Paul Weston, Chairman British Freedom

David Blunkett (ex-Labour Home Secretary) wrote an interesting article last week entitled British politicians have rarely been so ridiculed and despised, and that should worry us all. He went on to quote Labour strategist Philip Gould who stated modern politicians were like footballers playing at empty grounds: the crowds have lost interest and left.


Photo by DAVID ILIFF. License: CC-BY-SA 3.0

Blunkett’s article was published shortly after a poll suggested a large section of the electorate would back a party that confronted the mass immigration and Islamic problems within Britain. It is no coincidence therefore that the three main parties are playing to empty grounds – they simply no longer reflect the concerns of their core vote. 

The Labour Party: The tragic irony of Labour is their almost total betrayal of the working men and women of Britain. Between 1997 and 2010 they exported our skilled industrial base and imported the unskilled Third World – along with Eastern Europeans happy to work for wages too low to support the indigenous working man, let alone his family.

The cheerleaders in the liberal media were all for this. Middle class BBC types and Guardian readers found they could employ cheap nannies, gardeners and builders to support their affluent lifestyles even as they sipped caffé latte in the fair-trade coffee shops of Islington and Hampstead where they gathered to discuss working class oppression by the forces of Conservatism.

Run by a clique of Oxbridge educated social inadequates, the Labour Party proudly proclaimed their desire to import the Third World in order to “rub the noses of the right in diversity” but the only noses rubbed in diversity were those of the working class. Never has Joe Sobran’s critique of middle-class intellectuals been so apt: “The purpose of a college education is to give you the correct view of minorities, and the means to live as far away from them as possible”.

Over the three terms of the Labour government the population of Britain (principally within England) grew from 58 million to almost 63 million. The indigenous population was in decline during this period and there are no reliable statistics to tell us how many native Brits emigrated either, so these figures are far worse than they sound. This is population replacement, and amounts to a complete betrayal of not just the working class but of the country itself.

The Conservative Party: Prior to their election in 2010 the Conservatives promised to reduce immigration to the tens-of-thousands. This was a lie. Last year saw over half-a-million immigrants flood into Britain with what appears to be the tacit approval of a supposedly Conservative government.

We hear little from David Cameron about the Islamic threat. The recent revelations about Muslim grooming and gang-rape have finally instigated a Select Committee enquiry, but from Cameron there is only silence. Andrew Gilligan reports in The Telegraph that far from confronting this growing horror, Cameron continues to fund groups with connections to fundamentalist Islam and refuses to proscribe the Islamic extremist movement Hizb-ut-Tahrir.

Cameron is also a founding signatory to Unite Against Fascism (UAF) – a group of far-left street thugs whose sole remit is to close down the freedom of speech and freedom of assembly of any group which wishes to raise the catastrophic consequences of allowing radical Islam to grow unhindered in Britain.

The Liberal Democrats: Not sure there is much analysis worth doing here. If it is against the interests of native Brits it is probably Lib Dem policy….

The British National Party: Given the terrible situation Britain is in, the BNP should be making huge gains everywhere, but they are not. This is principally down to Nick Griffin, who has presided over a party in terminal decline due to his total ineptitude. Griffin cares little about Britain but does care a great deal about himself. This is why he expels any genuine talent within the BNP, which he sees as a potential rivalry to his leadership.

Griffin’s real moment of meltdown came courtesy of Question Time. Here at last was a nationwide platform for an experienced man to blow the far-left traitors and multiculturalists out of the water with rational, logical and well-researched argument. But Griffin failed, and exposed as a Holocaust denier it was he who was blown out of the water by the useless lightweights Bonnie Greer and Jack Straw.

Reduced to trying to substantiate his anti-Semitism, he was unable to even mount a defence of the indigenous English after Bonnie Greer made the extraordinary statement that such people did not exist. Where was Griffin’s immediate argument about the UN definition of genocide, or the rights of indigenous peoples as mandated by the UN? Nowhere, is the answer. Griffin stammered, stuttered and was so comprehensively outwitted that the BBC was accused of being “nasty” to him. Truly pathetic.

Griffin’s obsession with Zionism and race make the BNP unelectable in the eyes of the majority of Brits. It is almost as though he has gone out of his way to destroy the nationalist vote, leading many people to think he is nothing more than an MI5 stooge.

The one area he should have been concentrating on – Islam – he failed to. “We will work with the Muslims” says Griffin in this video. Why, Nick?

What a dreadful position political Britain is in. The main parties are complicit in its destruction whilst the one party capable of mounting some sort of defence has been so discredited under Griffin it is now as dead as the proverbial Dodo.

This is exactly why British Freedom was formed. We are prepared to talk about the threats Britain faces and we are prepared to stick to our word if we are elected. There is no comparable party in Britain which will speak up for the genuine interests of the people and most importantly, it is not hampered by a leadership of traitors (Lib/ Lab/ Con) or a leadership that is discredited beyond repair after decades of ranting about Holocaust denial and supposed Zionists behind every bush and tree (BNP).

British Freedom can do it. All we need is the unified support of decent, traditional Brits. Don’t fall for the mainstream media’s portrayal of us as far-right extremists, because there is nothing far-right about wishing to preserve our country, culture and people. Also, don’t fall for the hysterical and dishonest smears thrown at us by Griffin. Our main concerns are mass immigration, Islam, education, crime, leaving the EU and the promotion of our traditional British culture.

In other words, just the sort of policies a majority of Brits would actually vote for according to the poll mentioned at the beginning of this article. It is high time the useless, dangerous, treacherous Milibands, Camerons, Cleggs and Griffins were consigned to the dustbin of history – before it is too late.

The objectives of the British Freedom Party shall be to defend and restore the freedoms, traditions, unity, identity, democracy and independence of the British people, to establish full sovereignty over all our national affairs by restoring the supremacy of the British Parliament, to withdraw from the European Union, to promote democratic British nationalist principles, to promote the social, economic, environmental and cultural interests of the British people and to preserve and promote the ancestral rights and liberties of the British people as defined in the British Constitution.