This game is actually turning into some sort of fun, as surreal as this may sound. Iran, with Washington’s assistance, is pulling the egozi-furywool over the whole world’s eyes – including the US – en route to the so called “nuclear agreement”.

Last Friday, the Swiss town of Lausanne has begun hosting yet another round of talks, or more precisely another act in this absurd play. The end is a foregone conclusion, yet the events leading up to it are decorated with pleasantries, for the benefit of the clueless observers. US sources are spreading a wave of optimistic assessments that “a political understanding” can be reached by this Tuesday, the new deadline for the framework agreement.

This will be following by professional addendums in the weeks to come, until its completion by the end of June. However, British and other sources are leaking the road to the agreement is far from smooth.

With the number of centrifuges Iran will be allowed to have, and the numerous more it has undercover, they will be on the verge of becoming a nuclear power within two years. All the rest is b***t, and they will have achieved this under the auspices of an “agreement”, or more precisely per a ’play’ dictated with by Teheran, complete with a ’happy end’ for them.

Israeli resident who live near the Gaza Strip keep saying they are hearing digging sounds. They have reiterated this only last week. There is no doubt Hamas, aided by Israel’s weakness in the face of international pressure, is constructing a new scheme of assault tunnels.

Bowing to global pressure, Israel continues to transfer to Gaza huge quantities of iron and cement, which Hamas pumps into its digging sites.

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Up north too, Hezbollah is building tunnels.

There, at least, powers that be made a symbolic gesture of digging in several places ’in order to locate tunnels’. An absurd action. So this is what they are doing by way of preparing ahead of the next conflict on either front. Don’t say we didn’t tell you in advance.


The US has come up with a way to beat ISIS. They dispersed some 60 thousand posters over several regions in Syria, featuring cartoons of people being shoved into a meat grinder in the form of ISIS recruitment offices.

These posters are part of the US Army’s psychological warfare, being implemented with the aid of F-15 fighter jets. A Pentagon spokesperson told reporters that the posters were designed, inter alia, to dissuade youngsters from joining the Islamic State. Their message is something like ’if you join ISIS you’ll find yourself in a meat grinder’.

How did they not think of this before? Astonishing. Seriously, the US is once again displaying a lack of understanding of their opponents. Fighting ISIS does not require posters, but rather B-52 bombers, each casting away dozens of tons of bombs. All the coalition aircraft are currently doing is merely conducting a few symbolic bombings, which scrape the surface of ISIS’s military capabilities. Posters make for a nice gimmick, but without a serious blow, nothing will change on the ground.


Washington is about to celebrate the nuclear agreement with Iran, and the latter will be able to accelerate construction of their first nuclear bomb.

The Americans recently announced that “Syria no longer has any chemical weapons”.

Nevertheless, last week, evidence came from Syria about the use of canisters filled to the brim with lethal chlorine gas against the rebels.

Celebrations aside, the reality is different. The same will happen with Iran’s nuclear arms. It’s all one masquerade Washington is holding.

 Arie Egozi iHLS Editor in ChiefSource: iHLS

Arie Egozi– Editor in chief, iHLS, past articles