A “Danish” imam named Abu Bilal Ismail has caused a sensation after a series of hidden-camera videos aired on TV2. In his capacity as an imam at the Grimhøj Mosque, Mr. Ismail called for the stoning of adulterers, the killing of apostates, and other violent policies. If he were not a member of a protected culture-enriching minority, he would surely have been prosecuted for his publicly-expressed sentiments.

Below is the first in a series of videos of the Indiscreet Imam. Many thanks to PEGIDA DK for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

A second clip of the Indiscreet Imam is featured in this article from The Local:

New Clip From Danish Mosque: Hit Kids Who Don’t Pray

The controversial Grimhøj mosque in Aarhus is at the centre of yet more controversy as a new video shows a visiting Copenhagen advocating the “educational” beating of children.

A new clip from a hidden camera used for the TV2 documentary “Mosques behind the veil’ (Moskeerne bag sløret) shows an imam at the controversial Grimhøj Mosque in Aarhus suggesting appropriate ways to physically punish children who do not pray.

The clip shows an imam telling the female-only audience that children ten and older who refuse to pray should be beaten in an “educational” way.

“Fear Allah, brothers and sisters, teach your children to pray. It is mandatory for you to teach them to pray from the age of seven years old. And even to beat them if they do not pray when they are ten years old,” the visiting Imam from Copenhagen is heard saying in video.

“You hit them as education and to learn,” he continued.

The recording continues to show a member of the female audience query the imam as to how a child should be beaten if they fail to pray.

“It is not allowed to punch them, knock them into a wall or break their bones. It is also not allowed to take a knife to them and cut them. You hit them as education and learning. Not as violence,” the imam replies.

The TV2 clip was the second in as many days to reveal some of the controversial messages espoused at the Aarhus mosque. In a previous clip, imam Abu Bilal Ismail advocates the stoning and whipping of adulterers.

Video Transcript:

00:00 Women, it is only allowed to spill Muslim blood for three reasons.
00:03 The first reason: for fornication.
00:06 If a married or divorced women fornicates, and she is not a virgin —
00:09 and commits adultery, she must be stoned to death.
00:14 The second reason: An eye for an eye.
00:18 If you kill a Muslim, you must yourself be killed.
00:22 The third reason: One who turns away from religion (Islam) must be killed.
00:26 If you deny (Islam), or don’t believe in the fast, the judgment must be that you are an infidel.
00:30 If you are stubborn and do not want to fast, you must be killed.
00:36 But that is not done in Denmark.
00:40 If an adulterer, be it a man or a women who whores —
00:44 then their blood is halal, and they must be killed by stoning.
00:48 If she is married, she will be stoned (to death).
00:52 If she is a virgin, the punishment is whipping.
00:56 And a divorced women who commits an act of whoring? Is the punishment whipping or execution?
01:03 Whipping, whipping. — Whipping. Is that right?
01:06 No, even if she is not married, the punishment is death.
01:11 Only a virgin who commits an act of whoring, and who has never been married —
01:16 will be punished with a whipping.