One of the country’s best known handicappers, Wayne Allyn Root, predicted several months ago that Mitt Romney would win the presidency by a landslide. The first debate suggested that Root might be right.  

A month ago Rush Limbaugh discussed how the Left would deal with such a defeat. Rush predicted the Left would ruthlessly disown Obama, toss him rudely under the bus, and focus on saving Liberalism. The Left would insist that their own ideas were doubleplus good. Any bad results were entirely Obama’s fault.

Hopefully, Conservatives will not the Left get away with this. Obama and Liberalism were a package deal.Weve_got_to_have_a_civilian_national_security_force

Mitt Romney has promised to cancel ObamaCare. That should be the start of something even bigger. We need to repudiate, renounce, revoke, reject, rework, rewrite, and roll back every bad idea this extreme president brought to American politics.

Barack Obama was the most far-left Senator we ever had and the most far-left President we ever had. All his friends and family members were Communists, Marxists, or Socialists of some variety. These people cherish the same small set of collectivist ideas, which promise paradise but usually end up causing poverty and misery, except for themselves.

Obama promised the most transparent administration in history. Instead he gave us the least transparent administration in history. He has a brigade of secretive “czars” in charge of everything. These people were not approved by Congress. Labeled czars, they reminded everybody that the Russians were coming, or at least a bossy Russian sensibility. In truth, these people are commissars. Romney should promise to fire them.

Obama signed an extraordinary number of executive orders. Other presidents signed some too, but Obama went on a rampage. Apparently there are hundreds, many dictatorial in nature, the last thing we would want a wannabe dictator to have at his disposal. Obama gave everyone a look into his soul when he shockingly announced in 2008: “We cannot continue to rely on our military in order to achieve the national security objectives we’ve set. We’ve got to have a civilian national security force that’s just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded.” Romney ought to announce he will cancel all these executive orders and start over.

Obama also pushed through big changes in education, all under the heading of Race to the Top. What this meant in practice was the government bribed states into accepting Common Core Curriculum. What’s CCC? It might be thought of as ObamaEd. Like ObamaCare, Common Core Curriculum involves giving vast powers to the federal government, while limiting the powers of the states and local people. About 45 of our states capitulated to Obama’s demands. Many did not realize what they were getting into. Romney should provide an easy way for states to back up.

The mainstream media has protected Obama’s every whim and scheme. They enabled him; and in the process degraded themselves. Their reputations will sink with his, which is only appropriate.

There are still major Obama scandals that most Americans have never heard mentioned. Remember the tiny wisps of nothing that the New York Times used to destroy Herman Cain? There are dozens of far bigger allegations against Obama on the Internet. If even half these stories pan out, liberals across the nation will be suffering nervous breakdowns. Again, it’s only fair and will encourage the country’s Obama Rejection Syndrome.

Today, we are still living in the Big Silence. Obama can make up “facts” as he goes because the media won’t report facts, much as the public schools disdain teaching them. This kind of silence can be a precursor to tyranny. So let’s flip everything. Strive for total transparency and total accountability. Tell the truth. Put the guilty in jail. It all starts with rolling back Barack. Don’t wait. Pick something you don’t like and, while the mood is right, try to roll it back.

Shakespeare put it this way: “There is a tide in the affairs of men. Which, taken at the flood, leads on to fortune.”

 Bruce Deitrick Price, an author and education reformer, founded in 2005.