Ladies and Gentlemen, Dear Friends of Free Speech, 

its a very great honor for me and I’m proud to be here in Brussels  and to speak to you representing the foremost German Human Rights Organisation that stands for the preservation of freedom and democracy against Islamic supremacism, the Citizens Movement PAX EUROPA. Thank you very much, Elisabeth, Alain, Chris, Ned and my dear friend Henrik and all of You.

Conny-MeirA study from the University of Hamburg in 2007 reveals that 14% of Muslims in Germany prefer Sharia instead of democracy. That means, that at least half a Million persons in Germany are supporters of  Sharia.Half a Million followers of Islamic Supremacism.

And what are those appeasers continue telling us? That it might be only a tiny minority of misunderstanders among all the Millions of  peaceful muslims? Islamization seems only a fantasy and we are simply islamophobes and bigots?

In the year 1928 – only five years before Hitler seized power in Germany, his Nazi-Party NSDAP numbered about 100 000 memberships, a fifth of the actual number of Sharia-supporters. It was a tiny minority than, too.

So what do we learn from history? Mahatma Gandhi said: The history teaches the people that the history teaches the people nothing.

Again we are living on the crossroads of history. Already at least half a Million islamic supremacists in Germany believe that Muhammad gave them order  ”.. to fight against people until they say that “there is no god but Allah”, that “Muhammad is the messenger of Allah”, they pray, and pay zakat“ (Koran)

Can we allow that? Do we permit this? Not at all!

In the last two years we had some good and some bad news. Geert Wilders was finally acquitted from all hate-speech-charges. But my friend Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff got fined in Austria for telling the truth about Mohammed. Also our fellow activist Lars Hedegaard in Danmark was accused for a similar reason by a danish court. Poor Europe!

What does that all mean for us? The western world is not yet lost at all. We do still keep hope for a bright future. But we must fight for it.

G. J. Alexander Knoops, a Dutch lawyer and professor of international criminal law at the University of Utrecht, commented the verdict on Geert Wilders in this way: â€žThe judgment is in line with the case law of the European Court on Human Rights, which in 2010 held that only when certain statements incite to violence, there is a role for criminal law“

Did Geert Wilders incite to violence? No.

Did Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff incite to violence? Defenitly not.

Did Lars Hedegaard incite to violence? Not at all.

Does the Koran incite to violence against „unbelievers“? ———- You know the answer.

Freedom of expression is of high value and the elementary one of all Human Rights. Without freedom of speech, no other freedom will be left in future.

Since the OIC, the „Organisation of the Islamic Conference“ is pressuring year after year upon the „United Nations“ and the „Human Rights Council“ to criminalize and penalize any criticism of Islam, our action is needed worldwide. A further effort was startet by OIC with the so called „Istanbul-Process“ last year, another attempt to stop free speech.  Therefore I am happy that here in Brussels this European conference takes place in order to work together worldwide to stop sharia, stop islamic supremacism, —  stop islamization.·

I prepared a report for You about the present situation of Free Speech in Germany. Please read it carefully. You will read about the German Journalist Michael Mannheimer, who is in lawfare right now for defending the Constitutional Rights in an article on his weblog.·

You will read about riots from left-wing-extremists in Stuttgart, you will read about Muslim rioters in Bonn and Solingen and about Mohammed-Cartoons. You will read that some Politicians promote Sharia-law and try to limit Free Speech. And you will realize, that Media and Universities promote Sharia-law sometimes. And you will be informed about the background of the Muslim Organisazions in Germany and their agenda, following strictly the agenda of OIC and Muslim-Brotherhood.·

But: We will never surrender! Lets continue spreading truth about Islam. Let’s do that in order to save freedom and liberty for the future of our children and grandchildren. After Fascism and Communism we do not want to be subjected again under another totalitarian ideology- this time Islam.

Therefore: Advertise and report the truth about Islamic supremacism, about creeping Sharia and about this evil thread for the whole civil world.

United we stand and united we shall win! Thank You.

Source: ICLA