Susan MacNaughton is our Right Side News presence at the DNC in Charlotte: 
(Charlotte, NC September 3, 2012)

All in all, not a bad day in Charlotte. 

Unless you are a delegate from California. He and a friend must have been to one of those coveted 1-3 am after-parties. It doesn’t matter where you are, or who you are. If you are belligerent and treat people badly, you will be asked to leave immediately.

A well known public radio reporter from our area was at the Police Academy for a news conference. The reporter took a couple of pictures of police cars from many different places and was detained. OK, stopped. THREE Charlotte/ Mecklenburg police cars drove up and asked for identification. When the reported asked what was wrong, the police officers said they were directed to take names of anyone taking pictures because of the high alert. You have been warned: the police are taking names.  See security’s new rules here.

Seen in Center City: Due to street closures, delegates are being dropped blocks from their hotels. It is incredibly humid here and dragging a suitcase through busy streets after a long flight must be unpleasant. A couple or residents saw this unfold before them and immediately took charge of suitcases and walked the delegates to their hotel. These delegates will refer to this place as Charlotte, not Charlotte, NC.

The GOP is opening a rapid response center in the NASCAR Hall of Fame for the week. Also read in the paper that the VP is hosting a large party… the NASCAR Hall of Fame. Moving on……

Today is Carolina Fest in uptown. A celebration of, well, everything Carolina. It’s the party that was arraigned after the celebration at Charlotte Motor Speedway was canceled because they didn’t raise enough money to pull it off. Did I say that out loud?

Screen-shot-2012-09-01-at-10.17.54-AM-550x549Also uptown, the BlackFinn bar and saloon has a 15.5 ton sand sculpture of the President. There were heavy rains uptown yesterday afternoon and although it wasn’t washed away, it was damaged. Professional sculptures from Myrtle Beach are repairing as we speak. If you read the last posting, you will remember that this is the place that Morning Joe is broadcasting this week.

I do not have $200 to blow, so I’ll be seeing that sculpture on TV along with you.

Just seeing an areal view of Bank of America stadium as it is being prepared for the acceptance speech. It looks awesome in Carolina blue! ( panther teal looks like Carolina blue to me from high in the air.) You may hear the stadium referred to as Panther Stadium. That’s because the Dems don’t want any part of BOA.

Romney is leading in the polls in North Carolina by 2 or 3 or 5 points. It’s not easy living in a swing state.

Mrs. Obama arrives today. I expect to see those four loud helicopters again.

Enjoy your holiday!

Susan MacNaughton