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With the ‘impeachment’ inquiry underway in the U.S. House of Representatives, any reasonable person will see the lineup of U.S. government officials arrayed against POTUS for disagreeing with them on American foreign policy. Impeachment is not just about removing President Trump from office or to prevent his re-election, it is about securing future control over American operations in foreign countries by the progressive Deep State that was established under the Obama Administration.

These people have become drunk on power and lots of your money; they don’t want this gravy train to stop.

Soros and his NGOs have essentially taken over the operations of the U.S. government in Ukraine. Open Society or Aspen Institute people have been placed strategically in positions of power throughout the Department of State, CIA, FBI, USAID, and other American governmental instruments. Soros NGOs like the Open Society Institute, the Aspen Institute, and the International Renaissance Foundation train a pipeline of cadre that, when experienced enough, are placed in the appropriate positions of power.

This also happens on the Ukrainian side. Soros-influenced personnel are located throughout the Ukrainian government, and penetrate every ministry in the country. These strategic tactics were honed by the Soros infrastructure in the Balkans and also in Central Europe.

These well-placed Soros agents make sure any decisions regarding commercial banks, sale of land, decentralization, minority benefits, etc, are all decided in favor of the progressive agenda. This process leads to the loss of sovereignty and the economic plunder of Ukraine. Much of the billions in aid given by the U.S. government and the International Monetary Fund are in turn given to Soros NGOs in-country to further the Soros plan. These developments have led to looting, laundering of money, breakdown of government institutions, bankruptcies and the fire-sale of government-owned institutions in Ukraine.

Sources within Ukraine inform CD Media that the Soros agenda includes getting control of Naftogaz assets in-country, control of the central bank, control of land by forcing the sale of agricultural land to foreign companies, and control of the political system in Ukraine.

Intelligence sources tell CD Media that the following people and institutions are or were in the Soros cabal in Ukraine:




  • Petro Poroshenko former President
  • Arseniy Yatsenyuk former Prime Minister
  • Volodymyr Groysman
  • Natalia Jaresco (US citizen) former Finance Minister
  • Alexandr Danilyuk former Finance Minister
  • Oksana Markarova Finance Minister
  • Yuriy Vitrenko (Naftogaz and Ukroboronprom)
  • Andrei Kobolev (Naftogaz)
  • Aivaras Abromacius (Minister of Economic Development and Ukrobornoprom)
  • Alexei Gonocharuk Prime Minster
  • Timofey Milovanov (Minister of Economic Development)
  • Inna Sovsun
  • Yuriy Blaschuk
  • Petr Chernyshov (Kyivstar)
  • Vladislav Rsahkovan (IMF, NBU)


  • Viktor Pinchuk allegedly owes more than $1 billion to George Soros funds or banks. Pinchuk controls people within the Ukrainian government and lobbies for legislation that supports the progressive agenda.



  • Georges Massoud at McKinsey Kyiv
  • Boijdar Djelic Lazard Managing Partner (former Finance Minister in Yugoslavia)


  • Golos (Vyacheslav Vakarchuk, Julia Klimenko). Golos is co-sponsored by Dragon Capital and the Soros machine.

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Reprinted with permission from CD MEDIA

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