This past week there was another round of escalation in rocket fire from the Gaza Strip, the aftermath of a counterterrorism activity carried out by Israeli security forces targeting global jihad operatives in the Gaza Strip. A rocket and several dozen mortar shells were launched, primarily by Hamas and the Palestinian Islamic Jihad. In response Israeli aircraft struck terrorist targets in the Gaza Strip. (Note: on October 9 as well, a number of rockets and mortar shells were fired into Israeli territory.)

On October 6 the IDF intercepted and downed a drone which entered Israeli territory from the sea. The Israeli media reported that according to Israeli security sources, it is assumed that Hezbollah, backed by Iran, was responsible for sending the plane in an attempt to collect intelligence. 

Important Terrorism Events Israel’s South

Rocket and Mortar Shell Fire Escalates

As part of Israeli counterterrorism activities, on October 7 the Israeli Air Force attacked a motorcycle ridden by two global jihad terrorist operatives. The Palestinian media reported that both were critically injured and that one, Abdallah Makawi, died; his funeral was held the following day. According to a report from the Palestinian ministry of health, nine Palestinian civilians were wounded.

According to the IDF Spokesman, October 8, 2012, the two were:

Abdallah Muhammad Muhsan Makawi, born in 1988, belonged to a Salafist jihadi network calling itself the Shura Council of Jihad Fighters in Greater Jerusalem.[1] Abdallah Makawi was involved in terrorist attacks on Israeli civilians and IDF forces which included rocket fire, planting IEDs and manufacturing weapons. He was also involved in the June 18, 2012 attack on the security fence being built along the Israel-Egypt border in which an Israeli civilian was killed. In the days before he was killed he was involved in preparations for another terrorist attack

Tala’at Khalil Muhammad al-Gharbi, born 1989, is a resident of Rafah and terrorist operative in a Salafist jihadi network affiliated with the global jihad.

Responses of the Terrorist Organizations and of the IDF
  • In response the IDF’s counterterrorism activity, beginning in the early morning hours of October 8 a rocket and several dozen mortar shells were fired into Israeli territory. Most of the mortar shell fire targeted the Israeli villages and towns near the central and southern Gaza Strip. There were no casualties but a number of civilian structures and a local petting zoo were damaged (IDF Spokesman, October 8, 2012).
  • The military-terrorist wings of Hamas and the Palestinian Islamic Jihad claimed responsibility for the rocket and mortar shell fire. In addition, the Popular Resistance Committees and networks affiliated with the global jihad also claimed responsibility. Abu Obeida, spokesman for the Izz al-Din al-Qassam Brigades, Hamas’ military-terrorist wing, said “shelling Israeli posts [sic]” was a message to Israel that the “resistance” [i.e., terrorist organizations] would not allow unilateral Israeli “aggression,” and that Israeli “aggression will lead to a more powerful and extensive response.” He claimed that the response had been coordinated at the highest levels with the military wing of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad(Izz al-Din al-Qassam Brigades website, October 8, 2012).

Hamas terrorist operatives launch rockets into Israeli territory (From videos posted to the Izz al-Din al-Qassam Brigades website, October 8, 2012).

  • In response to the massive shelling, Israeli Air Force aircraft attacked terrorist squads preparing to fire rockets and mortar shells into Israeli territory. The IDF also attacked a number of terrorist targets belonging to Hamas, among them civilian buildings used to store weapons (IDF Spokesman, October 8, 2012). The Palestinian media reported that attacks on two mosques in Khan Yunis wounded five Palestinian civilians (Filastin al-‘Aan, Wafa News Agency, Safa News Agency, October 8, 2012).
The Israeli Air Force Intercepts and Downs a Drone in Southern Israel

  • On the morning of October 6 the IDF’s monitoring system identified a drone which had entered Israeli air space from the sea. It was tracked in Israel on both land and in the air, and was intercepted and downed in the Yatir Forest, in southern Israel. The site of the downing of the drone was chosen to avoid possible damage to populated areas (IDF Spokesman, October 6, 2012).
  • Near the close of the Second Lebanon War (August 2006) Israeli aircraft used air to air missiles to intercept two Hezbollah “Ababil” drones. One was downed over the sea in Lebanese territorial waters, the other north of Haifa (IDF Spokesman, October 6, 2012).
  • According to the Israeli media, the results of an initial investigation carried out by the Israeli security agencies indicated that the drone had flown over the Mediterranean Sea from north to south and then entered Israeli air space. It is assumed that Hezbollah, backed by Iran, was responsible for launching the drone and that it was on an intelligence mission(NRG website and Haaretz, October 7, 2012).
Other Rocket and Mortar Shell Fire
  • This past week two rocket hits were identified in the western Negev, falling in open areas. There were no casualties and no damage was done. Note: On October 9 as well, after this document was issued, a number of rockets and mortar shells were fired into Israel’s western Negev.

Rockets Fired into Israeli Territory[2]


Judea and Samaria


The Terrorist Organizations in the Gaza Strip Display their Force

Propaganda Events


1] The Shura Council is a relatively new overall network in the Gaza Strip composed of various networks in the Gaza Strip affiliated with the global jihad. For further information see the date bulletin “The Gazan-based Salafist jihadi network Tawhid wal-Jihad carried out the terrorist attack on the Israeli-Egyptian border on June 18, 2012, in which an Israeli civilian was killed..”

[2] The statistics do not include rockets fired which fell inside the Gaza Strip. As of October 9, 2012.