by Falko Baumgartner
H/T Gates of Vienna

Original German Language Source: Politically Incorrect
Translated by Rembrandt Clancy

13 June 2016

Many details are still unclear, but yet one thing is certain: the Muslim terrorist attack on the gay disco “Pulse” in Orlando (Florida) constitutes a milestone. The largest terror attack on American soil since September 11 2001 has claimed 50 fatalities. It is the bloodiest killing spree in recent US history and the worst attack on homosexuals ever. An additional 50 people were injured and some of them are fighting for their lives in intensive care.

For the presumptive democratic presidential contender, Hillary Clinton, the attack constitutes a political meltdown. Like her party colleagues and her former presidential rival, President Obama, Clinton counts on a broad-ranging coalition of so-called “minorities”, of both the ethnic type (Blacks, Latinos, Asiatics, Muslims) and the gender kind (women, gays, lesbians, LGBT).

The only factor common to this exceedingly heterogeneous alliance is the joint struggle against allegedly “privileged”, white, heterosexual, masculine Euro-American, who is thought to bar these groups of persons from social, legal and political equality. There has never been a good relationship among most of these groups, but that has played no special role, provided a sufficient share in the spoils could be cut for everyone out of the treasure belonging to the American nation considered as an historical entity (“affirmative action”). Also, whites like Hilary Clinton or current Vice-President Joe Biden can still occupy leadership positions in the party, as long as they devote themselves to the policy of redistribution and the self-disempowerment of whites.

But now the bloodbath in Orlando could blow the rainbow coalition of the Democrats apart. One minority (Muslims) massacres another (LGBT) out of hate for the latter. Many of the victims were moreover Latinos, another group for whom liberals demand protection, for it was “Latin Night” at the Pulse. The perpetrator, Omar Mateen, is a second-generation Afghan immigrant with American citizenship. Clinton faces an unparalleled political balancing act. How can she relieve the growing anxiety of the gays over the importation of Islamic homophobia, when at the same time she supports the mass immigration of Muslims to America?

Liberals hasten to sidetrack the narrative; in his short statement, Obama attempts to draw a connection to gun laws. But did the strict European gun laws prevent the Islamic attacks in Paris and Brussels? What commercially available weapon runs around shooting or bombing while shouting “Allahu Akbar”? That the common denominator of San Bernardino, Bataclan and Maalbeek is the Islamic religious ideology common to the assassins, is becoming ever more difficult for the liberal deniers of reality to gainsay.

The FBI questioned Mateen twice regarding his radical tendencies — inconclusively. But if Western domestic secret services are unable to examine even one suspect effectively, then how can they assess the danger of terrorism coming from hundreds of thousands of unknown Near Eastern “refugees”? Does it suffice to rely on the Merkel-metaphysics — “We can do it”?

With extraordinary courage, the Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, shortly after the Islamic Massacre in San Bernardino in December, had already called for a moratorium on Muslim immigration. This public demand would have finished any other top-ranking Western politician, but Trump not only survived the unprecedented liberal s**tstorm, but even gained support in the opinion polls directed at the Republican primaries. His warnings have now been tragically validated in Orlando.

Trump has thereby gained political room for manoeuvre to prevail against the antagonistic mass media and win voters from Clinton’s shaky coalition of antagonisms. He can now use the initiative to promote his project of a comprehensive securing of the American nation-state against the barbarism imported from the Third World. Clinton, on the other hand, has for the first time been forced on the defensive.

With lasting effect Orlando will shake the religious faith of the Left in the superiority of the United Nations of America over the United States of America, of imported diversity over organic homogeneity. Nothing in their self-assured world will remain as before. Orlando is the beginning of the end of the coalition of everyone against European man. The moment for a foundational paradigm change in Western politics draws nearer.