Television Ad Urges Voters to “Replace” President Obama
Ad features powerful personal testimony of America’s Healthcare system
As the political season heats up this Fall, a new television ad campaign has been released to the airwaves by Americans For Prosperity. If you’re like me, you’ve heard the stories over the years of Canadian citizens coming in droves across our northern border for decent health care (legally, I might add). In the latest Americans For Prosperity video ad, we hear the story of one Shona Holmes, a Canadian citizen who relied on American healthcare for her own wellbeing.

“The American system was there for me when I needed it,” said Shona.

“It’s time for American’s to get engaged in this debate.”

With less than ninety days left in the countdown clock for the 2012 elections, I’d have to say I agree. As Vice-Presidential candidate Paul Ryan warned last week, “we don’t have much time.” The 6.2 million dollar ad, running in 11 battleground states, is a powerful testimonial for our current system of healthcare and against a state-run system as exists in Canada and other socialist and socialist-leaning nations. As Obamacare looms over us, slated to take full effect only after the November elections, we will not see the full detrimental effects until after the ballots have been cast. Ms. Holmes states: ““It’s time for American’s to get engaged in this debate,” and warns Americans of the life-threatening restrictions that Obamacare is sure to bring. 

When Canadians warn us to change course we should listen. They have been down this road and know where it leads. Once it’s fully implemented, the chances of repealing it become increasingly slim as government takes greater control over the existing system. While it’s true that there is room for major reform, especially in the insurance arena, we must not sacrifice free-enterprise for complete government control. Can anyone really point to a government program in the history of our nation that is anything close to a model of efficiency? It’s a fact that whenever government seeks to make anything better by adding layers of bureaucracy, no matter the best, most well-meaning intentions, the end result is an endless sea of red tape and inefficiency.

In a press release over the Labor Day holiday weekend, Tim Phillips, President of Americans for Prosperity went on record as saying, “To protect America’s patient-centered care, we must replace President Obama,” riffing on a recurrent theme from the Republican National Convention last week to replace our current failed President with a candidate that has a proven track record of business success. Phillips continued, stating “through all four of our expressed advocacy ads we are demonstrating to the American people the empty and sometimes dangerous proposition of another term of President Obama. We ask them to make Obama a One-Term President.” AFP believes reducing the size and intrusiveness of government is the best way to promote individual productivity and prosperity for all Americans.

There have been other ads in this AFP media campaign, but this is the latest and most hard hitting. Throughout, we have seen voters who supported Obama in 2008 voicing their concern and criticism for his lack of leadership in the face of growing fiscal irresponsibility, mounting deficits, staggering jobless claims and sluggish growth in what he persists on calling a recovery. And yet, no matter how many times the truth is told to the American people, a staggeringly high percentage (driven by main stream media bias) insists on supporting the failed policies of Barack Obama. It’s high time for American citizens to wake up, look around at the yawning chasm ahead of us, and resolve to do their part in changing course before we go over the edge.

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