In my opinion, based on the porn connection of Guccifer 2.0 first followers, based on his amateur come-ons to Robbin Young, based on his youth-like persona, based on his having to utilize Americans to help him understand the data (Aaron Nevins), and based on the reporting of the show Cyberwar that claims to have gone to Russia and found the Guccifer 2.0 hackers, and that they are a hacker group with ties to the Kremlin (but operate at arms length from them), that apparently there is a forum online where the Russian government posts jobs (without letting on they are the government) and allows hacker groups to bid on these jobs. This is how I can explain the porn connection, the amateurish-youth-like convos with everybody, and all the other silliness we have been uncovering. Someone who is directly working for the government would have been way more skilled in all of this, in my opinion.
Also interestingly, it has been claimed that the phishing emails to individuals have been linked to a hacking group, some Bear group. Is there a connection between this phishing group and the porn twitter connection? If so, this would damage the hypothesis that the hacking group was completely independent of the G2 operation.
The fact that G2 so easily released the credit card info of people again supports my theory that he was part of an amateur hacker group. Perhaps such a group makes money off of porn, steal people’s credit cards from those that pay for the websites. No wonder the porn bot account are so eager for people to register on the porn websites, they want the credit cards! Definitely not something a kremlin official group would do, they basically risked getting removed from twitter for such a stunt, it’s an obvious no-no and any serious adult would have known not to do that. It points to an amateurish group or person.
Also, if Guccifer 2.0 sent Wikileaks the data breaches, as the released Wikileaks twitter messages reveal, does that mean DC Leaks was also a recipient of the hacked data? Or did DC Leaks send it to Guccifer 2.0? Of course we know it’s not as simple as the hacked data came from various times.
We have reported on how Robbin Young had her chats authenticated by a third party, a UK publication, Daily Mail I believe.