Every elected official who voted for this abomination Know THIS: Come November, your political career is NOW “Dead Man Walking”!

This law must WILL be fought and repealed.  It was not the will of Americans, it was the arrogant conceit of the power-hungry elitists deciding that no American is capable of self-determination. 

ObamaTyrantIt was done to destroy the very heart of the nation which cradled these perfidious dogs.  They  revel in their ability to foment the destruction of the country that nurtured and allowed them the opportunity and the liberty to grow, and this treasonous action is how they repay their debt. 

There are reasons “to do” a thing; because it is the right thing to do or because it is necessary to do.  To do a thing simply because you “can” do it, is not a good reason, it is what bullies do, it is what elitist power-mongers do and it is what tyrants do.  This oppressive, invasive, abusive legislation was neither the right thing or necessary.  Health care is NOT a “right”.  It is NOT constitutional to force Americans to buy a product and then punish them with back-breaking taxes and fines and even imprisonment if they refuse.

pissobamaImage83-21-2010  –  The destroyers have attacked America.  There has now been, for the first time ever, a declaration of war, made on the American people by the very ones elected and sworn to protect and preserve the Constitution.  Make no mistake, it is NOW a war.  It was the first battle lost, not the war.  

We the People did not want this war, the American people are slow to anger, but that does not mean that we will not be angered.  So many Americans kept hoping that it could not, would not happen.  We hoped that our elected representatives would do the right thing, uphold their oath to defend and protect the Constitution.  We have been betrayed, we have been attacked, and we, as a nation, will respond! 

As in World War II, after a sneak attack, our enemies feared they had awakened the sleeping giant. Today the power-hungry elitist, those seeking the destruction of America as a Constitutional Republic, those seeking to transform this great nation into another socialist, third-world cess pool of corruption and tyranny have made it known to all the country – – they will stop at nothing less than the total destruction of this country, the Constitution and the elimination of the freedoms and inalienable rights of life, liberty and our individual pursuits of happiness.

Obama, Reid, Pelosi and every politician who had ANY part in the writing or passage of this act of war on America will be held accountable.  You have had your trial, you presented the evidence of your treason, and now you are found guilty.  Guilty of treason, guilty of criminal acts against the people of America.  You will receive your sentence.

OBAMA-CHANGE-NAZIYou have tipped your hand, Americans now understand what you want.  You want to destroy this country with oppressive, intrusive government operating as the jack-boot at our neck (ObamaCare), you rush to eliminate our national sovereignty and eliminate our national borders (Amnesty), you work furiously to increase your power over every aspect of the individual Americans life, determined to tax even the air we breathe (Cap and Tax).  America now sees clearly what you are rushing to do.  Your days are numbered, again, your political career is, indeed, a “Dead Man Walking”.

We The People need to strengthen our resolve and re-double our efforts to win back, at all costs, our nation.  Do not lose heart, the 2nd American Revolution has begun.  The opening volleys have been fired and now We The People will respond. 



Kelly Wolf  – writes opinion under full color of the 1st Amendment. Contributing author, politically conservative and independent, fiercely protective of God, Country & Constitution.