Come on lawyers start working for the parents of kids, especially lawyers that are parents of children themselves and do not want their children learning Critical Race Theory.

By what School Boards are proposing against parents it is clear School Boards are treating students as chattel property. This appears to be because the laws governing truancy are in a School Board’s favor. The School Board’s assertion also is equivalent to a reverse Stockholm Syndrome affection for the victim of a kidnapping by the kidnapper, a form of terrorism.

Funny how literally in the most genuine use of the term “kidnapping” it applies here.

“Alienation of Affection” is a legal term:

“To be more specific, alienation of affection can relate to a spouse who becomes alienated from you or to a child who becomes alienated from you. You also may have to defend yourself against allegations of alienation.” –

I cited that specifically for it shows the 2 significant legal aspects to alienation of affection, 1) “alienation of affection can relate to a spouse who becomes alienated from you or a child who becomes alienated from you.” Obviously the idea of alienation of affection is by divorce in the common use as often in divorced parents will wrongfully treat the child in a manner to assure the child alienates the other parent, especially when there is an upcoming time when the child has the right to choose the parent they stay with as their provider and primary legal guardian.

School Boards are the folks we all know have been doing all they can in mis-shaping our children away from reading, writing, and arithmetic skills necessary for them to effectively lead their own independent lives. Is it any surprise School Boards now demand acceptance of their choice of curriculum such as Critical Race Theory? What I am pointing out is the relationship children have with their Teachers, a relationship of trust. Teachers are often those who are asserting and upholding School Board’s policies meaning Teachers teach what is prescribed by the School Board or they may no longer be teaching at that school. The Teachers’ union often has little or no issue with the School Board dictating curriculum. However, what they all failed, totally and completely failed to understand is: No Taxpayer paying for the educational system paid School Boards to replace parents, especially the parents themselves. School Boards aren’t established to become the parent, to replace the parent, to assert claims on the children entrusted to them that are, due to the legal authority vested in School Boards, tantamount to a spouse laying claim on a child in divorce.


When a genuine fact based and thereby well investigated issue of a parent mistreating a child exists it is not the School Board who decides the fate of a child but Law Enforcement and the Court System that does. Many of us know this entire system is very corrupt and doesn’t do a great job either but it’s the system we have and its up to us to hire lawyers who will assert our rights and the rights of our children or a child we’re related to that we’re making every effort to assure isn’t treated poorly, isn’t treated as in silent agreement with treatment that they may not realize is wrongful treatment of them by another.



Taxpayers generally include the parents of children and those Taxpayers pay for the entire educational system. Any School Board Member asserting their volunteerism in immediate rebuttal to assertion by parents of the parent’s paramount role in the education of their children is a School Board Member who misunderstands the education slice of society. They fail to understand Parents are the Taxpayers affording that there is even a School Board at all, and also pay for the Legislature who made the law these School Boards are hiding behind.

When a School Board or its members answer with “we’re all volunteers,” in their effort to characterize their actions as a benevolent purpose, meaning without any self-interest in the School Board or its members in the actions they take. Parents needs to hire a lawyer and any investigators the lawyer has to investigate the members of that School Board. Do not let them get away with the specious effort to relate “volunteer” with “therefore we’re doing this for the right reasons.” Use your lawyers to determine whether the School Board Members all volunteered for the benefit of children, volunteered as a calling similar to the calling that is often why Teachers put up with School Board and Union abuse. Otherwise it may well appear there’s nefarious reasons for these “volunteer” School Board members.

Remember School Board policies have legal power through the potential of criminal allegations against a parent if a child is truant. Therefore it is incumbent on the members of a School Board to not be pedophiles or have had any relationship with any sort of child trafficking, to know their electronic devices are routinely reviewed at work (if they work) and home regarding child pornography. Some of the worst but very possible motives for these “volunteers” to be on a School Board in the first place and good reason any member or an entire School Board would try to alienate the affection of a parent toward their child (i.e. intimidate/bully) by looking to enforce such legal mechanisms as the Patriot Act to declare those parents who oppose the School Boards curriculum as Terrorists. Often the shocking by any bureaucracy in their abuse of power is a direct projection of their genuine purpose in their victim’s life. Parents are the victims here on behalf of their children they’re trying to protect as the parent is acting in their Natural Role as their child(s) legal guardian.

Do not presume these School Board Members are honest and forthright especially when they defend themselves by assertion they are working for free. This in no way means they are a good person. Do you think the Catholic Priests were an isolated incident of Catholicism? Did the acts of these Priests result in children who were affected and often alienating their parents who had no idea what was going on because the parent hadn’t protected them?

PROTECT YOUR CHILDREN AND YOUR INHERENT RIGHTS AS THEIR PARENTS, rights that do not need to be spelled out in the law for they are Natural Rights no less than Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness which are “among” our Natural Rights, meaning the Right to Parent our Children as we see fit is another Natural Right that no one, absolutely no one, can demand alienation of but for well investigated and factually established abuse of a child by a parent. Make no mistake the abuse of a child is abuse because it is not in the best interest of the child and their life in the future. Critical Race Theory directly promotes what is child abuse if it were done by a parent, if a parent were teaching their child to hate others based on the color of their skin; to intimidate (i.e. bully) others into some sort of submission on the basis of the color of their skin; or teaching their children to tell other people that their language shows they’re educated to be racist and they should be ashamed.

Please understand Terrorism foments from these very same notions, methods, and means of abuse of younger generations. Critical Race Theory appears to be a Terrorist Doctrine to assure our children learn to hate and to challenge all who will not identically hate either themselves or others and then fail to be a part of collective hate derived from a mistaken re-writing of history. Critical Race Theory appears to exist solely because it is necessary for the political aspirations and goals of enemies to the United States, that it may well be the authors and promoters of Critical Race Theory are, without knowing it, working for the Chinese Communist Party via one of its 4000 Oligarch types.

IT IS TIME TO PUT THE SHOE ON THE OTHER FOOT. For your children, for America as a nation take a stand for your right to love and be the guardian of your children against all enemies foreign and domestic such as School Boards.

God Bless you and I thank you for reading and sharing this,

Toddy Littman