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Segment One

Today we are going to talk about how Islam is on the front lines in the continent of Europe.

There was a time when Berlin was the front line of the Cold War against Communism. Today, the whole continent of Europe is the front line against Islam. The walls in Europe are being broken down by Islam at this very moment.

We can see how Islam has tried to take over the continent of Europe. This should be of great concern for us here in America because the consequences are serious. If Islam controls the wealth and the weapons of Europe, what effect will it have on our national security in North America? We are worried about Muslims getting nukes over in Iran, but what about the nukes in London? What about the war heads in France, in Germany? If we lose these nations to Islam you know where they’re going to be pointing them.

This is not the first time Islam has tried to take over Europe. They tried twice before. The first time they tried to come into Europe across North Africa, through Spain, then they marched into France.

They were turned back at the battle of Tours, or more specifically at the city of Poitiers, in 732. I know this town pretty well because that is where my wife is from. That’s where her family still lives, and we go to visit that area often I have been to the site of the battle a number of times. Charles Martel, also known as the Hammer, pushed the Muslim forces back. Had he not stopped the armies of the Muslims from marching through Europe, we would have a different history today. Europe would be different and even America would be quite different.

Because someone said, “No, we are not going to let this ideology, this religion, take us over and make us their servants, we are not going to submit, we are not going to bend, we are taking our stand,” the Muslims were pushed back.

220px-1684 Entsatz von Wien anagoriaThe relief of Vienna on 12 September 1683The first two advancements were done by the sword. They were trying to conquer as Mohammad had taught them.

The second battle was actually a two part battle, perhaps some of our listeners are familiar with the Siege of Vienna in 1683 where the final battle was fought. Until I had done some more research, I didn’t realize that it actually started at an earlier battle in 1529 where the Ottoman Empire, which was a Muslim empire, marched against Europe.

The Ottoman Empire wasn’t just one nation like we think of it today, but it was the Islamic army coming into Europe. They were led by Suleiman the Magnificent. They were pushed back in the first battle of 1529, but they came back later for the final battle which took place in Vienna in 1683. What is very significant about the battle of 1683, is that the actual day the battle was fought and won was on September 11th, 1683.  (Battle of Vienna)

September 11th is a date that I am sure you remember. In Islam these dates are very significant. The fact that we were attacked on September 11th is not an accident, it is intentional. It signifies the first push in Europe, the second push in Europe, and now it is the third wave of Islam that we believe is coming.

The difference this time is that they’re not just attacking by the sword. Now there’s another element, they have learned that cultural Jihad, stealth Jihad, may be more effective than just blowing up things and killing people. In the past, every time they came with the sword (the Battle of Poitiers in France, and the Battle of Vienna), they were pushed back because there were those who were willing to say “No, enough is enough!”.

We recognize that Islam is a threat to life as we understand it, and we recognize that Islam is our enemy. Not the average Muslim, but Islam, the ideology, and we must push it back. We have said many times that this is where America must get to. As Americans we have to understand that, unless we resist this ideology of Islam with every means possible, we will be taken over. What they have done with great success in Europe, they WILL do in America. They have learned how to do it in Europe, and it is coming here.

I have seen how the Muslims have been tweaking and learning how to manipulate our law system and our governmental system. They have been learning how to do it for the last seventy years in Europe. Now that they have been practicing and perfecting their plans in Europe, they are bringing their “A game” to America.

Muslims have learned that if they raise up an army to take us over the we will fight back! If you kick down our front door, we come out shooting and we are really good at it.

The world knows that we have the best armies, we are better funded, we are well trained, and we have better weapons. Islam loses every time they go up against the West. They tried twice to take Europe with the sword and they failed. They have learned that if they are going to take over the West, if they are going to bring the world under submission to Allah, which is the mission of Islam, they are going to have to do something different.

Their new battle plan was developed after World War I, and the greatest thinkers and manipulators in this new plan are the Muslim Brotherhood. We talk about them so much because they have their fingerprints all over what is happening today.

Here is what they’re doing. They have found our weak points. They have found where we are gullible and where we are weak. They move into our countries and live amongst us, acting as though we are all friends. Not every Muslim is a part of this Jihad, the majority of them who’ve come to the West have come to get away from the tyranny of Islam.

