By: Y.K. Cherson

Today, September 19, German Muslims held a day of protest against ISIS or the “Islamic State.” All the major news outlets have reported on the display of “peace.” But just a couple of weeks ago, something more indicative of the subtle Islamization of Germany took place.

Sharia Police Germany

Late in the evening on September 3, 2014, 11 young bearded guys appeared in the streets of the German city Wuppertal. Dressed in orange jackets with “Shariah Police” written across them in huge letters, the men stood at the entrances to Turkish discotheques, coffee shops and arcades, stopping young people in the attempt to convince them not to visit such “evil” places – and diligently recorded all this on video.

Soon this raid of Muslim moral guardians was stopped by the real police, who found out that these guys were well-known to them as members of the Salafi group. After checking their personal data, police officers ordered them to disperse- and the order was immediately obeyed.

End of story? No. In the morning a Salafi preacher named Abu Adam (a German convert named Sven Lau) commented on the raid of his followers, declaring that “we want to live by the laws of Allah” and calling the people to follow.

The scandalous action was highlighted by all German newspapers, from the “yellow media” to the most serious media outlets of national coverage. And the reaction of Germans was suddenly quite fierce; they saw this as a manifestation that Islam was passing from an abstract danger “somewhere over there” to a very concrete threat here and now.

Faced with such a reaction from their voters, politicians and leaders of Muslim communities and groups hurried to make the appropriate politically correct statements. The first was from the Minister of Interior of North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW) Ralf Jäger known for his opposition to the Muslim cartoon contest in May of 2012, out of fear for a similar backlash to the Danish Muhammad cartoons in 2005. “The so-called cartoon contest is deliberately aimed at provoking Muslims,” he said at the time.Murat KMurat K was convicted of stabbing two police officers.

He even tried to put a ban on those he accused of being the authors, but the courts disagreed, especially after “peaceful Muslims” started the riots in Bonn where two police officers were stabbed by a Salafist named Murat K, who showed no remorse when convicted of the stabbings. He said he was morally obligated to follow Islamic Sharia law.

This time Mr. Jäger proudly declared that “we shall not permit the extremist organization to threaten citizens in the streets of our cities.”

Muslim groups hastened to distance themselves from the actions of Abu Adam’s followers. The spokesman of the Coordination Council of Muslims, Ali Kizilkaya, said that “the majority of Muslims do not identify themselves with Salafists.” The chairman of Germany’s Central Council of Muslims, Aiman Mazyek, went even further, stating that “these young extremists had long ago distanced from Muslim community.”

Federal leaders seemed to have needed more time to prepare their position, but a couple of days later Federal Minister of Interior Thomas de Maizière  and Federal Minister of Justice and Consumer protection Heiko Maas stated that, “We shall not tolerate Shariah on German soil.”

On September 8, the heavy artillery personified by German Chancellor Angela Merkel fired the main caliber shot stating that “there is a state monopoly on certain kinds of activities” and called to take “resolute actions” against the so-called “Shariah Police”.

What followed? Salafist organizations were banned, Abu Adam was in some- at least minimal- way sanctioned… What are you talking about? Western society answers the evident – and growing- threat of Islamization of the West with properly organized and strictly peaceful protest manifestations where men and women, moving in strict accord with the authorities’ prescriptions, waive flags and  placards with slogans “no intolerance” and “we stand for peace”- and then go home feeling heroes after fighting the terrible dragon of “Islamism” and evidently defeating it.

But criticizing Islam??? No, no, it´s incorrect, it´s Nazism. And racism. And Islamophobia. And you cannot blame all Muslims for what some marginal group of them did. And such people as Jutta Becker who have the courage to raise their voice against the evident Islamization of Germany, are  not even given the chance to speak during Islamic-Christian disputes.

Recently, Nicolaus Fest, the deputy editor of German newspaper Bild, published an article about Islam being an obstacle to integration (Islam als Integrationshindernis) where he was imprudent enough to write: “I am a friendly Atheist… I believe in no G-d, but Christianity, Judaism or Buddhism do not bother me.

“Only Islam bothers me more and more. What bothers me is the far disproportionate criminality of young people with a Muslim background. What bothers me is the homicide ready contempt of Islam for women and homosexuals.

“I am bothered forced marriages, ‘magistrate’, ‘honor killings’. And anti-Semitic pogroms bother me more…“

Fest concluded his article with these “terrible” words: “I do not need imported racism, and what else Islam is, I do not need it either.”

As a matter of fact, what he said is by no means news for any average citizens of practically any Western European country. But for some reason, such evident statements raised hell among the German liberals. Bild immediately hurried with public apologies, publicly accused its own deputy editor of such unpardonable crimes as not being in love with Muslims and – what is even more unpardonable- of speaking the truth.

Muslim anti Israel GermanyMuslim anti-Israel protests turned violent in Germany this summer. The black flag of jihad is seen here.

The campaign fell short of accusing Mr. Fest of eating Muslim children for breakfast with orange juice. Finally, Bild concluded that “we cannot put together Islam – and Islamism, peaceful  law- obedient Muslims- and a handful of wild anti-Semites.” It would be interesting to note that all this happened whenTHOUSANDS of law-obedient and peaceful Muslims ravaged in the streets of German cities and their howling “Israel Vergasen”- “Gas Israel” was heard miles from the place of their “peaceful demonstration.”

Muslim Shariah Police was, of course, just a PR action organized by some marginal group that tries to attract public attention. But there is a very serious threat behind it. There are a lot of talks about how ISIS-ISIL-Islamic Caliphate did this or that in Syria or Iraq, about how they cruelly beheaded Western journalists, about how bad these awful and uncivilized Islamists in general are… But by the report of the Federal Counterintelligence, there are more than 500 German citizens fighting on the side of Islamic Caliphate now. Sooner or later, they will return home, as well as about 2,000 British and approximately the same number of French. What will they do?

Saudi King Abdullah can hardly be accused of being ignorant about the problem of Islamic terrorism. Actually, Saudi Arabia has been the terrorists’ sponsor for decades, and of course this would be impossible without the king’s approval. But at the meeting with foreign Ambassadors on August 28, the Saudi king bluntly stated that Islamic terror can very rapidly expand from the Middle East to the West.”If we ignore them( jihadists coming from Iraq and Syria), I am sure they will reach Europe in a month and America in another month,” he said in remarks quoted by Asharq al-Awsat Daily and the Saudi-backed Al-Arabiya television station.

“Terrorism knows no border and its danger could affect several countries outside the Middle East,” said the king who was speaking at a welcoming ceremony on Friday for new ambassadors, including a new envoy from Saudi ally the United States.

And this guy knows what he is talking about.

Seems Europe and America will soon face a problem they thought existed only “somewhere over there.”

And now- some politically incorrect questions. Maybe it’s time to stop the idiotic policy of tolerance and put an end to a massive immigration from Muslim countries to Europe and the USA? Or Europeans and Americans prefer to die defending the rights of Muslim immigrants to live on welfare taken from their taxes?

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