“I don’t care if they’re offended — I’m offended every day.”

Tommy Robinson, the leader of the English Defence League, was interviewed at length about yesterday’s atrocity in Woolwich. He has a few choice words for Prime Minister David Cameron, London Mayor Boris Johnson, and other notables who have facilitated the descent of Britain into the Islamized pit in which it finds itself:

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Imposing a “Narrative” on Boston, Stockholm, and London

May 23, 2013 by Baron Bodissey

Yesterday Vlad Tepes interviewed Maj. Stephen Coughlin (ret.), an accomplished American expert on Islamic law, about the ongoing riots in the suburbs of Stockholm, what had just happened in London, and what happened in Boston last month.

Maj. Coughlin describes the ways in which Western political leaders and the media impose a “narrative” on jihad attacks to dissociate them from Islam and make them appear something other than what they obviously are:


Norwegian Enricher Expresses Solidarity with the Woolwich Butchers

The Muslim community in Europe embraces the New World Order’s concept of borderlessness, at least as it concerns solidarity in jihad. A prominent “Norwegian” Salafist has expressed his enthusiasm for the “wonderful news” from Woolwich yesterday.

Many thanks to John M for translating this article from Dagbladet:

Ubaydullah Hussain hails the machete-killer in London

ubaydullahhussainA British soldier was brutally killed in broad daylight in Woolwich, London yesterday. The soldier was first hit by a car, then attacked with knives and machetes.

One of the two attackers was filmed shortly after the crime.

“We swear by the Almighty Allah that we will never stop fighting against you. The only reason we do this is because Muslims are dying every single day. The British soldier was just an act of: ‘an eye for eye, a tooth for tooth,’” says the murderer as he looks straight into the camera. Something which has resulted in the British Prime Minister David Cameron to address this as “a terrorist attack”.

In Norway, the controversial Oslo resident Arslan Maroof Hussain (27) , better known as “Ubaydullah Hussain”, has applauded the brutal murder. Last night he wrote on his Facebook profile:

“Wonderful news from England. A terrorist pig from the British army has been slaughtered by our brave brothers. Allahu Akhbar!

“May Allah SWT reward their actions and intentions and humiliate the enemies of Islam in the worst possible way.”

Hussain was previously featured as one of the most attention-seeking Islamists and has at times also been referred to as leader of The Prophet’s Ummah , which is under investigation by the Oslo police and the Police Security Service.

This is far from the first time Hussain has posted controversial Facebook updates.

In January, he praised the terrorist attack at the gas production facility In Amenas [in Algeria], where five Norwegians were killed.

In December of last year, he passed on a Facebook message from Arfan Bhatti, in which Norwegian soldiers in Afghanistan were described as “living targets, living corpses” to TV 2.

In October, he posted a message which many saw as death threats against Norwegian Jews.

Hussain was also arrested in October for threats against two journalists from Dagsavisen and Aftenposten — and against the Jewish community. Although, according to himself, the threats were meant in a sarcastic way.