You can fool some of the people…

RightMove is kicking off an election year advertising blitz to convince voters that the man that they elected in 2008 is not the same man that has been running this country into the ground over the last 3 years. As one of RightMoves’ slogans suggest, “Obama will say anything to get re-elected!”

Obama_Billboard-Got_Fooledv1Their opening salvo is a series of banners that have sprung up all over the State of Virginia depicts a picture of President Obama with a milk mustache and a caption that reads “GOT FOOLED?”

With help from the Central Virginia Tea Party, RightMove has started an innovative grass roots movement, anchored by their web site that will erect thousands of billboards around the country prior to Election Day with succinct messages illustrating the failures of the Obama Administration’s policies regarding the economy, national defense and unemployment.

Sandston-441x288David Moss, a recent graduate of Virginia Tech, heads the organization says, “Most of my friends from VT and other peers that I have spoken to over the past several months, echo the talking points of the Democratic Party and do not have enough information to be able to to consider alternatives, [read republican] viewpoints.

We chose the medium of billboards and signage, because it gives this tough to reach age group a chance to view these messages over and over again.

If we can put some doubt into their decision making process, I feel confident that they will explore other perspectives and may vote differently this election. We can only hope.”

Route_29-445x284The web site has identified specific billboard locations along major highways in each of the 50 states and donations will be used to purchase these very select venues.

Their goal is to secure these prime locations first and become a prominent force in the 2012 election.

To help publicize the significance of this election and the need for his peers to fully and intelligently consider both sides of the issues, David Moss is planning a series of formal debates through Election Day with Young Democratic Clubs from many of the top schools around the country.

Route_28-442x282He will be challenging their ‘best and brightest” to contrast this administrations existing policies with the conservative viewpoint. The debated will be presented in a YouTube style format and will air unedited with an audience able to “vote” on the winning arguments.

Details will follow at