As the numbers of the fundamentalists grow they start bullying the non-Muslims and what we might call “moderate Muslims.” The moderates will soon be forced to declare themselves as Muslims and followers of true Islam or they will have to suffer the same fate as non-Muslims.

We have brought in people from the FBI to discuss some of these things that are going on and have documented them many times on this website and on our radio broadcasts. We are not going to get into all the evidence today but we want to discuss what they are doing in Europe, and how they are doing it through stealth Jihad.

Terrorism is a bit of a distraction. It’s like a magician who wants to misdirect your attention. The terrorism gets us looking in one area so we spend all kinds of money on defense, on security in our airports, and the like. Every time I go through an airport, and I have to take off my shoes I say, “Thank you Islam”. When I have to take off my belt, again I say “Thank you Islam”. When I have to take stuff out of my bags, “Thank you Islam”. When I have to go through the humiliation of someone looking at an x-ray of my body, “Thank you Islam”. When I have to arrive at the airport early and take a lot of extra time, “Thank you Islam”.

I’m not saying it’s wrong, but it is just a distraction. We look over at these things, and we are not watching the other hand. Next, we are going to talk about that other hand. The deception, the stealth Jihad.

Segment Two

Today’s Podcast, listen here, therse are the show notes transcript from today’s program.

The Islamists and the Muslim Brotherhood have had to regroup and say, “We have tried using swords, it’s not working. What do we do?” I shouldn’t say it didn’t work at all, but it was always stopped in the end.

I want to encourage you with this, what I love about being a follower of Jesus Christ is that God has not left us in the dark. In the Bible He gave us evidence of what is going to be happening upon His return.

One could argue that, when Jesus Himself returns many of the Nations that He will be fighting are Islamic Nations. Islam’s final effort, the fight by the sword, is going to be destroyed once and for all by Jesus Christ.

The defenders of Islam will say groups like the Brotherhood, or Al Qaeda, or ISIS, are all extreme radical groups. This is just a distraction, they are trying to get us off our game. They want us to look at the terrorism so they can create fear in our hearts. Let’s look at Mohammad himself, the man that is supposed to be at the heart of Islam and who operated in stealth. What would he do? He would come in and say, “Let’s make peace.” He said this to the people in Mecca. Then at some point he would break that peace treaty and attack them.

This is exactly what we are seeing today. They are using stealth jihad in Europe and in America. They are saying, “We are here to have peace with you. We just want to coexist, we just want to live in harmony and multiculturalism, just accept us.” Then we accept them and at some point they will break that peace and begin to try to gain the upper hand. We have told you many times of the two houses of Islam, the Dar al-Harb (the house of war), and Dar al-Islam (the house of Islam).

            The ideology of Islam allows them to operate in this duality, in this deception. I want to point out that this was Mohammed’s calling card, “Make peace, break the peace.” This is really what is going to happen. It is already happening with stealth Jihad with the cultural Jihad. Make peace, and then at some point they jump out and attack us.

This is one of the things that I think is hard for Americans and the West to understand. We try to be sincere people, and Islam is not sincere. Islam is deceptive from the outset.

Let’s talk about Europe. I lived in Great Britain for many years, where people were saying, “This will never happen in Great Britain.”

People are still saying this today even though their country is changing, they’re beginning to wake up and they’re beginning to ask this question, “What happened here?” There are still some who are in denial. It is like a frog in a pot of water. You know that story don’t you? The water starts out cold but the temperature begins to change gradually, getting warmer and warmer. The frog doesn’t notice that his environment is changing to dangerous degrees. Finally, he boils to death because he didn’t realize that he was in such hot water! Now, if you take a frog and drop him into a pot of boiling water he will jump right out because it isn’t a good environment to be in.

Some still don’t see it. They will admit that things have changed, but they don’t see themselves losing their own Nation. Many are starting to wake up and see it but it may be too late.

I think one of the biggest events in the UK was on September 14, 2008, when Sharia Law Courts became official in Britain. We had heard for decades that they were coming, but I, like many others, was naive. I said, “That won’t happen.” It sure was a wakeup call for me when it DID happen. I think many people were shocked to see that happen.

Now that they have Sharia Law Courts, it has emboldened the Muslims to put up yellow stickers on lamp posts warning non-Muslims that they are under Sharia Law when they walk into Muslim communities in Britain. They have made Islamic enclaves in many cities throughout the United Kingdom. These yellow stickers are a warning to non-Muslims, “You now abide by Sharia Law in our community.”

