eugendforssEU Police and Military Force Rehearses for Civil War in Germany Baron Bodissey | Gates of Vienna One of the characteristics of the age we live in is that it produces a vast amount of real, verifiable information that would normally sound like the stuff of paranoid conspiracy theories. If you aren’t paranoid before you start reading some of this stuff, you will be after you look into it Back in 2010 we posted an investigative report about EUROGENDFOR entitled “The Armed Enforcers of the Fascist European Superstate”. None of the material about this force is secret — it’s just not very prominent. Most of it is written in dense bureaucratese and buried under layers of official jargon, which makes it a potent soporific as far as most readers are concerned. The same is true of Eurabia, of course: all the documentation for what happened in the 1970s is on the public record, but it takes some dedicated sleuthing — and presumably a tanker truck full of caffeine — to dig out the whole story. JLH has translated an article from Kopp Verlag about a EUGENDFOR training operation that was kept as secret as possible. The translator includes this introductory note:

Kopp is an interesting publishing house. They have a decidedly anti-progressive viewpoint and a predilection for conspiracy theories and exposés. The thing is, at least some of the conspiracy theories — like Mel Gibson’s in the film of the same name — have some substance. It was one of their more prolific authors — Udo Ulfkotte — who discussed the meaning of EUROGENDFOR[1] at least five years ago.
The translated article:

EU Police and Military Force Rehearses for Civil War in Germany

by Stefan Schubert May 2, 2016 Screened from public view in North Rhine-Westphalia, units of European police and military have carried out a major exercise in putting down unrest and civil war-like actions. It is especially the financing of this exercise by the EU Commission that has prompted questions. The suspicion arises that EU functionaries are in the process of developing a Europe-wide anti-insurgency troop directly answerable to them. Although a member of [the North Rhine-Westphalian] parliament repeatedly requested and finally pressed to be an observer, he was rudely repulsed. The major exercise took place two weeks ago in the Westphalian district of Weeze, with ca. 600 police and military. The EU Commission, too, rigidly rejected the request for a parliamentary observation, and referred the local parliamentarian to the Netherlands gendarmerie in Marechausee[2] eugendfor1This is also significant, because this nearly 7,000-strong troop is not a police unit, but is responsible to the Minister of Defense and is an independent force, alongside the army, navy and air force. It has broad authority. The responsible colonel could not seem to think of any prevarications that would speak against the presence of a local parliamentarian. And so, in his telephone conversation with Representative Andrej Hunko, he brusquely re-defined the exercise funded by European taxes as a private activity of the Netherlands Defense Ministry. War games on German soil for suppressing unrest and civil war-like actions as a private activity of an alien army. The EU makes it all possible. Furthermore, the closing out of the public is peculiar, since the EU officials have made enormous expenditures to promote their “European Police Services Training’ (EUPST). They even commissioned a propaganda film for one past exercise. it was reminiscent of a kitschy Hollywood flick glorifying the military. The troop already has its own logo, which is more than a little revealing. Flaunted centrally is not the designation of any country, but “European Commission”. Militarization of the Police by the EU Commission Formation of this EU troop, which outwardly appears to be a pure police unit, is disconcerting. Paramilitary forces are in the lead, which are directly responsible to the defense ministries, as are the Carabinieri of Italy, the Gendarmerie of France ad the Guardia Civil of Spain.[3]
>These units are trained to be used in times of war as well. Furthermore, these troops are organized through EUROGENDFOR, a swift, paramilitary intervention force which can be activated worldwide in the name of NATO, OSCE [Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe] and the UN.
“Crisis reaction mechanism” is officialdom’s circumlocution for this militarization of the police. Erdogan’s police is recognized as an official partner and has an observer status. So when students, women and Kurds are clubbed to the ground and tear-gassed, that is with acquired tactics and knowledge financed by European, including German, taxpayers. The EUPST is not squeamish about seeking international cooperation. In the first series of these exercises in 2014, called “Lowlands Grenades”, there were special units from Kenya, Cameroon, Ruanda, Uganda and Sudan. Currently, in April, 2016, paramilitary units from Turkey, Tunisia and Cameroon participated. And when, as before, 1800 German federal police officers practiced urban warfare on the army’s exercise grounds, even the notorious Ukrainian special unit “Berkut” was there. It has been accused of causing serious injuries to people at the uprisings at the contested Maidan Square in 2013 and 2014. Why is the EU Commission Creating Its Own Troops? The final point is that the police units initiated and financed by the EU Commission, like EUROGENDFOR and EUPST, do not serve even at a rudimentary level for crime-fighting, but are solely for the purpose of putting down unrest up to and including civil war. These paramilitary units from Brussels could even be put into service preventing unwelcome protests: putting a stop to Pegida walks in Dresden, securing electioneering appearances by Merkel and Maas, or foreclosing confrontation by militant leftist or rightist radicals. Any of these interventions is conceivable. All of this may be difficult to grasp. But why is the EU Commission creating millions-strong units, if it does not intend to use them? Just the creation of these units attests the dominant arrogance of Brussels officialdom, because every election and present polls confirm unambiguously that the citizenry rejects a central state administered from Brussels. Or could it be that these very background facts have inspired the EU Commission to create its own EU troops for putting down uprisings?
1. European Gendarmerie Force
2. This is the so-named “Koninklijke Marechaussee”
3. Is there some significance to the fact that these are all institutions in Romance rather than Germanic countries? Napoleonic law heritage?