The US Constitution is being intentionally destroyed along with the United States’ currency, economy, and the liberty of its people. This is generally being accomplished through the manipulations of our own national leadership elite along with an elite international cartel. You may very well recognize the Players.   

The New World Order Plot
Here is the Helicopter View of 6 forces pushing for World Government (WG). The US, the US Constitution, and the American People are all that prevent the implementation of a WG and therefore all three must be destroyed.

New_World_OrderThe WG will be under the control of the United Nations (UN), which is itself controlled by the countries of the Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC). (The OIC is sometimes referred to as the Organization of Islamic Countries.) These are the ’57 states’ that Obama mentioned he had visited during his election campaign.

The fact that the OIC is the controlling influence at the UN changes the threat of WG to one of Islamic World Government (IWG). You may be familiar with the concept of The 12th Imam or of The Caliphate. That is an IWG under the control of Islam and of Islamic Law.

Glen Beck has recently suggested that there is an uncanny parallel between the Koranic text on the 12th Imam and the Christian Biblical text on the Anti-Christ. I’ll let Glen Beck tell that story. It’s fascinating. See

Council on Foreign Relations (CFR)          1921
Source:  The Council was founded in 1921 shortly after the end of World War I. Several of the American participants in the Paris Peace Conference decided that it was time for more private American citizens to become familiar with the increasing international responsibilities, and obligations of the United States. This decision led to the creation of an organization dedicated to the continuous study of US foreign policy for the benefit of both its members, and a wider audience of interested Americans.

Bilderberg Group (BB)                                1954    CIA
Source:  John J. McCloy (former Chairman of the CFR, and Chairman of Chase Manhattan Bank) used his position as coordinator of information for the US government to build the framework of what was to become the Office of Strategic Services (OSS), created in 1941-1942 era, headed by Bill Donovan. During 1947, the OSS was rolled into a new group called the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) by the 1947 National Security Act, which made the activities of the CIA immune from all civil, and criminal laws. In 1950 General Walter Bedel Smith became Director of the CIA. The CIA helped organize, and sponsored the formation, and operation of the Bilderberg Conferences. There is little doubt that the CIA sponsored the formation of the Bilderbergs, and continues to do so, to this day.

Tri Lateral Commission (TC)
Source:  In 1973, David Rockefeller asked Zbigniew Brzezinski to put together an organization of the top political, and business leaders from around the World. He called this group the Trilateral Commission (TC). The European Community, North America (US and Canada), and Japan – the three main democratic industrialized areas of the world – are the three sides of the Trilateral Commission.

Wahabi Islamic Terrorism
The continuous world-wide push of Islamic Terrorism and of Islamic Immigration, both legal and illegal, constitute an imperialist ideology calling for a world dominated by, and under the absolute control of, The Caliphate.

US Marxism
Another imperialist ideology wanting a World Government under their control. President Obama is the ideal person – for their purposes – uniting Islamism and Marxism in a final bid to complete the destruction and enslavement of the Western World including the USA.

The United Nations
Since at least 1972, the UN has been attempting to use Environmental Hoaxes to lead the industrialized countries into signing away their liberty and wealth to be distributed by the UN bureaucrats to undeveloped countries and to Small Island Nations. The UN has used Agenda 21 and a dozen other treaties, protocols, or agreements to entrap the industrialized nations. I’m proud to report that we, the Industrialized Nations, are not inclined to participate in hoaxes.

Multiple Forces
Multiple forces and influences are pushing the US and the West toward a Muslim-dominated world and toward a WG. In pursuing this agenda, Marxist forces – especially US Marxism — have allied with Islamist forces. Is it a coincidence that we have a Marxist President who was raised by Islamic Marxists in Indonesia?

In a Muslim world, Christians, Jews, and other non-Muslim faiths are either killed or converted, per the Koran. At best they are second class citizens.

So called peaceful Muslim immigration is just one fist of a two-fisted attack – Jihadism and Immigration.

One of the primary founders behind the New World Order is the Eugenics movement. Eugenics founded Planned Parenthood and arranged the Chinese One Child Policy in exchange for Chinese access to the IMF and the World Bank.

Eugenicists also believe in the forced reduction in world population, anywhere from a one-third to a two-thirds reduction. This reduction would be done amongst the “undesirables”, which can be defined as people who do not support New World Order values.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has so over-stated the threat of Swine Flu (H1N1) that one must wonder if the Swine Flu contrived pandemic conceals a Eugenic population reduction plan. The WHO has ordered 100 million doses of Swine Flu vaccine and has toyed with the idea – as has the US Government – of making it ­mandatory for people to take a vaccination.

The WHO could distribute 100 million doses world-wide and have 100 million people die of the effects of the vaccine. Yet they would be able to claim that the deaths were due to Swine Flu, not to the vaccine itself.

The European Problem
Nations of the European Union (EU) have been flooded and overwhelmed by Islamic immigrants from North Africa. There are no borders within the EU. Military grade weapons have been smuggled in with these immigrants. An Islamic take-over of the EU is only a phone call away.

The EU would be surrendered within 48 hours, due to appeasement being a way of life amongst the leadership there, probably without a shot being fired.

Saudi Arabia has been funding Islamic immigration in the EU and in the US. It has also been funding construction of Wahabi Mosques and Schools – an estimated 1,000 throughout the EU and 1,500 throughout the US. So the US also has a developing Islamic problem.

The Middle East Problem
With Iran developing nuclear armaments and with an engineered uprising ‘of the people’ throughout the Middle East and North Africa, the West stands on the doorstep of life without affordable petroleum. There are two Iranian warships who may attempt to get passage through the Suez Canal to reach the Syrian Coast. An Iranian warship scuttled inside the Suez Canal would be far more effective than any nuke the Iranians could possibly launch.

The USA will have to gain military control of the entire Middle East in order to secure a real peace, to prevent Iranian nukes, to protect the flow of oil to the West, and destroy the Taliban and Al-Qaeda. Israel and India are likely allies.

There is a tendency to describe President Obama as incompetent. However, if as I suspect his intent is to destroy the US, its Constitution, its currency, and its economy – then he is being wildly successful.

In one’s worst nightmare, it may be that the only thing that can stop Obama’s Marxist takeover of the USA is an Islamic/UN takeover of the world. Americans will not accept either. It’s time for us to become the New Greatest Generation.

Nick Howard is  a native born US Citizen. Born in Oak Park, IL, in Dec.1943. Grew up in a Republican family with the Daley Machine. Went to Northern Illinois University in DeKalb, IL, where a roommate and I founded the Flying Huskies Flying Club in 1962.  Spent 33 years as a Senior Systems Analyst on large computer systems like airlines, oil & gas, radio/TV commercial management, etc. Major hobby is white water rafting or canoeing. I’ve been all over the US and SE Mexico.  Currently living in North Phoenix, AZ. I migrated here from Texas in 1997.