They don’t have the authority to do it, and the police have come along and pulled those things down. It’s like a battle, they keep going back up. Now we have reports of Muslim groups going around as Sharia Police telling other people, you can’t do that here, this is a Muslim community. If you don’t have a hijab on you’ll be bullied, and so on.

Soeren Kern writes a lot of good articles on what’s happening with Islam and Europe. He lives in Spain and he writes for the Gatestone Institute. A lot of what we are going to talk about is from one of his articles, The Islamization of Britain. It is packed with information. The data published by the British government has done studies on this. They have published these studies and they show that Islam is set to become the dominant religion in Britain within the next generation. The average British family only has 1.4 children, meanwhile the average Muslim family in Britain has 4.7 children. Just do the math and you can see how this will happen. In France the Muslim birthrate is 7.4 children per family. It’s just a matter of time before we see a completely different face on Britain in particular, and Europe in general.

These self-proclaimed vigilantes, who call themselves Muslim Patrols, are seen abusing non-Muslim pedestrians and repeatedly shouting, “This is a Muslim area.” They are threatening those who are not Muslim. We have had a well known lawyer from the UK on our radio program who has represented a number of issues that are going on in this area.

The Muslims were successful in getting a Church closed in one of these Muslim communities. Here’s how they did it: they complained to the local council of noise pollution coming from the Church. Noise pollution. What? What is that? Were they ringing Church bells at 5:00 in the morning? No! They were singing hymns at 11:00 in the morning on Sunday. The city council came and said, “Hey, you have to cease and desist.” The Church said, “Phooey on you, we have been here a hundred years.” So they turned up the volume even louder. Good for them.

They went to Court, not a Sharia Court, but a British Court. There were three Judges on the panel, two of them were Muslim, and so, they closed the Church.

The Muslims have not only been working their ways into the Courtrooms and the panels of Judges, but also into the police, politics, the schools, the armies, and all kinds of other places.

I have two missionary friends who were kicked out of a place in Birmingham where they went to hand out gospel tracks. A British policeman came to them and said, “This is now a Muslim controlled zone, you have to leave here, you can’t do that here anymore.” They said, “Listen, we have the freedom to do this here, even in Britain we have the freedom to do this.” The policeman still pushed them out. They sued the policeman and the police force and won because the policeman was in the wrong. If we let them push us around, they will push us around.

On American TV, Fox News, you will see Hannity debate with Anjem Choudary. He is a convert to Islam. His name is Trevor Brooks.

He has started a number of organizations that the government keeps closing and deeming as illegal. He’s also led a campaign recently of the Islamic Emirates Project. Its purpose is to turn twelve British cities into what he calls, Londonistan, an independent Islamic State. They’re trying to enforce Islam more and more into that country. People look at this as a joke but they’re gaining ground.

I have said time and time again, “Pay attention to these guys, because they’re …” At least Anjem Choudary is being honest, he will tell you exactly what their goal is. I just want to reiterate that the goal is to take an individual city and turn into an Islamic city, governed by Sharia. If they have enough of those cities they will have an Islamic State.” This is what we have to understand.

It is happening also in America. We have major US cities that are being turned into Islamic enclaves where they will soon demand the opening of Sharia Courts. People think it won’t happen in America but we already have Sharia Courts in America. We will look at this a little later.

Segment Three

Today’s Podcast, listen here, therse are the show notes transcript from today’s program.

What we have had in Britain is a parallel legal system. Britain has allowed Muslims to have their own law courts, and said, “As a nation, we are a sovereign nation. Our laws apply to everyone here except Muslims. They don’t have to live by our laws when it comes to civil cases, family law, divorce, remarriage, inheritance, etc. They don’t have to abide by our laws. The can have your own laws.”

That’s a very dangerous footing for any country. The reason they did it is because of the number of Muslims and the influence that they have in Britain. The truth is, their numbers are growing, but they don’t have anywhere near a majority. They are still in the small minority, but because they make a lot of noise, they feel big.

