Gov. Greitens (Mo-R) uses social media like a “Modern Day” Gubernatorial superstar.

The modern day politician and all future politicians will be social media experts. Soon Social Media might even be outdated, but for now? It’s bold, authentic, and uncharted.

Everything else runs the risk of being “100% false, actual fake news” just as Eric says here:



Trump’s tweet triggered numerous fake news stories to be published to explain why he is out of line and incorrect according to their expertise. (You know… the ones where they write 3,000+ worded essays on a tweet but fail to embed or link to it anywhere in the actual article)

The fact remains, and at this point it should seem glaringly obvious… technological advancements actually remove communication barriers and provides direct interaction with their voters. All of this at no charge!

This presents problems for those who relied on barriers for fiscal or political influence.  It actually reduces the ability a foreign government would have to manipulate voters or “meddle” in in our domestic affairs or political process.

Hard to imagine trying to, not only win an election, but govern without these modern day tools.

Social Media will indeed be a very useful tool as we Make America Great Again.

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Like Trump, Eric is an outsider. Outsiders approach things differently, offer fresh new ideas, and Make It Great Again!

The double edged sword that this tool offers, is how quickly the dishonest ones reveal themselves. Claire McCaskill’s Russian Dossier is a prime example of what happens when lies run so far and wide that they actually collide. In which case, the fake news then becomes the real news and it is at that point where you can be certain that you are on the Right Side News.