I don’t get it. How the heck does a nation win a war when it continues to apologize to the enemy?  

War fighting just ain’t what it used to be … I mean, back when we actually won wars. Remember, we haven’t WON a war since the Second World War.

In the first Iraq war we simply declared victory and went home. That didn’t work, because we had to go back to try to finish the job, and we STILL haven’t won… but the troops are, again, back home.

What the heck is going on, anyway?  It’s called “political correctness” run amuck.200px-No_Political_Correctness.svg

The funny thing is … our military has the testosterone necessary to fight and win wars. We have the best trained and experienced military on the globe. But we have spineless leaders. Unfortunately, we have a civilian Commander-in-Chief of the military … A POLITICIAN.

Ye gads! Whatever possessed our forefathers to write that into the constitution? Of COURSE, I know why they did it. It was to insure there would be no military control of the US government.

But I think there was something else, too. I think our forefathers were such men of courage and bravery they simply could not fathom this nation EVER electing a leader with the courage of a doe (a female rabbit).

But we have.

As to the riots in Afghanistan … the US military had every right to burn those religious books because they had terrorist communications written in them. That is EXACTLY the sort of thing you destroy — especially when you are at war.

I mean, think about it. Did the US apologize for winning the battle of Midway? Did we apologize for assassinating the Japanese admiral who led the attack on Pearl Harbor?

Come to think of it, we killed hundreds of French civilians when we attacked Normandy. Did we apologize for that?

Where is the apology from the current reigning warlord of Afghanistan for his mob’s killing of the two American soldiers?

Geez! This “pretty please” war fighting, led by Obama, makes me want to vomit!

Answer this: When are the Islamofacists going to apologize for MURDERING American civilians around the world, huh? Think about it, dear reader. The very reason US troops are in Afghanistan in the first place is because Afghanistan hosted the training camps for the terrorists that MURDERED 3,000 Americans in New York City on September 11, 2001.

Look. Islam touts itself as the religion of peace. That is pure unadulterated horse hockey! It is a religion not to be respected but to be FEARED. It is the only religion I know of that has a stated goal of conquering the entire world and placing all the peoples of the earth under Islamic law … or murdering them!

The thought that the US is going to have to suffer five more years under Obama’s gutless leadership is abhorrent, in the extreme.  

I really fear for the American men and women serving in today’s US military. I mean …what’s the point in going to war if you are not going to actually fight a war — and fight it to win?

Why go through all the training and put your life on the line if some lily-livered politician back in Washington is going to sacrifice your life’s blood on the alter of political expediency?

Come on, folks Obama is actively seeking ways to gut our military.

He is actively attempting to do away with nearly 80% of our nuclear arsenal. This is the very arsenal we will need to back up our weak military — if Obama has his way and hollows them out.

I have advocated, for a very long time, for an amendment to the constitution that would require that a candidate for the office of President of the United States be a veteran of the US military. I believe it now more than ever before. We have the evidence, right before our eyes, of the dangers of a President who cannot relate to the military and has no clue how to fight a war – and win.

Yes, I am disgusted with Obama’s behavior in this most recent example of his penchant for politics over national security.

If Obama owes an apology to anyone, at all, he owes one to the families of the two young Americans who were killed in the rioting in Afghanistan. _He should apologize to them for apologizing to the Afghans… period!

What a world we live in. What a country we live in today. 

It is barely recognizable as the country in which I grew up. It is so bad, I actually fear for the future of my grandchildren.

If America has any chance at all of regaining its stature, heck, of regaining it’s self respect, then we MUST replace Obama in November. For the sake of America’s sons and daughters in uniform – toss Obama out on his ear in November.

J. D. Longstreet