Britain said, “Okay, you can have your law courts.” Originally, it was 7, but within 12 months, there were 85 of these Sharia courts operating, and they’re still operating today. The BBC has done secret filming in the Sharia courtrooms, and they are finding that they operate in mosques and houses that are set up for this purpose. They found that they routinely issue rulings on domestic and marital issues according to Islamic law, but their rullings are against the very British laws. We knew it would be this way because that is what Islam is… It’s diametrically opposed to British law.

There are two points I want to make here. One is that going back to what I said earlier in the show, it’s not just their population base, but it’s the enclaves. They put the yellow stickers on saying, “Hey, these are Sharia controlled zones. Don’t come here.” We are seeing the same thing in America as Muslims build enclaves here.

Up until last year Britain had a parallel legal system. They allowed Muslims to do their own thing. Because of the abuses, this year new guidelines came out from the Law Society in Great Britain. Here’s what they said under this guidance, the solicitors are now able to write Islamic wills that have power to exclude non-Muslims, non-believers, deny women equal rights, deny inheritance. Now this is in British law, so no longer are they saying, “You have your parallel system, we have ours, but ours trumps you.” Now they’re recognizing, according to the Law Society of Great Britain, that we are going to allow Islamic law to come into the British law and that the Islamic law trumps the British law.

For years I have been saying to people in America, Islamic law, Sharia law, will only stay parallel for so long because eventually, their commandment from Allah is that Islam’s law must be superior. The British legal system just said to the Muslims, “You’re right. It is superior. We are going to allow you to bring it in.”

I want to make my second point. Guess what has been happening in America? As we said earlier, what they practice in Europe they’re perfecting in America. They haven’t had a need in America to set up separate Sharia courts as of yet because we already have cases in American courts where American judges have allowed Islamic law to come into rulings and be taken into account in American rulings. This then, according to our warped current legal system, becomes case law, and now it becomes part of our American legal system.

It has taken them years in Great Britain to do this, because they had to be parallel for a long time. Now, according to these articles and the British Law Society, it has become British law. What’s taken them years to do in Great Britain, they have already gotten to in America where they are seeing American judges apply Islamic law.

This is why we have had to work to protect the constitutions of different states from the implementation of Sharia law or any foreign law. That’s why the American laws for American courts is so important.

I didn’t see this coming. I have seen where this is going, and this is a new twist to me. I’ve got to say my heart is so grieved. I lived there for so long, and I still love Britain in many ways. My heart breaks for Europe. I feel that they are further down the road and that they soon will be lost to Islam. Quite honestly, I just don’t think that there is much hope for them. They have given up so much ground. I feel there’s still hope here in America.

A lot of Canadians send support to our ministry and say, “Keep warning America because if they drop the ball …” In Canada, their hands are tied because they have laws that prevent them from speaking against these things so they’re very scared. They are so glad that I’m coming across the border on radio and delivering that message because it needs to be said, but I can’t go to Canada and actually say these things.

I get many emails and letters from Canadians saying, “Warn America because if America drops the ball, who will stand for liberty and freedom?” America is the place of the last stand against Islam.

Sharia is coming into our court system through the use of case law and the principle of precedence. We had better wake up. When I lived in England I heard of these things but I was naive. I didn’t get it. There are so many people in America that are naive and don’t get it.

I was just speaking at a church, a pretty large church in a community and some of the members came to me and said, “Thank you for coming, but I’ve got to tell you, we have got some people here that knew you were coming but didn’t come today because they didn’t want to hear what you had to say about it because they think that you’re just going to be, you know, tearing down Muslims and all that kind of stuff.” They said, “You’ve come and you’ve not torn down Muslims. You’ve lifted them up. You’ve given us the hope that these people can be saved and that they need to be saved. I was afraid of these people, and now I’ve got a better grasp on it.” There are so many people who just don’t want to hear. They want to stick their head in the sand, and they want to be naive.

Europe is like that wall in Berlin. If it falls, if it crumbles, and I’m telling you if the status quo does not change, if the things continue in the direction that they are going, Europe is likely to fall.

I have a picture in one of the presentations that I give of my wife and her family. When she was a teenager they moved to a new community down in the south of France. They were ministering in Carcassonne. Carcassonne has the oldest fortified city of Europe that is still standing with its fortified walls. It is a beautiful sight to see.

