Muslims destroyed Bosnia. It all started during the Ottoman invasions to expand Islam and millions of Slavic people taken into slavery. This is yet another country that never recovered from a superimposed Muslim population. Muslims came to Bosnia to kill infidel Christians, be it Serbian or Croatian, and attempted to advance Islam in Europe.

Nasheed QOM Bosnia

Is there a Muslim presence anywhere in the world, free from conflict and jihad? Never. Bosnia has been engaged in many years of wars and tragedies, deeply entwined with their history with Muslim invasions. And as with all countries infected with Muslim presence and Islam, Bosnia has never fully recovered.

Instead it turned into an endless basket case of poverty and Muslim aggression, a shame spot no one wants to deal with. A political whorehouse of Islamic initiated conflicts and divisions created everywhere because Muslims simply refuse to leave other people alone. We don’t often hear the bare facts that it was the fundamental Islamic ideal to never allow harmonious existence with anyone else that became the catalyst and tensions creating WW1.

Watch the Bosnian Muslim victim narrative in full swing. It’s almost unreal. They simply can’t see themselves in the mirror. Is there a more evil, a more incurable and demented creed of people on earth than Muslims? You will find it astonishing that Muslim crybabies feel sorry for themselves in this clip after terrorizing an entire nation for 500 years. Muslims are the root cause of the problems in Bosnia. Bosnia will never return to humanity unless the Muslims are completely wiped out from the region. There needs to come a point when the rest of the world makes a final decision and gather together to join and permanently and fully eliminate this savage element all over the world, no matter where they are.

The fact that we can see country after country completely lose all its stability, history, culture, security and economy after their doors opened to an ever growing Muslim presence, and as their numbers grow, escalates into wars and aggression makes it unfathomable how stupid other countries are allowing Muslims any entry at all. In the UK, Netherlands, France, Spain we are seeing a future Bosnia rapidly developing. All created in tandem with left wingers and Eurocrats.



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