Interview with guest Anthony James Rundell OBE begins 33:00 into the program…



Anthony James Rundell joins the USA Transnational Report on June 25, 2016!

Anthony “Tony” James Rundell is resident in London but travels extensively in the Middle East. He has a company in United Arab Emirates where he deals in antiquarian Islamic books and early copies of the Koran. His connections with Abu Dhabi go back some 60 years before the oil wealth came on stream. He half lives in France and is well versed in the European dimension of the UK’s future policy after the Referendum next Thursday. Mr. Rundell hopes to give an up-to-the-minute assessment of the implications of the results for UK – and also for US after Mr. Obama gave a pessimistic view of UK’s chances if we vote ‘No’! The view from downtown London from within earshot of the Chelsea football ground!

Topics of Discussion:

– Results of “Brexit” Referendum (Thursday, 6/23)

– Implications – politically and economically – of Brexit outcome for the U.K.

– Public reaction in U.K. regarding so-called “refugees”

– How the U.K. views the U.S. Presidential elections

& more . . .


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