Unions submitted fraudulent petitions and True the Vote Steps Up Again

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker successfully passed legislation last year that put a few restraints on out-of-control public sector unions, despite their disgraceful Astroturf occupation of the State capital building, the death threats and everything else they tried. So the unions launched a recall petition against Walker, the Lt. Governor and four Republican Senators who voted with him.

300px-Flag_of_Wisconsin.svgThe unions mobilized and garnered 1 million signatures for the recall, much more than enough. But now it appears that they used the ACORN vote registration fraud method of swamping state authorities with bogus documents. Some of these petitions are plainly fraudulent (Donald Duck for example) but Wisconsin’s Government Accountability Board, the state agency charged with counting petitions, has said they can do no more than spot check and will assume all petitions are valid unless challenged.

Recognizing the importance of this recall and the potential threat to reform everywhere, True the Vote stepped in to do the job the State will not. TTV created a simple system to check the petitions’ validity and sent out a call for volunteers to input 1 million of them into the system.·

Some 13,000 volunteers around the country have signed up to help. And they say the Tea Party is dead! However, TTV is still looking for volunteers. The deadline to get these petitions processed is February 27th

TTV has been a leader in the fight against vote fraud. With this new initiative they have created a simple, interactive method for people to engage in meaningful activism from the comfort of home. Anyone, anywhere with access to a computer can simply sign up and start working.·

It is not a minute too soon. If unions succeed in defeating Walker it will chill similar efforts all over the country and render elections almost meaningless (something the thugs would be happy to see!)·

Those interested can learn more at http://www.truethevote.org/news/wisconsin-is-just-the-beginning.