Some years back I got this book, The Cancer Cure that Worked: 50 Years of Suppression by Barry Lynes (

So as you can see from the title the book asserts a suppression of its contents, the story of Doctor Royal Raymond Rife (which the book being on Amazon entirely undermines the suppression assertion). Additionally, the book documents Dr. Rife’s claims that he cured cancer. This is where the book derives the suppression point since Rife had done his work in the 1920’s and, according to Rife, he had a 100% cure rate over 3 months of a group of 30 people in the 1920’s. This is the large epicenter of the controversy surrounding Dr. Rife and his work. The book can tell the rest of the story, but I wanted to do my best to summarize this aspect of the book as I wish the bias against Dr. Rife weren’t present today as it appears his technology could be saving the world, even though it may already be saving lives right now (in some places it may be but none can actually say “it is” saving lives for legal reasons).

You see Rife invented a system of “painting” of “dying” micro organisms, from bacteria to viruses using light via the resonant frequency of the chemistry, the chemical makeup, of the organism. Rife was well known for making microscopes (, and way ahead of his time when you consider he was carrying on observation of micro organisms alive. The importance of this is that the rest of science used a chemical dye that killed the organisms. Dr. Rife’s method used knowledge of the chemistry of an organism to isolate it using light so that it could be seen alone as it went about its business in its environment, observing the organism in its natural state and interaction.

As you can see the method was controversial too, but later technology used by NASA to determine the chemistry of a star or planet, called Spectroscopy, as explained below by Britannica I’d have thought would renew interest in Rife’s work:

“Spectroscopy, study of the absorption and emission of light and other radiation by matter, as related to the dependence of these processes on the wavelength of the radiation….” —

What’s even more compelling to me in thinking that finally Rife’s work will be taken seriously:

“….More recently, the definition has been expanded to include the study of the interactions between particles such as electrons, protons, and ions, as well as their interaction with other particles as a function of their collision energy. Spectroscopic analysis has been crucial in the development of the most fundamental theories in physics, including quantum mechanics, the special and general theories of relativity, and quantum electrodynamics. Spectroscopy, as applied to high-energy collisions, has been a key tool in developing scientific understanding not only of the electromagnetic force but also of the strong and weak nuclear forces.” — Emphasis mine, Ibid.

So around 100 years after Rife’s work the scientific community is finally catching up, but not to his full work, just the basis of how he made his livelihood, which is making microscopes that used Spectroscopy to dye the micro organisms so that they could be observed in actual activity, alive.

Rife wasn’t observing, as the rest of science has for most of that 100 years, still shots of micro organisms as they’re killed by a chemical dye, or dead as things are for electron microscopes, so that a group of theoreticians can, like art critics, write papers on what they say the organisms are doing, discuss amongst each other, and the one most agree with wins a prize.

No what Rife was doing was different, and the Microscopic community would have nothing to do with it because Rife wasn’t “following scientific policy.” Rife was writing the policy, as this Britannica paragraph makes clear, for 100 years in the future back in the 1920s!

So why is this all important? Because Rife’s cure for cancer was based on cancer being a virus. What is Covid-19? A virus. What would keep us from using Rife’s work in an effort to stop Covid-19? Answer: The controversies over Rife’s work that led him to be treated an outcast, as though the conclusions of doctors in the past when spectroscopy wasn’t even slightly known to the microscopic community, nor any idea of how it could relate to microscopy, should continue to rule the interpretations and conclusions of a Doctor who may have the cure for what ails the people of the Earth right now.

Rife’s treatment used chemical resonance, similar to magnetic resonance imaging, with exception that Rife would blast a frequency into someones body for 3 seconds, and that would kill the virus within them. See the overarching truth to Rife’s technology is Rife’s solution was to kill the virus in the entire body. It doesn’t matter if you believe cancer is a virus or not, and science shouldn’t, for a second, let that be a roadblock to looking at what Dr. Rife had proven regarding viruses, their chemistry, and how to vibrate that chemistry with a broadcast frequency to the point of imploding the virus.