I had been around castles. I had been around city walls for many years. If you have seen one, you have seen hundreds, and hundreds, and hundreds of them. Trust me. They’re all over the place in Britain. Of course, most of them are in ruins. I went down and saw where she used to live. It’s just beautiful. The ramparts are still standing. I didn’t really know what a rampart was, honestly, even though I’ve been around castles, and we sing of ramparts.

Ramparts are that first line of defense. When the enemy comes, that’s where you take your defensive stand. If they prevail against you, you go back to the city walls and you fight there. If they prevail against you there, then you go to the castle and you fight there. If they prevailed against you there, then you go to the keep, the innermost part of the castle. If the enemy prevails against you there… you’re dead, there is nowhere else to go.

Europe is in the castle. They have given up so much ground, and I don’t think they’re going to survive because they’re not understanding their enemy. We have an opportunity to still take a stand at the ramparts and defeat Islam, but we have got to learn who our enemy is.

Your support of this ministry is vital so we can get this information out. Let me give a quick plug for the Army of Ten. If we had an army of hundreds and hundreds of people supporting us at ten dollars a month, just ten dollars a month, it would dramatically change what we are able to do. We are on one major network now. We are on a couple of other networks that aren’t big as American Family Radio. Our total budget for airtime fees is up to $80,000 a year. That’s a lot of money, and I’m amazed that we are able to do that from the support that we have. We have a couple of very generous donors, who are getting up in years, I don’t know how long we are going to have them with us, so we need to build the base. Would you consider being part of the Army of Ten and help us to keep this message on this great network, and also to help us to expand to get to the next level, to get on other great networks so we can get this information out to more people?

Segment Four

Today’s Podcast, listen here, therse are the show notes transcript from today’s program.

We should be shedding tears and grieving for Europe, and for our nation here in America, because that is what it is going to take to turn us around. It is that heart of repentance that comes when we understand how far we’ve fallen from God’s standards.

It’s pretty hard to talk about the condition of Europe and not talk about the condition of the churches in Europe. Some people have described Europe as in a coma, their churches are dead. We know that God always preserves a remnant, however, the churches as a whole in Europe, and the Christian community as a whole have sold out to the enemy. I know that there are some brave people that are standing, but there are only a few that are truly standing. The majority have sold out.

People have to understand the Biblical principle that when the churches are no longer salt and light, when the spirit of God is not invited in, nothing is left vacant. The Bible says that the spirit of enemy comes in seven times stronger. Here we have Europe vacating Christianity, basically being in a comatose state, and guess what! Islam has come in and taken that place as the new spiritual center of Europe.

Political correctness and multiculturalism have brought the downfall of Europe. When European countries began to pass laws saying you can’t bring your Christian faith into the public square, when they began to pass discrimination laws, defamation laws, etc…Churches didn’t fight back and they didn’t stand strong for God’s precepts, no, instead the churches simply caved. Many churches just said “okay” and threw their hands up in the air saying, “We will comply. We will comply. Just let us do our thing.” The system squeezed them and squeezed them and squeezed them to the point where they couldn’t comply anymore. They had to stop being the churches of God. That is what I’m concerned about in America. Just like in Great Britain, there are still people today who refuse to believe it can happen. The same attitude is in the churches of America.

Either they refuse to believe it can happen, or they don’t want to hear the truth. They think we just want to bash Muslims. They don’t know our hearts. Shahram is not being allowed to go into some churches, and has been told by some Pastors that the only way they will let him come into their churches to speak is if he promises not to say anything negative about Islam.

He asks, “Pastor how can I do that. My own testimony is a testimony of what Islam was. That it is evil, it is demonic. This is the hope that Muslims can come out of this darkness and come into the light of the gospel of Jesus Christ.” But no, no, no, we don’t want to offend the Muslims. We don’t want to offend the sensitivity.

We must remember that what Islam practiced in Europe they are perfecting here. They are coming into our legal system. They have footholds in our government. What I am most concerned about is the condition of the churches in America.

If Christians are not willing to truly understand Islam all will be lost. I thank God for our faithful listeners and readers. I thank God for those on this program. We get so many e-mails and so many responses from people who are saying thank you that this is on the air. Thank you that you’re willing to talk. I just ran into a gal who said to me, “We listen to this show faithfully now. Every week, online, when we can, because we need to hear what’s happening, so few are willing to speak the truth.”

