The David Horowitz Freedom Center/Philadelphia announces that it will host Mr. Geert Wilders, Member of Parliament of the Netherlands.  The controversial Dutch politician, outspoken critic of radical Islam and free speech proponent will make his first appearance in Philadelphia on October 22, 2009, at the Union League in Center City. The event will be held at noon.

Mr. Wilders is the leader of Holland’s Party for Freedom, currently enjoying increasing popularity in the Netherlands, and increasing in House seats. Wilders notoriety is now spreading throughout Europe as the PVV is the second largest European Parliamentary party.  The Party for Freedom is committed to small government, lower taxes, law and order, direct democracy, and very conservative programs on immigration and culture, which seek to uphold Judeo-Christian and humanist philosophies above all others.

In this appearance, Mr. Wilders will show FITNA, his short film which exposes how the Qur’an is used by radical Islamists to promote genocidal hatred and international terrorism. As a result of producing FITNA and expressing his assessment of the Qur’an, Wilders’ critics have sought to censor and silence him throughout the world. Earlier this year, he was denied entry to Great Britain after he was invited by members of the British House of Lords to show FITNA in the British Parliament. Upon arrival at Heathrow Airport, Wilders was refused entry into the UK, detained, and subsequently returned to the Netherlands.

Several experts on Islamic issues will be available for interviews, including, Frank Gaffney (Center for Security Policy) Pamela Geller (, Tom Trento (Florida Security Council) and David Horowitz.   CONTACT: Cheryl “CJ” Joy (561) 324-1224;
  Persons interested in attending can visit, or call CJ.