The following is where you will likely conclude I have completely lost my mind

So in relation to Covid-19, let’s say the scientific community that ignored Rife (and Tesla) were to suddenly not just embrace the Plasma Theory of the Cosmos as it has recently but also were to embrace Dr. Rife’s idea of using a broadcast frequency to kill a virus in the body. Ahh well then we’d just schedule an appointment with the Doctor and… Wait, no, we don’t need to do that!

You see at last count I know of, there’s some 9000+ satellites in space. A number of those have the capacity to broadcast the chemical frequency of a virus ANY VIRUS. Once they know, through using the light dying process on micro organisms what the resonant chemical frequency is of a virus, or any other micro organism including bacteria, these satellites can flash the frequency across the face of the Earth for 3 seconds, and do that every 3 days (according to Rife’s own protocols) for about 30 days to give the Earth’s entire population a virus killing frequency bath of 10 treatments (today there may be a way to schedule the treatments so we don’t have to do a mass bathing, and no one should be getting more than a treatment every 3 days according to Rife’s records) in an effort to catch every single person, including those in homes that may still have a coat of lead paint at the bottom, when those people are not in that shelter. This means the flu, and virtually any virus is eradicatable through radio frequency.

And if the satellites aren’t enough, “Alexa broadcast frequency ###.### for 3 seconds at this address every 3 days for the next 30 days” via cell phone, digital assistant, what have you. We have the technology today to make Rife’s cure work throughout the globe!

Now, that doesn’t mean we should do this right away generally (currently with Covid-19 it should have been done before the 1st person died), and saying that doesn’t mean I want anyone to die, I don’t. Our bodies need to receive the virus to build immune systems for it, it strengthens us as a whole. We should allow it to become a part of our systems, at least in some areas and then harvest the plasma for other efforts at vaccines and such for the rest of the population, and before anyone dies, we do this Rife bath of the entire race of mankind.

Please understand I wrote this knowing the controversy, and also knowing that my past experience with Non Destructive Testing of inanimate objects, like the Space Shuttle “O-Ring” using ultrasonics is something I can’t ignore ( So while I know, as I told a friend before I wrote this, that this whole thing has Star Trek written everywhere, I submit to you we have been way ahead of our time more often than we realize, and the only thing holding us back is the politics, bias, academic ego & grant politics, and — since “crony capitalism” is a strawman for the truth — Communist Bureaucratic Control! Bureaucracy has been the bane of achievement of what’s possible. I get it when lives are on the line. I don’t when it’s merely claiming that not meeting some group of criteria devised by theoreticians whose entire model is opposite of what you’re putting forth as that is merely asserting, imposing, and promoting stagnation. Stagnation is the death of any species.

If I am wrong, so what? What did this cost us? What did we lose to broadcast a frequency by schedule previously stated while the rest of the scientific community goes about what it’s doing too? I am not suggesting dropping anything going on currently, merely noting that should we want to truly carry out an “all hands on deck” approach, then this possible cure, or at least means to kill and control this virus, shouldn’t be ignored.

And should someone far more talented, capable, and yet willing to consider this possibility as worth trying decide to look at this and see how it could be modified to better serve what’s possible to cure and eradicate this virus, be my guest.

The goal is to end the loss of life and suffering, of those who succumb, to those who survive them, a cycle that cannot become “the new normal.” Defy it. That’s what I am doing because we were given life to live, not to die for sake of “hope springs eternal.”

I’ll leave you with a video of Rupert Sheldrake, who I view as one of the now many modern day Rife types in how efforts have been made to silence him for questioning the status quo and assumptions they use that impose a static and never changing existence that is anything but:

I thank you for reading and sharing this, may you be well during this time and may God Bless you and your family, may Christ’s love abound amongst everyone throughout America,

Toddy Littman