Egypt gay wedding-450x253Inciting debauchery and offending public morality are the charges against eight men in Egypt for appearing in a same-sex wedding video. They were sentenced to three years in prison.

This should be of particular interest to the US, which has been making it a mission to legalize gay marriage across the nation, where 32 states have already been won over- or at least, a federal court has made it so after appeals. According to the “Freedom to Marry” website, as of October 3:

“There have been 42 victories for the freedom to marry since June 2013, when the U.S. Supreme Court struck down the core of the so-called Defense of Marriage Act in Windsor v. United States. Twenty-three rulings have been issued in federal court, fourteen have been issued in state court, and four have been issued by a federal appellate court. In just two cases, a Tennessee state court case and a Louisiana federal court case, judges have upheld the state’s marriage ban.”

Yet as I recently wrote in “Pastors Opposing ‘Gay Rights’ Targeted While Muslims Execute Gays,” in the US, the focus is on Christian naysayers, rather than Muslims, despite the fact that generally speaking, Christians oppose legalizing gay marriage, not persecuting gays, putting them in prison or executing them like in many Muslim countries.

In the West, Muslims are a protected group, no matter how much violence stems from Islamic ideology. At the same time, the gay rights agenda has been pushed by the very same liberals who defend Islam. There is a disconnect here. Or hypocrisy, take your pick.

More on the case in Egypt:

“The New York-based Human Rights Watch said in September that Egyptian authorities have repeatedly arrested and tortured men suspected of consensual gay conduct.” Keep reading at Fox News…

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