Who Will be a Voice for the Voiceless…of this sugar coated genocide for profit

Civil War

Musket rifles with minie ball bullets blast across the Mason-Dixon line from both sides.
Bayonets in my neighbor’s neck if they’re close enough,
gun smoke and tension’s in the air.
This won’t end for another four years: The American Civil War.

A bloody conflict within the same nation. On the back of blacks was built the wealthiest.
Lincoln had no use for these slave trades, he had more honorable ways of being successful.
The Confederate South couldn’t stand it, and a house divided against itself can’t anyway.
Firearms changed everything. Slave ships were packed, and hearts were hardened.
Never asked to be here, how unfair that we’re the problem.
Never asked to be here, how unfair that they’re the problem.

All in the name of freedom.

Party like a rock star while little ones are dying.
Silent screams from injected saline, and dreams you will never hear
because little lungs were punctured before they can fully function.
Who will be a voice for the voiceless!?

The abolitionists.

How many freight trains of injustice will roll by behind church buildings
while service inside sings louder!?

Hands in the air, pump up the volume: bass, kick, snare,
drowning out the rumblings of oppression!
No formal funerals, nor miniature caskets,
Only the likes of medical waste management.


Tell me: How many pounds of flesh do you pick up for profit!?
And when will that weight begin to weigh down on your conscience?
Jim Jones, no thanks, you can keep your Kool-Aid!

This sugar-coated genocide is sponsored by media, abortion pills, birth control;
control the growth, convince ‘em to commit cultural suicide!
Not televised in the hills.

Killer number one among African-Americans is done by a wolf in sheep’s clothing:
music soft, white coats, put ‘em on, take ‘em off.
How much does it cost to ignore the exotic white tiger in the bathroom?
Or are we too hung over to pick up the phone?
I know you don’t want to go through with this!
But are these counselors counseling or selling a service?

Tell me, who’s gonna sue an abortionist for malpractice
if the purpose is to keep it on the hush?
If they don’t care about your baby, they don’t care about your body!
This is called making it rain under the umbrella of women’s health.
Fifty dollar bills are filled with the faces of Ulysses S. Grant,
who led the union army into victory.

Cash wins again! And still rules everything around me.
Methods of man are like Hulk, bustin’ through the seams with all green.
If they could put a TAX on CRACK, you will find it at your local Walgreens.
Trust me. We take less than two percent of the cases rape, incest, and life on the line
to justify the ninety-nine reckless who occupy all streets.

Listen. Men and women need higher standards and better judgment on my wish list.
But hurt people hurt people; this all boils down to forgiveness.

Where’s the humility?

Daddies runnin’ away like slaves from the so-called shackles and chains of responsibility.
Meanwhile, Mommy wants to secede from this union, and it only ends in bloodshed!

History repeats itself!

The new civil war, where African-Americans are still on the frontlines,
no jury, dying for the same reasons: “They’re not human, fully.”
Slavery wouldn’t have ended if it depended on quiet folks
willing to take a bullet to the head and some riots.
And I’m all for non- violence because words can change trends.
But worse than words from my enemies is the silence from my friends

Poem by: Shawn Welcome

H2O by Shawn WelcomePoem by: Shawn Welcome and check out is book on Amazon, click on book image and visit his blog.

Shawn Welcome, a nationally known performance poet, is blessed with a gift to encourage, inspire, educate, and motivate. Shawn has more than 10 years’ public performing experience, which includes drama and acting. He has ministered to various churches across the Central Florida area and has also spoken in the corporate arena for companies, such as Nike, Johnson & Johnson, Hewitt Associates, Wycliffe Bible Translators, and much more. Shawn (former stage name, Willie Lowman) ranked 14 in the 2007 National Poetry Slam.