media, which bypasses the monolithic “Dinosaur” media, such as Viacom, CBS, General Electric (NBC), Walt Disney (ABC), News Corp (FOX), and Time Warner. Like Breitbart, The American Thinker, The Blaze, the Daily Caller, and other electronic media, Right Side News can provide information and commentary that is interesting to its audience, without answering to a political master. By providing feedback, you, the reader, help to make Right Side News relevant.

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