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Thorsten Schulte is a German economist and financial expert who runs a website known as Silberjunge (Silverboy).

In the following exposé of Chancellor Angela Merkel’s machinations during (and before) the “refugee” crisis, Silberjunge focuses on two major points:

1. The chancellor’s opening of the borders to uncontrolled migration without a directive from the Interior Ministry was a clear violation of German law.
2. The entire migration wave should not even be called a “crisis”, since it was planned in advance.

Mr. Schulte provides ample documentation for his assertions. The links are shown in the video, and may be found on his website.

One of the most prominent German cultural traits is a deep-seated respect for the law and an insistence on obeying the rules. It’s a characteristic that has its negative aspects (“I was only following orders”), but it can also be a positive force for cultural reform and regeneration.

According to Silberjunge, all the politicians in Berlin are well aware of the facts he presents in his video, but are afraid to discuss them in public. His presentation is an appeal to them to break the wall of silence and expose the chancellor’s manifold derelictions of duty in such a way that ordinary German citizens can see them.

If the German people ever become aware of the lawless outrages that have been perpetrated against them — and that’s a big “if” — it may cause such a widespread popular revulsion that the current politically correct/multicultural establishment will be overthrown.

Many thanks to Nash Montana for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


0:00 With this video we want make a contribution,
0:03 to open the eyes of as many people in Germany as possible,
0:06 and we especially want to highlight the connections
0:09 and background which have led to this migration wave.
0:20 With this video we want to break through the cartel of silence in Berlin,
0:23 and we’re not going to cook up party-favoring soups.
0:26 I want to say here that I have sat in the office of the secretary general
0:29 of the CDU, and I expect that after this video I certainly
0:32 will not be allowed to go back. We want to present facts
0:35 instead of the practical in this time, and at the end of this video
0:38 we want to make an appeal to the representatives of the CDU.
0:41 and let’s just listen for now to what Angela Merkel said a few years ago
0:44 concerning the party donation scandal when Helmut Kohl
0:47 refused to disclose the names of the people involved in the scandal:
0:50 ”To make a promise is an important thing!
0:55 I am not even going present this lightly.
0:58 But to make a promise of something that
1:02 at the same time will break the law if that promise is kept,
1:05 that is something that we as the party who stand for —
1:08 and have always defended — this nation of laws will not tolerate!”
1:14 We just heard from Angela Merkel that apparently the CDU is the party
1:17 of the Rule of Law. Let’s listen now to something that a journalist
1:20 from the Springer House said about the world
1:23 on December 16 at “Tough but Fair”:
1:26 ”and when we then saw these […] at the main train station in Budapest
1:29 she […] acted and Angela Merkel had put
1:32 morality before law and I think this is very problematic.”
1:35 Again: Angela Merkel put morality before Law.
1:38 Therefore we have to ask is it acceptable for a head of state
1:41 to decide what is moral and what is immoral?
1:44 Can a head of state then say that her vision of
1:47 what morality is has more worth, and therefore
1:50 that laws can be broken, or is this the way
1:53 to a reign of despotism? But let’s continue
1:56 with serious sources. SPIEGEL published an article
1:59 on August 1st, 2016, under the telling title
2:02 ”Security breach at the chancellor’s office”,
2:05 in which it reported the following:
2:08 ”One after another they lodged complaints in Berlin, in order to pressure for better security at the border: The chief of the Constitution protection office Hans Georg Maasen, the chief of the Federal police Dieter Romann, and even the chief of the Federal intelligence service Gerhard Schindler.”
2:17 In the article it is even mentioned that the chief
2:20 of the Federal police had it confirmed in writing that he was ordered to remain passive,
2:23 so that later on he couldn’t be accused of breach of duty.
2:26 Isn’t it amazing? These are facts, it’s factual.
2:29 One has to try and imagine this for once just what exactly went on there.
2:32 In the meantime we now know that the concerns back then
2:35 have been absolutely confirmed by many events in the present.
2:38 But that’s not all. We want to pay attention to another article
2:41 that was printed in the Frankfurt Allgemeine, and this is the point —
2:44 we will present you with a link at the end of this —
2:47 where you can read everything for yourself in peace,
2:50 and where you also will find all the source links for what I present here.
2:53 In the article it is reported that there exists
2:56 no directive to open the borders
2:59 from the Ministry of the Interior through today.
3:02 But — according to the article — without this directive
3:05 from the Ministry of the Interior, it is clearly illegal
3:08 to let people into the country without any border control.
3:11 The FAZ (Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung) wrote:
3:14 ”It’s been heard from the ranks of the Union Fraction that there was a massive political pressure being put on the representatives of the Coalition Fraction so that they would refrain to direct any propositions concerning this matter towards the Federal Government; such propositions, it was furthermore signaled, would in regards to this matter not be addressed with an answer anyway.”
3:30 Ladies and Gentlemen, we have had this confirmed by our Berlin sources,
3:33 and I ask you: is this not just an absolutely outrageous
