Y.K. Cherson | Cherson and Molschky

A wave of immigrants that inundated  Europe has become what in previous epochs  was called “a cultural war”. European society is now deeply separated: if you think that not to let refugees in would mean betray the core European values-you are a bearer of Light  and Progress. If you think that  letting them all in means risking the very existence of Europe and betraying these core values- you are a retrograde, racist, islamophobe, xenophobe…Almost a Nazi. At least, this is what those who are in the “Camp of  Light and Progress” say about their opponents.

Of course, being in the “Camp of Light and Progress” is nice, pleasant and comfortable. There the people are full of love, compassion  and empathy, “they live by the heart”- and are always ready to put a good dozen of senseless labels on those who propose to calculate the consequences. How can someone refuse to let in all those women with children in their laps and looking into those tragic children´s eyes?

There is a problem, though:

Women with children in their laps are a small minority in the crowds of immigrants. Most of them are young strong guys who do not look undernourished. They say they left their deeply-loved families behind, in the hands of a “ruthless enemy”, and that they will re-unite with them as soon as possible. If they love  their families- why are they not fighting for them? A man does not leave his wife and children “in the hands of a ruthless enemy” and runs away; if he does, then there is another name for him, and this name is neither ” a man”  nor “a refugee”.

These strong young guys could not find their side in the fight or could not find weapons to defend their country and their families?

Come on, there are eight fractions in Syria, they are fiercely fighting between them and they  all are armed to their teeth.

Just three years ago Angela Merkel- and many other European politicians solemnly declared that the policy of multiculturalism failed. A theory was great, harmonic, liberal, humanistic… But in practice, it failed. What unknown facts or circumstances made European leaders make a round about turn and start calling all European countries to open their doors, borders and wallets for millions of immigrants from Africa and Middle East? Maybe Mrs. Merkel had vision which revealed to her that if she opens the doors of Europe to millions of hostile and unwilling to integrate Muslim immigrants and raise their  number to 30 percent from current 10 percent, then their increased number will blow a fresh wind into the sails of an old failed theory? No, all is much simpler: a Chancellor of Germany behaved like a normal Western conformist: if a pressure of circumstances becomes unbearable then we must just change a sign from negative to positive, announce the situation a new higher stage of a Progress- and you are again on the right side of history, in a camp of victors. And those who call it a historical defeat  and betrayal of Europe and its core values are retrogrades, right-wing bigots, racists  and just morons.

Martin Shultz, a President of the European Parliament, has recently made  a terrifying discovery:
number of refugees to Europe will not stop, it will go on growing.

Who could  imagine  that European politicians would  understand it. And who could imagine that Angela Merkel  speaking in Bundestag would say  that Germans hope  the newcomers would respect rules and values established in German Constitution and would integrate in German society  and learn  German language. This, in opinion of Mrs. Merkel, is a base for the integration of refugees if they want to stay in Germany  for a long time.

The problem is that these “refugees” do not express any readiness to integrate and spit on German Constitution and European values,  that their learning of German will start with the words” give me your money or I shall cut your throat”, and that in their opinion, it´s Germans who have to learn Arabic. And Swahili too. They make it pretty clear that they  have  come to Europe not “ for a long time”- but forever. Moreover, this first wave is only the beginning; soon these guys will invite their wives, children, parents, cousins… Reunification of families is sacred. And to do this in their own countries is definitely impossible , Arab and African families must be re-unified exclusively in Germany, Britain, Sweden…Well, ok, in France or in Italy. But Poland, Slovakia, Romania or Bulgaria are not good for “poor refugees “and their families; climate there is too severe for these sun-loving people, in Sweden and Britain it´s much hotter…Or maybe  welfare in these countries  is much higher?

Today it´s already evident that a road to Hell is, as usual paved with good liberal intentions and “humanism”. Donald Tusk, a current “president of the EU”, has already recognized that “refugees” problem is testing European unity, and if the liberal experiment does not stop, the test will most probably end in disruption of the main principle of the EU: freedom of movement. As a proof that this statement is right, a Minister of Interior on Merkel Government, Mr. Thomas de Mesier has called to urgently close the EU borders. And all this goes hand in hand with mutual accusations about not being “humanistic” and “democratic”. UN High Commissioner for Human Rights , a Saudi Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein  accused Hungary of «xenophobic and anti-Muslim position” towards the hordes of illegal immigrants from Muslim countries who arrive to Hungary by dozens of thousands, and of defying the fundamentals of democracy. Of course, this Saudi Prince is a great expert; his native country shows to the word a shining example of respect to human rights and democracy, and Saudi Arabia, as well as Kuwait, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, hosted millions of Arab refugees…Saudi Arabia, for example, accepted 4. No, no, not four millions of even four thousands; just FOUR. And United Arab Emirates were four times more generous and hosted SIXTEEN. No money, you see, we are just poor exporters of oil…  However, Saudis scratched money for proposing to build 200 mosques in Germany alone.

Austrian President, after Austria halted accepting refugees COMPLETELY, accused Hungary of “Nazism”. Britain agreed to accept 20,000 of refugees in five years, and presented it as a big triumph of democracy, although Germany accepts 500,000. France practically does not admit refugees but behaves as if it were crying her beautiful French eyes out, looking at the road if dear refugees from Africa and Middle East are not coming- and together with Germany accusing East European countries of being “not democratic”.

Hypocrisy at its finest! If we say humanism and respect for human rights is a Universal moral principle, then it is universal and is valid for ALL circumstances. It cannot be changed because the number of refugees exceeds our expectations. It cannot be limited by the first million of refugees and say it is not applicable to the second million. If refugees have a right to accede to the European house because they have this right and not because they´ve managed to run to the European borders first, then those who will come after them have this right too. Military conflicts go on all over the world continuously, countries get ruined and fall, like domino, and by the UN, only clashes under Mosul in Iraq can push about 10 million people to leave. And a total number of  potential refugees from  Middle East is now estimated in about 10 million people only in the first wave. Having in mind that every refugee who got an official status also gets the right to reunification with his/her family, and that their families are not small, the question of Germany becoming  New Syria and Europe in general converting in New Pakistan becomes just a question of time, and pretty short time besides.

Jaroslav Hašek in his wonderful satire “The Fateful Adventures of the Good Soldier Švejk During the World War” gave a good description of an idiot when his hero at the medical commission told a story of a man who had found a semi-frozen dog in the street. He had taken it  home, fed it and even laid  it in their marital bed. The dog got warmed, recovered- and bit all the family, then found a new- born baby in his cradle and tore him to pieces.

Must have been a very nice and humanistic person with a big heart and kind soul.

Pity he was an idiot.