We don’t have enough time on our broadcast or in our articles to cover everything. You need to do the research for yourselves. We have many articles and many links to other articles and sources on our website,, to help you in your research.

What is happening with the churches in America? In Europe the seculars, the homosexual community, the people that were secular humanists, that don’t want God, pushed this agenda. The interesting thing is that Islam followed them and took over and it’s taking over. Isn’t that what’s happening in America?

We are making the same mistakes Britain did. Their churches began to weaken on doctrine, and were more interested in preaching fluff and all that kind of stuff. Secularism began to build in the country. We are following that same pattern here. The secularism begins to turn on the churches. Any time we try to become friends with the world like Britain did, like the churches did, the people who we think are our friends will eventually turn on us.

We thought we could be friends with and partner with the secular government and secular education as Christians and churches. When we do… it turns on us. We are seeing that here in America. Who would have thought that the day would come in America where, if you stand and preach on which you believe in as a Christian, you could go to jail. That day has arrived.

Look what happened in the news recently. If you’ve not been paying attention to the news, in Houston, Texas, conservative Texas, a Mayor has subpoenaed the sermons and the communications of the Pastor in regards to any opposition that they have given against her promotion of homosexual laws. The bathroom law that allows one to decide today I’m a girl, I’m going to go to a girl’s restroom and all that kind of stuff, is just ridiculous. If these preachers have preached against it or given any communications through e-mails or letters or whatever, or phone calls, the court has now subpoenaed those things.

There is a college that’s been around since 1889, Gordon College, and they are about to lose their accreditation for not hiring homosexuals. This is a Christian college. They are being told that if they don’t hire homosexuals they will lose their accreditation.

In Coeur D’Alene it is even worse than in Houston. When Houston broke we were shocked. They were subpoenaing, not only the sermons, but the e-mails transcripts. In Idaho the City Council in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, conservative Idaho, passed an ordinance that said if facilities don’t accommodate homosexual weddings they will be subject to the city’s discrimination laws. It wasn’t just a civil crime, because normally those discrimination laws are civil, they will only fine you or sue you. They said they were going to give them jail time!

There was a big meeting at the City Council. People showed up and voiced their opposition. The City Council ignored it and voted it in anyway. There is a wedding chapel in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. It is run by two ordained Pastors and the city has said that they were in violation of the law because a homosexual couple wanted to be married there, and they refused. Was it an accident or was it targeted. I’m willing to bet it was targeted. They said, “Marry us here.” The couple respectfully declined and said, “Because of our Christian faith we can’t.”

The City Council said they must not only accommodate the wedding, but they must officiate the wedding. The homosexual community in Washington State has said they would never force Christians to marry us. The homosexual crowd has pushed the City Council in Coeur d’Alene force Christian ministers to officiate gay weddings. Here’s the kicker, every day that they are in violation of the city ordinance, they face a fine,It is already up to $7,000 because it’s $1,000 per day. Also, every day they are in violation they face 180 days in jail. By the time you read this it will have been about a week and a half or ten days.

If we don’t stand up and fight this kind of thing it is over for Christianity in America. Our freedom of religion will be gone and we will be in jail.

You didn’t think this would happen in America, did you? Well, it’s here. Pastors wake up, Christians wake up, and get your head out of the sand, stop being so naive. We are supposed to be gentle as doves and wise as serpents. The day is here, the fight is on. When the secularism comes in Islam follows it. Islam follows because the secularism laws seem to never apply to Islam.

I think Charles Finney was a prophet in a way when he said that the responsibility is in the pulpits of America. If we don’t preach on these things, if all these sinful things are going on in our world, it’s the fault of the pulpits.

I’ll close with this; we’re not going to fix this from the top down. We’ll fix it from the bottom up. The bottom is where the people are and we need people who will put pastors in the pulpits, pastors with courage, with strength, who will fear God rather than man. We have reached a time when we are going to separate the men from the boys.

Readers, if you’re part of a church that doesn’t have a Pastor with some guts, which includes about 90% of the Pastors of America according to recent research, find one that does. It’s going to be hard to find that kind of church. It means you’re going to have to leave all the fun and the fluff and go find some good preaching. Then get behind your Pastor and encourage him to stand strong.

Pastors, we need men in the pulpits of America with fortitude. BE ONE!

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