3:36 process of events we’re talking about here?
3:39 Apparently massive pressure was put on coalition representatives,
3:42 and I am telling you that up until today there have been no specific requests
3:45 in the German parliament regarding the matter we are talking about here.
3:48 In the comments section of “Beck’scher Online”, which is prestigious
3:51 among experts, it says that — and I am quoting literally —
3:54 ”Whether the federal ministry (of the interior) indeed had enacted such a directive at the end of August / beginning of September 2015 remains in the dark through today. Even the scientific services in the Federal Parliament are puzzled…”
3:59 (The “scientific services for the Federal parliament” are an institution which allow each individual federal representative to gather non-partisan information to any topic in the parliament through these services)
4:05 I will repeat this one more time: Even the scientific services
4:08 within the Federal Parliament are puzzled.
4:11 Ladies and gentlemen, the leadership of the Grand Coalition knows about all that, and I know what
4:14 I am talking about, because we have discussed this with federal representatives.
4:17 The Coalition leadership knows it, the Ministry of the Interior knows it,
4:20 the political leadership in Berlin knows it in its entirety.
4:23 But a wall of silence has been built,
4:26 things are concealed, glossed over and covered up.
4:29 Dear Angela Merkel, the most hurtful truth is the one we wish to conceal.
4:32 We are asking, we demand that the representatives
4:35 of the CDU and CSU, especially the Interior politicians,
4:38 who we know that are fully aware
4:41 of all the facts and circumstances, we demand that they finally fight for the law,
4:44 that they file for inquiries, and that hopefully this way,
4:47 will put pressure on the federal government
4:50 so that they finally will have to own up to the truth.
4:53 We cannot let this wall of silence exist any longer.
4:56 Now let me at this point — and I find it well fitting —
4:59 let me cite a quote from Bertholt Brecht:
5:02 ”He who fights might lose. He who won’t fight has already lost.”
5:05 This is about our rights, about our laws; this is about
5:08 the requirement for our government to adhere to law and order, and therefore,
5:11 dear representatives of the CDU and the CSU, please fight for upholding our laws.
5:14 And to those who think that these migration problems are now
5:17 over and done with because we made this pact with Erdogan,
5:20 and the Balkan Route was closed,
5:23 I will tell you that about six months
5:26 after the federal election of September 2017,
5:29 there will come another, brand new migration wave.
5:32 There is more of what it is about at the link below;
5:35 I will merely mention two keywords to you:
5:38 family reunification. and I will add something for you which
5:41 most people don’t even know, but within the concept
5:44 of family reunification only one person is counted as a migrant
5:47 or a refugee, which means that if three or four come here,
5:50 only one will be counted in the official refugee statistics,
5:53 but more on that in the links. Again, do not believe
5:56 that this is over. The federal government has shrewdly
5:59 set the date for family reunification for refugees,
6:02 for instance from Syria, to be not until after the federal election.
6:05 If you are now of the opinion that this is inhumane,
6:08 that it is unmerciful and socially cold, I also want to
6:11 help people in need, but we’re going to blend in an article from
6:14 the FAZ in which our foreign aid minister, our federal minister, expressed what it would look
6:18 like if we helped locally: Müller was speaking about supporting measures in Syria and neighboring
6:21 countries: “Each euro spent there will have 30 times the impact of what we can achieve
6:24 here in our country.” One million spent there would correspond to 30 million here.
6:27 The Neue Zürcher Zeitung at one time spoke of five times as much.
6:30 We don’t want to argue, it is abundantly clear that we could
6:33 achieve much much more locally on-site with the horrendous amount of money
6:36 that we are spending here.
6:39 This has nothing to do with demanding an inhumane act.
6:42 Our government looked the other way back near the end
6:45 of 2014, the beginning of 2015, when a massive cutback took place within
6:48 the world nutrition program of the United Nations.
6:51 We show you a link here as an example of a report
6:54 about drastic cutbacks in Lebanon, and we also show you
6:57 a report from Elmar Brok.
7:00 Elmar Brok is regarded as one of the most reputable CDU/CSU personalities
7:03 in the European Parliament in Brussels,
7:06 and this man has himself concluded that a drastic cutback
7:09 of almost 40% has taken place. The European representative Elmar Brok (CDU) “The migration wave from the Middle East started two and a half months ago to this extent because for instance the food supply was cut back by 40% and because there was no more money available.”
7:15 The fact that this is said by someone who was active on-site and locally
7:18 for a long time shows that the information
7:21 that I have is correct, namely that per month,
7:24 per refugee, $32 was spent in the past and
7:27 that this was cut back to $9,
7:30 that food rations were dramatically cut back.
7:33 Those vouchers in Lebanon therefore were
7:36 dramatically cut back, and everybody looked the other way.
7:39 Dear Elmar, why are you complaining about this today?
7:42 And you now say that with this action the motives for migration
7:45 were reinforced. Why did the Merkel government —
7:48 who were fully aware of that, for instance with a situational assessment
7:51 of the Federal Intelligence Service as we have learned —
7:54 why did the Merkel government remain inactive?
7:57 I am speechless about many things, but there is one point especially:
