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by Faith Goldy

Canada and the United States are not separated by walls or fences but rather, the longest undefended border in the world. And, up until very recently, no one on either side gave our shared border much thought — until Prime Minister Justin Trudeau invited the world to Canada over Twitter.

Now the word is out and fake refugees are flooding in.

After the RCMP announced it would no longer provide weekly reports on the numbers of refugees crossing into Canada from various illegal entry points, Rebel Media decided to investigate for ourselves by travelling to a nearby crossing between Quebec and New York State.

Within moments of our arrival, a young, single, well-dressed male arrived for the sole purpose of illegally crossing into Canada, claiming he hailed from Syria. He arrived by taxi and then crossed the last few metres into Canada by foot despite RCMP officers’ warnings from the other side.

Then, shy of one hour thereafter, a Muslim couple and their child arrived, describing themselves as “tourists” in America from Turkey who were seeking refugee status in Canada via the illegal crossing of the border.

And then, another single male illegally entered Canada without saying a word to our cameras.

After witnessing Canada’s RCMP officers treated as bellhops at the border, The Rebel wanted to get a clearer picture of what types of people are illegally crossing into Canada:

Who are they? Where are they from? How frequently is this illegal activity occurring at this one crossing alone?

And so, we went to the front lines:

Taxis and bus drivers who have become the chosen method of transport for the law-breaking migrants.

I travelled 30 minutes south of the border to Plattsburgh, New York, where Greyhound busses shuttle the migrants to a terminal where cabs wait in line to bring them to the border.

When we asked drivers for details on migrants based on their first-hand experience, we received a clear and consistent account:

The majority of the the illegals are single men from the Middle East, while drivers reported diving anywhere between 10 to 30 each week.

One of the cab drivers we met in Plattsburgh agreed to take us to the border for a ride-along with his migrant fare, someone he coordinated to pick up in advance of his Greyhound’s arrival. The man was a Muslim travelling alone from Eritrea who cited draft-dodging as the reason why he left his wife and children to come illegally to Canada.

While on the ground in Champlain, New York one cab driver divulged that the company for which he worked, Town Taxi, has been offering “special services” to border-jumpers.

And so, The Rebel followed up.

We paid Town Taxi headquarters a visit where a man claiming to own the business gave us a description of what was meant by “special services”:

Guaranteed illegal entry into Canada.

The details of what we found next will shock you! So-called runner and brokers (“human brokers,” as our source refers to them) who have created an elaborate network across the United States with one goal:

Ensure illegal entry to Canada for a fee.

A flood of fake refugees — the vast majority of whom are single men from the Middle East — illegally entering Canada from the United States. And a wide network now established to traffic humans to Canada — all at the prime minister’s invitation.

This is a story you have to see to believe.