Stubborn Syria

Antithesis title because it isn’t Syria who is stubborn it’s Bashar Al Assad.

Understand the Geneva Protocols are an absolute. We do not play with chemical WMDs, they are always a serious matter.

Agent Orange is one of America’s worst incidents. Official story is a herbicidal that had fallout. Some claim it was intentional. Veterans affected by Agent Orange are bitter and angry about it, but most of all never want to see anything like it again. You’ll note that we haven’t had another incident like it, in accident or intention. I am not saying there haven’t been some stupid incidents. I am saying incidents where intention (including negligence) can be shown likely even possible, in hurting our soldiers for sake of someone’s need to know, these haven’t taken place.

Why is this so important? Because it shows our learning from our mistakes, be they witting stupidities of placing our soldiers in harms way or the innocent unwitting mistake as officially explained, we’ve learned and do not do things like this anymore.

Today Bashar Al Assad claims he’s President of Syria. Yet every time there’s a chemical attack he and his cohorts say “it wasn’t Assad.” Is that taking responsibility, especially after Russia guaranteed all the chemical weapons were destroyed and Obama’s Secretary of State John Kerry accepted that as true?

Think of it this way: If I come to your home and while there shoot and kill your neighbor’s entire family the police will want to know how much you knew of what I was going to do, how well you knew me, etc., to see if you were a part of it and if there was any way you could foresee what I had done and prevented it since I was from your house, your premises.

While the police clear you of any criminal wrongdoing or negligence, you’re still subject to a wrongful death suit brought by any relative of that family. Why? Because it was your house, your premises, and the responsibility falls on you to control who comes in and to assure their actions aren’t harmful to others like your neighbors.

Bashar Al Assad has this same responsibility for Syria, and so too President Trump for the United States of America.

President Trump put troops on the border on word of a group trying to push right through our border to promote their agenda over America’s and American’s Rights and the will of the American People to have and control their own nation. There could have been a chemical attack there, and our deployed troops would deal with it. We would then receive a briefing explaining the intel we had or didn’t have, what went wrong, what went right, and all in the pro-active step of taking responsibility to control our premises, our borders.

Assad never does that. His response, “it’s not me,” and he just goes about his protracted war effort. He doesn’t have an inkling of the responsibility he has as President of Syria to assure chemical weapon, production, use, sale, purchase will not be tolerated as a duty to his people let alone the Geneva Protocols. Instead Assad just wants to make sure he isn’t blamed and leaves a vacuum of irresponsibility to police the chemical weapons in his country. Assad isn’t taking on that his and the enemy’s production are an escalation in Assad’s irresponsibility, that they’ve both taken to buying and selling these weapons as commodities, as normal modern war strategies to carry out barbarism on a mass scale just because Assad won’t step down.

This is why America, Britain and France had to take action. Assad’s claims of “no WMDs” or “they’ve all been destroyed” must be absolute and for every possibility within Syria. Should a tragedy occur it is Assad’s duty in claiming to be the President of Syria that he show a full willingness to be responsible for the incident, with a sober, humble, and accurate briefing. This is an authority that has been abused by 7 years of war and irresponsibly claimed the lives of 500,000 civilians, and displaced millions abroad.

And to those who think Bashar Al Assad wouldn’t have done this when the rebels were about to surrender… In reality: Rebels didn’t surrender yet. In reality: Turkey is in Syria attacking the Kurds and trying to take some land too. In reality: The Middle East nations want each others land, for more food, more oil, more people to be supported. In reality: Every Middle East leader has to have a “tough guy” reputation, with an escalating ruthlessness to assure they can maintain control of their nation and discourage other leader’s aggression. So ask yourself what is more ruthless than gassing the surviving and supposed soon to surrender rebels in your nation as a means of demoralizing and hoping to make Turkey’s military retreat?

There can be peace in the Middle East. But peace is unlikely anywhere that stubborn dictators won’t step down in acquiesce to the passionate desires of the people of their nation, and any peace forced by a ruler is at the cost of the lives of those who dissent, from Mao, to Stalin, to Lenin, to Fidel, to, today, Maduro, Kim Jung Un, and South Africa over 100 million people have been murdered for the stubbornness of Dictators.

America’s goal and hope as this was our own hopes for our own future in the Founding of our nation, is a Syria based on the Will of the People of Syria and not the stubbornness of a Dictator and their arms, nor their opposition. But that can’t happen with both sides willing to use and proliferate chemical WMDs against the People of Syria and finger pointing is their answer to any inquiry, especially when Assad is meant to represent both sides as the President of Syria.

God Bless you and thank you for reading and sharing this,

Toddy Littman