8:00 Our government also looked away when our allies,
8:03 at the head the USA, with Qatar, and Saudi Arabia,
8:06 made the butchery in the Syrian
8:09 civil war completely possible.
8:12 On October 2, 2015, on page 2 of the
8:15 Frankfurter Allgemeine, an article was published
8:18 in which the background of the Syrian war was illuminated.
8:21 It said that the CIA with a secret budget of $1 billion,
8:24 According to the New York Times, “How many Syrians exactly were trained by the CIA in Jordanian training facilities is unclear.” According to the New York Times there were between 3,000 to 5,000 fighters, and according to the Washington Post there were about 10,000 fighters. Therefore the CIA made up to $1 billion available for the program.”
8:36 Furthermore, a terror expert who until 2005 had a seat
8:39 with the chancellor, said back in 2011
8:42 that Qatar’s new Syrian policies — that’s the country in which
8:45 the world soccer championship will soon take place —
8:48 that the Qatar’s Syrian policies
8:51 will necessarily lead to a civil war in Syria, and again we will show you
8:54 a link in the report
8:57 that we compiled for this video.
9:00 And now I already have mentioned the FAZ as a source,
9:03 and since I also just presented a terror expert
9:06 from the office of the chancellor as a source,
9:09 yet so many have accused us that these were all conspiracy theories.
9:12 Interestingly, now someone new will be the president of the USA,
9:15 and this new US president, Donald Trump is who I am talking about,
9:18 He said that, “I am in talks with US generals and they all tell me the same thing over and over: We are spending billions of US dollars in weapons and financial support for people that we don’t even know. These groups are probably worse than Assad. Assad is not innocent, and he probably is not a good man, but who exactly are these people and groups that we are supporting? And again: Libya…”
9:35 Ladies and Gentlemen, these are words of the new president of the USA,
9:38 words that just a year ago were seen as conspiracy theories,
9:41 Words, however, which had been known to many security experts,
9:44 people with whom I could talk from security circles,
9:47 these are words that were well known even then, and
9:50 today the new president of the United States says these words.
9:53 Does that not make us think?
9:56 But, as is often the case, the arsonist himself
9:59 will not extinguish the fire. Up through today Saudi Arabia
10:02 has not taken in a single refugee, and the USA barely 10,000 Syrians.
10:05 And the most interesting thing is that these are data from the
10:08 State Department of the USA, the foreign ministry
10:11 of the United States, where Syrians were only admitted
10:14 after a security vetting process lasting an average of 18 to 24
10:17 months, by various secret services.
10:20 We have let in people uncontrolled, without control,
10:23 80% without any identification papers, as we now know,
10:26 and about the… possible breach of law that has been committed
10:29 by the chancellor, we’ve talked about this here extensively in the past.
10:32 I personally have been shocked by Merkel’s migration politics,
10:35 for all of these reasons.
10:38 We have asked the question of whether Merkel broke the law,
10:41 and there is a wall of silence in Berlin. I know from many representatives
10:44 that they know all the facts and that not one of them
10:47 has up until now dared to put this topic on the agenda in Berlin.
10:50 With this video we want to contribute to opening the eyes
10:53 of as many people as possible, and we want to
10:56 especially illuminate a little closer the connections in
10:59 the background that have led to this migration wave.
11:02 In the first place, it didn’t just come from out of nowhere;
11:05 it didn’t come all of a sudden and unexpected.
11:08 I believe that has become clear here. We want to
11:11 present facts, which in this time — which allegedly
11:14 has become a post-factual time — is extremely important.
11:17 You can read for yourself at all the links presented at the end.
11:20 After 26 years, I left behind my consternation
11:23 on October 8th, 2015 by leaving the CDU party,
11:26 and believe you me it wasn’t easy for me.
11:29 Dear Angela Merkel, please see to it that this CDU,
11:32 which I was a member of for 26 years, again becomes
11:35 the party of the Constitution. And dear representatives,
11:38 please see to it that this wall of silence is smashed.
11:41 At this point I want to mention a quote by Napoleon,
11:44 which I will put on the screen here:
11:47 ”There is no nation more good-natured, but also none more gullible, than the Germans. No lie is too crude: the Germans believe it. For the sake of a slogan they were given, they persecuted their compatriots more grimly than their real enemies.”
12:01 You can see that I am standing here in Frankfurt,
12:04 I myself am the chairman of the association “Pro Cash Pro Freedom”.
12:07 we’ve made two grand announcements in 2016 for the association;
12:10 we are strictly bipartisan, just as this video isn’t supposed
12:13 to cook up any partisan-flavored soups,
12:16 and I don’t think it has, and I am asking you to please visit
12:19 our website, at the link that we show you now, where you can read up on everything I just said,
12:24 and where we provide you with all the sources.
12:27 And furthermore there is a website,,
12:30 where we outline our important fight in favor of hard cash
12:33 and our liberty, and here on our YouTube channel Silberjunge [Silverboy]
12:36 you will also find what is happening right now about
12:39 the cash situation and India,
12:42 also what was announced on the day of the US election,
12:45 and what is happening in Sweden, how
12:48 it threatens our cash, and about the international war
12:51 on cash, you will find a lot of information about all that.
12:54 I’m pleased if you can make use of all this information.